Watch Types

Watch buying guides that focus on a specific type of watch or use-case by profession.

10 Best Swiss Watches Under $500
Most Swiss watches will cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, this review will go over the best Swiss watches under 500 dollars.
11 Best Outdoor Watches For Your Next Adventure
This list of 11 Best Outdoor Watches has all the information you need to choose the best watch for you.
10 Best Watches For Boys And Kids
Kids can get their hands dirty. We’ve compiled the best watches for boys, so you can teach your kids how to manage their time without getting in the way of their play.
9 Best Pilot Watches Under $500 [Reviews & Buying Guide]
As costly as pilot watches can get, these 9 best picks offer top-notch quality, durability, and elegance all under $500.
Best Field Watch: Your Companion For The Great Outdoors
Do you need a reliable timekeeping device for your outdoor adventures? Here are the best field watches you should consider.
10 Best Surf Watches That Make You a Better Surfer
Before you ride those waves, you’ll need the best surf watch to catch those waves for the ultimate surfing experience.
12 Best Titanium Watches: Are They As Good As Advertised?
Titanium watches have given other timepieces a run for their money. Can the featured timepieces stand out among its watch counterparts?
14 Best Aviation Watches You Can Get Right Now
Whether you are a passenger or pilot, it helps to own an aviator watch. Here are some of the top aviation watches you should consider.
8 Best Dive Watches Under $2000 for Men & Women
These 8 watches are perfect for your watch budget under $2000. My top pick combines style, price value, and diving performance perfect for any user.
Best Pilot Watches Under $1000 That You Can Buy
Are you a pilot who is fastidious when it comes to tracking time? Check out this article to go over the best pilot watches for under $1000.
5 Best Women's Field Watches to Buy This Year
These 5 best field watches feature Casio G-Shock, Tissot, Timex, and Victorinox for the toughest, reliable, and affordable watches today.
Best Watches for Firefighters: Reliability & Durability
Are you a firefighter in need of a watch with multiple functions? This review goes over the best watches you can equip while putting out fire.
8 Best Wooden Watches Worth Looking Into
Want to save the environment and upgrade your fashion style at the same time? Take a look at the best wooden watches in the market today.
9 Best Pocket Watches and Timeless Classics
Antique pocket watches never go out of style and are still fashion statements. These 9 best pocket watches take fashion and appeal to the next level.
6 Best Watches for EMT Workers, Firefighters, and Paramedics
If you are an EMT worker, you need to accurately keep track of time 24/7. Here are some of the best EMT watches you can invest in.
6 Best Watches for Skiing: Choosing the Right Timepiece
It's hard to track time and distance on thick and snowy routes. Here are the best skiing watches that can guide you throughout your ski ride.
13 Best Automatic Watches Under $500
Automatic watches are convenient. And not only for the athletic & active ones. Because you’re on a budget, here are the best automatic watches under $500.
Best Survival Watches for Bushcraft & Outdoors
Are you looking for today’s best survival watches? This guide I spent 87 hours on will help you find the most excellent outdoor watches money can buy.
Best Watch for Nurses: Reviews & Buying Guide
If you’re looking for the best watch for nurses to gift to your nurse friend or are buying one for your own use, you have to read this out before you do.
7 Best Quartz Watches (In-Depth Buying Guide)
If you’re looking for the best quartz watch, read our in-depth review of the top quartz watches currently on the market and fine the perfect one.
Best Chronograph Watches: In-Depth Buying Guide
Looking to get the best chronograph watch? This in-depth guide will help you make the perfect choice & avoid any regrets. Check it out BEFORE you buy one.
Best Triathlon Watches & Multisport Watch Review
The best triathlon watches of today can be really difficult and daunting to find. And if you are looking for one, this guide WILL make your life easier.
Best German Watches – Luxurious & Affordable
Finding the best German watches is quite challenging. This in-depth guide will help you find the German-made watch of your dreams - guaranteed!
9 Best Tritium Watches for Men Reviewed
Looking for the best tritium watches? Check out this review of the top military-style tritium watches, comparing them from price to style to brightness.