8 Great Quartz Watches We Love in 2024 - Style & Precision

Written by – Updated on May 2, 2024

It's no small feat to find the ultimate quartz timepiece craftsmanship the perfect choice can feel like an overwhelming task. But don't fret, we've got you covered. We've scoured the market to bring you the top-of-the-line quartz chronometers – all in one, convenient spot.

From exceptionally accurate timepieces to those boasting innovative design features; we're sure you'll find a watch that fits your needs. What makes quartz timepieces so special? Well, precision is the name of the game – accurate to within one second per year! How wild is that? Whether you're looking for a sleek statement piece or something functional and reliable – you'll find it here.

Take your time, and browse around – you won't be disappointed in our selection of quartz watches. We guarantee you'll have the timepiece of your dreams in no time!

Invicta Men's 9212 Speedway Chronograph

Invicta Men's 9212 Speedway Chronograph is the real deal for any watch enthusiast. The luxurious design made from polished stainless steel and genuine gold-tone accents combines classic style with superior functionality. The bracelet is highlighted by an intricate mixture of milled and inscribed links, each individually secured with a stationary clasp featuring the Invicta name and logo. The central dial has a vibrant blue color boosted by luminous hour markers which are perfectly complimented by two subdials located at 3 and 6 o'clock, each providing its unique function.

The 9212 Speedway watch is powered by reliable quartz movement manufactured in Japan and assembled in Switzerland—it keeps time accurately so you don't have to worry about second-guessing if it’s the right time. Despite its sophisticated look, this watch is loaded with features including a minute index, timing bezel, and chronograph control buttons on the right side of the case. It even offers water resistance up to 200 meters making it perfect for marine activities such as diving and surface water sports.

The negative reviews are few and far between, but one thing that I will criticize is the weight of the 9212 Speedway—it's heavier than your typical wristwatch, but if you want to turn heads then this is the watch for you!

The crystal face of this Invicta Speedway is made from a high-quality, scratch-resistant mineral crystal for years of protection against abrasion. A sapphire crystal upgrade is available for just under forty thousand dollars, but if you're looking for quality without breaking the bank this watch has it all!

What makes the 9212 Speedway Chronograph stand out from the crowd is its professional appearance—the Pagani Design homage to the Rolex Submariner gives it an air of luxury while still offering a unique look all its own. The iconic case has luminescent hands and polished markers inscribed with the notorious Rolex “Submariner" signature.

For those on a budget, you can get an identical look with a Nato strap for only around thirteen thousand dollars or go all out with a Rolex Submariner Vintage model priced at nineteen thousand dollars plus delivery. But before you get too enamoured with dreams of owning a genuine Rolex dive watch, take a minute to check out what Invicta has to offer!

All 9212 Speedway timepieces come with a vacuum-sealed package which includes batteries and an instruction manual demonstrating how to change modes from MIN to HOUR mode on two separate counter dials located at 9 and 12 o'clock positions on the dial. One thing to note is that depending on frequency usage or faulty assembly, these buttons may stick or be compromised in some way resulting in incorrect incrementing or decrementing of time modes.

Though not perfect or faultless, Invicta's 9212 Speedway Chronograph is a head-turner that won't break the bank. Minimalistic yet luxurious, this piece will garner compliments wherever you go for less than a hundred bucks—a small price to pay for such a stunning design!

NanaDC Badass Rating: 5/5

  • I'm impressed by the weight and solidity of this beautiful Invicta watch. The engraved bezel and well-finished design add to its durability and robustness.
  • The double fastening on the strap of this Invicta watch is perfect for someone like me who is always on the go. I appreciate the added security that it provides and the peace of mind that comes with knowing my watch won't fall off.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 5/5

  • As someone who appreciates well-crafted watches, I'm blown away by the quality of this Invicta model. The bezel, finish, and overall design are simply amazing.


