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Best Quartz Watches 2019 (In-Depth Buying Guide)

The introduction of quartz crystal technology into the watch industry has revolutionized timekeeping to its core. Quartz quickly established itself as an accurate and reliable way to tell time that we now have watches that are so accurate that they only gain or lose one second in one year. Of course, manufacturers were quick to realize quartz’s potential resulting in an explosion of different brands and models of quartz watches that we see in the market today.

As you might have guessed, choosing one of the best quartz watches for you can be a challenge. With the sheer number of watches available, it’s even hard to decide where to start your selection process. But fret not, we got you covered. This best quartz watch round-up is all you’ll ever need to get your shopping adventure. Take a look at what we have to offer.

The Hottest Picks for Quartz Watches

Casio Quartz 


Cost-Effective Pick 

A simple but high performance and elegant watch that’s easy on the budget 

casio quartz resin casual watch
  • Water resistant 
  • Very affordable 
  • Easy to read hands 
  • Lightweight 

Rated by Nicholas 

Vincero Luxury Men's Chrono S 

Top Overall Pick 

A perfect blend of elegance, functionality, and affordability 

vincero luxury men's chrono s wrist watch
  • Easy read 
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Water Resistant 
  • Chronograph feature 

Rated by Nicholas 

Casio 'Classic' 

Model: F-91WM-9ACF 

Best Digital Quartz Watch Pick 

A perfect companion for your daily activities 

casio men's 'classic' quartz metal and resin casual watch
  • LED light 
  • Chronograph/stopwatch 
  • Affordable 
  • Easy read for digital display 

Rated by Nicholas 

Invicta Men's 9212 Speedway Chronograph Quartz Watch

Invicta watches for men have been living up to the brand’s name which means is Latin for invincible. Indeed, both in performance and elegance, the Invicta Men's 9212 Speedway Analog Japanese Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel is unmatched, which explains why you’ll usually spot it in many quartz watches.

This elegant timepiece is painstakingly assembled by hand so you’ll be assured of its craftsmanship and the attention to detail to give you a stylish yet very durable timepiece. It has a two-tone stainless steel bezel, bracelet strap, and case accented in certain parts with 23K gold plating. 

The gold color accents can be further seen in its face with the gold markers and hands resulting in a very luxurious feel.

It also features a chronograph function. It is also water resistant up to 660 feet or 200 meters, which makes it technically a dive watch under $100, at least for those who want to do some recreational scuba diving.

The Invicta Men’s 9212 Speedway features Japanese Quartz movement with analog display. Constructed out of stainless steel, its case measures 39.5 mm - which is the ideal size for most male wrists - with the screw-down crown as well as a date window. It’s a very versatile timepiece that fits both in your sporting and working life.


  • Elegant styling
  • Affordably priced
  • Water resistant


  • Battery powered which means you’ll have to change its battery when it runs out of power

Vincero Luxury Men's Chrono S Wrist Watch 

Vincero was founded 2014 but it quickly gained a foothold in the luxury quartz segment with its well-crafted timepieces. Uncompromising when it comes to quality, the Vincero Luxury Men's Chrono S Wrist Watch is an embodiment of the company’s motto of giving the best product to their customers.

This is a very well-build men’s timepiece and could handle an active man’s lifestyle. It’s 43 mm case is constructed with 316L surgical grade stainless steel making it very durable. Even its mineral-crystal glass its sapphire coated to make it scratch and scrape resistant.

If you enjoy recreational diving, you don’t have to change watches when you go into the water. This Vincero is water resistant and can withstand water pressures of up to 5 ATMs which effectively makes it a quartz dive watch under $200.

As a luxury watch, the Vincero Luxury Men's Chrono S Wrist Watch - Top Grain Italian Leather Band is very stylish. Its bezel and hands are done in gold which contrasts perfectly with the black face giving it an aura of luxury. This upmarket feel is further enhanced by its genuine Italian calf leather band that measures 22 mm.

With its uncluttered design makes it very easy for reading the time, especially since it is 43mm in diameter. It also features a chronograph function and the high precision Japanese Miyota Quartz movement.