  • Elegant style
  • Intricately designed hand and markers
  • Affordably priced
  • Water-resistant


  • Battery which means you’ll have to change its battery when it runs out of power

Vincero Luxury Men's Chrono S Wrist Watch

The Vincero Luxury Men's Chrono S Wrist Watch is in a class of its own. It’s like nothing else on the market. This exquisite piece boasts Japanese Quartz Movement, a Leather band and stainless steel case, a date window, and an adjustable dial color.

The quality of this piece is undeniable. It is made with high-quality leather and stainless steel case— durable materials that will withstand everyday use. It is also equipped with two bands of varying widths to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Chrono S has a classic design with its marble-like engraved dial, inspired by Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. It is easy to change the band quickly and securely— no toolkit required— making it perfect for the man on the go who doesn’t have time to fuss with tools.

I love the sleek and stylish look of this timepiece. It perfectly compliments any type of attire, from business casual to dressy occasions, and it comes in several colorways ranging from silver to rose gold so you can find just the one for you (or buy them all!).

Plus, the wide array of customizable watch bands, from thick and durable leather to changeable bands made from 316L stainless steel are perfect for those who like to “change up” their wristwear according to their attire preference.

The Chrono S comes in a box that is sturdy enough to keep your watch safe throughout wear and tear and last forever if kept away safely. If you’re hesitating over whether or not you should purchase this piece, I highly recommend it—it’s reasonably priced at its price point but still offers impeccable craftsmanship, high shine quality, and exquisite aesthetics that will make you stand out among other people out there wearing run-of-the-mill watches.

All in all, this watch takes timekeeping from basic to beautiful—it looks great with any outfit, it’s quiet and sophisticatedly shaped lugs protrude out just enough for an extra hint of chicness, and the marbled engraving is visible but subtle enough for those who prefer more traditional styles.

Plus, if you ever get bored of your current colourway or watch band, it’s super easy (and affordable!) to change it up!

If you’re looking for a quality watch at an affordable price point with sleek aesthetics that pairs perfectly with almost any look or occasion, Vincero Luxury Men's Chrono S Wrist Watch is the way to go!

NanaDC Badass Rating: 5/5

  • The fact that I haven't had to replace the battery or adjust the time on my watch in over two years speaks volumes about its durability and dependability.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 5/5

  • I was drawn to the gold color of the Chrono S Rose Gold because it offered a unique and stylish alternative to the more common silver-colored accessories in my collection. I love how it complements my stainless steel bracelet.


  • Easy reading
  • Scratch resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Uses sapphire crystal


  • Complaints about damaged strap upon delivery

BENYAR AKNIGHT Stylish Quartz Movement Genuine Leather Strap Watches Analog Chronograph Men's Wrist Watch

If you are looking for an affordable yet elegant quartz timepiece, then Benyar’s Men's Analog Watch Fashion Business could be the perfect timepiece for you.

While it is designed for daily use, its appearance is far from ordinary with its black dial, polished stainless steel case, and leather strap giving it an air of luxury and sophistication.

It is water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. While it is not suitable for snorkeling, swimming, or diving, this level of water resistance is enough to deal with accidental water splashes.

It has a polished metal casing which contrasts nicely with the black dial. Meanwhile, the watch’s hands are grey with white highlights for the hour and minute hands and red highlights for the second hand. Three sub-dials are used for its chronograph function. The dial is enclosed by a scratch-proof mineral glass. Completing the chic look is a brown genuine leather strap.

There is also a date window so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the date. You can tell the time at a glance since it's an easy read with a case diameter of 40 mm.

It is one of the top crystal watches for gift-giving. It already comes with a box so wrapping it up won’t be a problem. For additional peace of mind, it has a 24-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for gift giving
  • Chronograph function


  • Might not satisfy demanding buyers

Vincero Luxury Men's Kairos Wrist Watch

The Vincero Luxury Men's Kairos Wrist Watch is an exquisite piece that manages to combine both sophistication and ruggedness. Whether you’re in the market for a gift for your son or just looking for a watch yourself—the Kairos does not disappoint.

The 42mm stainless steel frame is substantial without being overly large, and its 22mm leather band offers a tang buckle for secure styling. The watch is 6.4 ounces, so it still makes a statement without extra heft. Plus, the Japanese quartz movement powers an analog face, with bright white transitions, legible hour markers on a white background, and blue dials—which all work well together.

As far as durability—it has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and 316L surgery-grade stainless steel construction. That means you get both high quality and sturdiness at (what I think is) a reasonable price point. It also can withstand up to 100 meters of water pressure, so you can take it with you while swimming or snorkeling!

But perhaps what really takes this watch over the top is the Citizen Miyota movement from which it was crafted. With that, you get “punchy” accuracy without sacrificing simplicity—basically allowing you to have your cake and eat it too!

All-in-all, I think the Vincero Luxury Men's Kairos Wrist Watch strikes a nice middle-ground between sophistication and ruggedness to give us a handsome timepiece with its distinct style. If I had to use one word to describe it, I'd say it's youthful—everything from its bright colors to its light weight gives off an air of fun while still managing to maintain that timeless look. And don't worry, you'll still get plenty of compliments when wearing it out! So what are you waiting for? Go grab one already!


  • Water resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stylish design
  • Reading is easy


  • No chronograph feature

Casio Quartz Resin Casual Watch (Model: MQ24-7B)

Are you looking for a watch that looks sleek and sporty, but also has high-quality standards, great functionality, cutting-edge technology, and affordable prices? Look no further than the Casio Quartz Resin Casual Watch! It’s perfect for those looking to have a simple timepiece to tell time and make a statement.

With its white dial face, Arabic numerals at every minute index, and a mineral window over 3 o’clock, this watch is as stylish as they come. It’s not too flashy—just enough to make heads turn. Plus, the resin band (with a plastic buckle and clasp), plastic bezel, and case come together to form one sleek package that you’ll never get sick of wearing.

The Casio Quartz Resin Casual Watch is built for the ultimate lifestyle companion. Thanks to the quartz movement, it’s incredibly accurate; it keeps time so precise that you won’t be unsatisfied with its performance. Plus, with its one battery approx life of 4 years, and non-solar technology, it keeps on ticking for years and years. Not to mention the fact that if you pair your watch with the app or cell phone via Bluetooth sync, it updates your time automatically! Talk about a cutting-edge pocket calculator!

The quality of the watch is up to par with Casio’s high standards. Although the price tag may be on the higher end when compared to other watches in its class, it more than makes up for it with its features - including being dirt-cheap compared to most other timepieces with the same caliber of functionality and lifestyle. Plus, it comes in a tasteful box with all Casio brand labels and photos on the blue background—so you can be sure of what product you are getting!

The Casio Quartz Resin Casual Watch has just enough no-frills features: slim wear with shallow lug straps that fit perfectly on your wrist (whether it be small or medium proportions) and easily readable numbers even from far away (with larger watches having some difficulty retaining this feature). It even withstands everyday splashes of water; you don’t need to worry about taking it for a swim or getting it dirty if you take it out hiking—it’ll still be ticking away when you get back home.

It looks like something out of the 50s – retro yet modern – but at the same time retaining all that is modern technology such as solar power and radio-controlled timekeeping. And considering its price tag isn’t too hard on the wallet—you can snag one for around $30 –– this watch is the perfect addition to your fitness wear wardrobe…or just your regular wardrobe!

If you’re in search of a high-quality timepiece backed with great functionality but also don't want to drop too much money in the process then look no further than Casio Quartz Resin Casual Watch –– your perfect everyday companion! With its slim fit design and powerful durability, this watch won't let you down when you need it most. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and replace your old watch with this one today!

NanaDC Badass Rating: 0/5

  • The water-resistant Japanese movement of this watch ensures its durability, even in wet environments or during water-based activities.
  • I appreciate the accuracy of the quartz movement and the added convenience of its hacking seconds feature.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 1/5

  • While the plastic crystal may not be as scratch-resistant as other materials, it does contribute to the lightweight and unobtrusive design of the watch.


  • Water-resistant
  • Very affordable
  • Easy read hands
  • Lightweight


  • Simple watch, with no additional features

Citizen Men's Quartz Stainless Steel Watch with Date Function

Citizen Men's Stainless Steel Quartz Wristwatch is one cool timepiece that looks nice and comes packed with features you will normally expect in more expensive models. The surprising thing is that this model is very cheap and, for those who are looking for an elegant timepiece on a budget, this could be the most excellent choice for you.

Its design is perfectly described as a casual dress watch. It looks elegant with its steel case, crown, and bezel in a silver-colored zinc alloy finish. Its face has a white background which offers a nice contrast to the gray-lined luminous hands and markers. With its understated elegance, it’s a timepiece you can wear in the office or at social functions.

Beneath all that visual appeal is a product that offers good performance for its price. It features a CITIZEN Japanese Quartz movement known for its precision and accuracy. It is also water resistant up to 330 feet or 100 meters so getting it wet from regular swimming or snorkeling won’t be an issue. However, the manufacturer says it should not be submerged for a long time underwater so you can’t take it while diving.

It is also comfortable to wear. It features a stainless steel bracelet that not only enhances the watch’s visual appeal but offers comfort to the wearer even for prolonged use.


  • Water resistant up to 100 meters
  • Elegant and classic design
  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Can’t be worn while diving or in cases where it is submerged in water for a long period
  • Looks very thin

Timex Women's Ironman 30 Mid-Size Sports Watch

I went on a mission to find the perfect watch for my active lifestyle and I discovered the Timex Women's Ironman 30 Mid-Size Sports Watch. This watch is a chronograph with a clear display, classic design, easy-to-use basic functions, and a low-key yet stylish look.

It has great features like a countdown timer, customizable alarm, two time zones, and a 24-hour military time mode, perfect for the gal-on-the-go. It also has an Indiglo light-up system so you can glance at your wrist and get the information you need even in the dark of night. This watch is also water resistant up to 100 meters - Durable enough to handle snorkeling and swimming but also not too bulky that it won't do as an everyday accessory.

The iconic brand has been around since 1984 and revolutionized sports watches with its modern design. This watch boasts of all the classic features found in Timex's designs - an intuitive toggle button for changing settings, plus sleek performance and even an hourly chime. The band is made of a durable resin with rose gold-tone accents on the case and a gray digital display, which looks especially nice against my skin tone.

My 11-year-old daughter loves it too and it's her 4th Timex Watch! She chose this one because of its comfortable fit and chronograph feature. She loves that it's reliable in its performance yet comes with an affordable price tag! Plus its quartz timepiece offers precise timekeeping while its stopwatch feature can keep you on track with your activities or remind you when you need to be somewhere.

The digital technology of this sports watch is fabulous too - there's a 24-hour countdown timer which makes tracking intervals incredibly easy. The adjustable reminder alarms are customizable depending on your activities too!

And not to mention all those sweet three time zones! That feature alone makes this watch great for travel if you're headed out on vacay or business. Plus, wearing it will make you look super fly since its low-key design will go with virtually any outfit!

Overall, I think this watch is great for anyone looking for a simple yet functional timepiece at an affordable price point. Not only does it offer basic functions but also more complex ones like a chronograph and countdown timer, plus it looks super sleek on your wrist. From the beachy vibes, to swim meets and movies under the stars - this watch is made to handle whatever life throws at it!


  • Chronographs/stopwatch
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters
  • Indiglo–reading is possible even in the dark
  • Digital time format


  • Some watch buyers might not like digital clock display

Casio 'Classic' Quartz Metal & Resin Casual Watch

The Casio 'Classic' Quartz Metal & Resin Casual Watch is a timepiece that will make any fashionista proud. This beauty is perfect for someone who loves the retro nerd chic look but also wants a watch that is functional over fashion. With its sleek, black metal band and simple, high-contrast display with three colors, this watch is sure to impress. Plus, it has a backlight with LED Micro Light so you can read it even in the dark!

At first glance, you may recall this watch being a Cracker Jack prize or something your mom bought at Walmart's jewelry department in the 80s, but don't be fooled! The Casio F-91W has been modernized and stands alone as an invaluable accessory for any occasion. It's lightweight and thin enough to fit comfortably under a dress shirt sleeve and rugged enough to survive some abuse. The synthetic material provides breathability, while the protective decal on the back offers additional water resistance. The watch measures 33mm square and 8.5mm thick at its bevels making it an ideal watch for a night out or just hanging out with friends.

The Casio F-91W boasts many features that set it apart from other watches in today's market. It has a dual display and stopwatch that you can use to time your Gibrethian motion studies accurately to the second. It also features an alarm, hourly chime, and countdown timer, all of which work flawlessly!

The price of this watch is not only pain-free but also quite low compared to similar models from other Japanese watchmakers like Timex Easy Reader or Radio Shack's F-19W. There's even an in-store price for the Basic Digital Black Watch if you shop around!

It's clear when comparing the street value of this Casio F-91W to similar watches that its homogeneity stands alone. Despite its simplistic design, it won't go unnoticed in any social gathering as Taylor Swift would say “You Need To Calm Down”—this watch is most definitely here to stay! Of course, like any quartz timepiece it needs its battery replaced every month or so but nothing too crazy—overall it’s a great investment for anyone looking for more than just basic timekeeping needs.

Do I recommend this watch? Absolutely. Whether you're running late for work or camping out in the great outdoors this Little MAC will serve you well—I'm convinced no matter if your life brings floods or famine this piece will look mighty fine!

NanaDC Badass Rating: 1/5

  • I am impressed with how well this watch holds up and how affordable it is, making it a great option for a daily watch. Its strength and durability are unmatched at this price point, and its water resistance is a great added feature.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 1/5

  • The gold faceplate of the watch looks much fancier, and the matching gold and black lettering on the watch's face is a nice touch.

Worst Quartz-Made Watch - Omega Seamaster Quartz (1970s)

Omega Seamaster Quartz (1970s)

The Omega Seamaster Quartz from the 1970s, while possessing its unique charm, does draw a few frowns for certain aspects:

  • Inconsistent Lume: Some owners noticed discrepancies in the luminescent material on the dial, particularly missing lume at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock, raising concerns over authenticity and uniformity​​.
  • Common Re-dials: There's a prevalent issue of re-dials with these models, affecting the originality and potentially the resale value, which is a slight thorn for purists and collectors​​.
  • Variability in Features: Receivers sometimes note differences in minor features compared to the advertised model, such as the placement of "T" markings or the lume spots' alignment, indicating possible variations or inconsistencies in production or restoration​​.
  • Fading Luminescence: Over time, the lume may fade significantly, with some watches showing hardly any remaining, which raises questions about the longevity and durability of the aesthetic features​​.

What to Consider Before Buying

Eyin' that particular model? Before you take the plunge, here are some things ya gotta consider.—namely how it performs, its build quality, value for money, and such. But also don't forget the little stuff—that slick design (it'll look great on ya, no doubt!), its techy features. What about all that power it promises under the hood? Does it deliver? ( No point in gettin' an average car with a fancy label!) And of course, who can ignore those extra perks it offers? Are they worth the cost?

One final thought: If you're willing to make a statement with your purchase—a truly manly choice—this might just be the one!


Heftily engineered for maximum accuracy—the kind that could make a pilot smile—watches, especially quartz ones [R], vary in precision time-keeping abilities. Some models that stand out? Let's start with the Longines Conquest V.H.P. 41mm Black Dial; it ensures a ridiculous ±5 seconds/yr accuracy! Equally impressive is the Grand Seiko 9F Ref. SBGT241—though slightly less accurate at +/– 10 sec/yr—yet its superior quality isn't something to be sneezed at (if you don't mind spending extra). But do these pricey models offer enough bang for their buck? You decide…

quartz watch with maroon wristband

But do these pricey models offer enough bang for their buck? You decide…

Calendar Feature

Heard of quartz timepieces? Well, they can be some sweet timepieces. Some might not need it, but if you find yourself double-checking the date on documents often or trying to keep track of deadlines (we've all been there)-- then a watch with a calendar feature could come in handy. Even better, you can get high-end watches that have the perpetual calendar feature which automatically adjusts for days of the month and leap years-- so no problem even in February. Whether it's important to you or not is up to you-- how much does saving time mean to you?

Analog or Digital Display

Be it for snorkeling or just to protect against light rain, analog or digital is the question when it comes to water-resistant watches. With its second, minute, and hour hands – nothing says manly quite like an analog watch – and some buyers still prefer the look of one over its quartz counterpart, with its digital display that displays the time in numerals.

analog quartz watch

Water Resistance

But you need to know what your needs are – how much water resistance do you require? If you enjoy diving (as I outline in my buyer's guide for the top-performing triathlon watch) then obviously you'll have to opt for a model that can handle certain depths. Those who just need something to survive accidental splashes and light showers should be okay with a quartz model at up to 30 meters of water resistance. Ahh, the tough choices of life!

Battery Life

It’s important to consider the battery life of a watch before you make the (sometimes pricey) purchase. Especially when it comes to those rugged military watches. So, how often do they need replacing?

Well, it depends on the make and model, but generally speaking – most high-end watches will have you sorted for a whole year before needing a replacement. Of course, that's still no excuse not to check up with the manufacturer for specific details!

No doubt about it: if you can find a watch with long-lasting battery life (think 3+ years) plus top-shelf build quality and sophisticated design—that’s your gold ticket right there.

What are your top suggestions in this category?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

And here we are: your pressing questions answered in one fell swoop. Now go forth: equipped with knowledge, determination, and a smirk!

What is the Top-tier Quartz Chronometer?

Hands down the Invicta Men's 9212 Speedway is the most reliable watch in this category. It keeps time with uncanny accuracy (while still costing less than a fancy dinner, what a deal!). Yeah, and it looks pretty damn good too -- some people think it rivals a solid Rolex Daytona. Durability? Check. Style? Double check. Functions? Triple check! Plus, you don't have to shell out 500 bucks for something half-decent; why pay more when you don't need to? Anyone who knows watches can tell you: that this one's solid.

What is the Most Accurate Quartz Timepiece?

This timepiece, Casio Men's Resin Watch, is undeniably man-of-the-moment for accuracy--it's a piece you can rely on to stay on point: +/-20 seconds per month. It's no wonder it's been around for such a long time! With its Japanese quartz movement, you can depend on its functionality and reliability that'll withstand the test of time. (Plus, its neutral attributes fit with any ensemble!) But this isn't even the amazing part: Will it still be accurate after a year? That's the real question.

Do Crystal Watches Last Forever?

Wond'ring how lon'g a crystal watch'll last ya? Dependin' on how good the movement is–and with proper, regularly-scheduled maintenance–a quartz timepiece can potentially last you a lifetime. (Though not as long, technically, as its mechanical counterpart.) Sleek, solid, and reliable–they're a staple of modern-style luxury and utility. But it takes a bit of carin', knowin' what to do to keep it runnin' at peak performance. Just don't forget to wind it!—Though some of 'em wind themselves. So ques: what's the verdict?