  • Easy reading
  • Scratch resistant
  • Water Resistant


  • Complaints about damaged strap upon delivery

Benyar Men's Analog Leather Str​​​​ap Wrist Watch 

If you are looking for an affordable yet elegant quartz watch, then Benyar’s Men's Analog Watch Fashion Business could be the perfect timepiece for you.

While it is designed for daily use, it’s appearance is far from ordinary with its face’s black background, polished stainless steel case and leather strap giving it an air of luxury and sophistication.

It is water resistant up to 3 ATM. While it is not suitable for snorkeling, swimming or diving, this level of water-resistance is enough to deal with those accidental water splashes.

It has a polished metal casing which contrasts nicely with the face black background. Meanwhile, the watch’s hands are grey in color with white highlights for the hour and minute hands and red highlight for the second hand. There are three sub dials which are used for its chronograph function. The face is enclosed by a scratch-proof mineral glass. Completing the chic look is a brown genuine leather strap.

There is also a date window so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the date of the day. You can tell the time at a glance since it's having a easy read with a case diameter of 40 mm.

It is one of the best quartz watches for gift giving. It already comes with a box so wrapping it up won’t be a problem. For additional peace of mind, it has a 24-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for gift giving
  • Chronograph function


  • Might not satisfy demanding buyers

Vincero Luxury Men's Kairos Wrist Watch 

You might have noticed that we’ve already included a Vincero previously from its Chrono S line. But we are still including another quartz movement timepiece from the same brand only this time, it will be coming from a different line called the Kairos Collection.

One glance and you’ll immediately know the difference between the two. The Vincero Luxury Men's Kairos Wrist Watch, which still made with the same attention to detail as the Chrono S, does not have the three subdials of the latter model. The reason for that is that it does not have a chronograph function.

In addition, the Kairos is slightly smaller at 42 mm compared to Chrono S’ case which measures at 43 mm. 

Price is also a bit lower because of the lack of the chronograph but for those who do not want the feature and opt for a more clutter-free look without those subdials, then the Kairos is one of the most excellent quartz watches from the brand.

Other than those few differences, the Kairos model offers the same features and specs. It is still water resistant up to 5 ATM. Scratch resistant sapphire coated mineral crystal glass still guards the hands and the watch’s face. It also features the same precise Japanese Miyota Quartz movement as well as a date function.

Constructed out of surgical grade stainless steel, you’ll still be getting the same toughness and durability. Meanwhile, the quartz dress watch’ stylish elegance is enhanced with its 22 mm genuine Italian calf leather strap.


  • Water resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stylish design
  • Reading is easy


  • No chronograph feature

Casio Quartz Resin Casual Watch, (Model: MQ24-7B) 

Not everyone is looking for the same thing from their quartz watches. Some prefer watches will all the features that could possibly fit into the timepiece while other people prefer a much simpler timepiece that basically just tells time.

If you belong to the latter group, the Casio Quartz Resin Casual Watch, Color:  Black (Model: MQ24-7B) is perfect for you. 

The Casio MQ24/7B belongs to the Casual Classics collection.

Its design can be considered basic but there is nothing wrong with that since the timepiece is specifically designed to tell the time. There are no subdials or date windows to distract the user and, with its black large numbers and indicators against a white background.

The black casing measures 35 mm and is made of a plastic resin blend. Actually, it's not just the case that’s made of plastic but the black stationary bezel and link bracelet are all made out fo the same material. This keeps its weight to a minimum and its cost down. It has a steel-case back and its face is protected by a durable mineral window.

It may be a simple model but when it comes to telling the time, it is very accurate. Actually, it's so precise that it tells time accurately within 20 seconds each month. It features the reliable Japanese quartz movement known for its accuracy and reliability.

At the heart of it is a reliable Japanese quartz movement. Quartz movements are often used for their accuracy and reliability as well as not requiring much in the way of maintenance. Overall, it’s a movement I’m quite happy with in this timepiece.

Surprisingly, it is water resistant. Of course, it’s not suitable for swimming or diving but everyday splashes or rain won’t be a problem for the timepiece.


  • Water resistant
  • Very affordable
  • Easy read hands
  • Lightweight


  • Simple watch, no additional features

Aprow Mens Silver Colored Zinc Alloy Watch 

Aprow’s Mens is one cool timepiece that looks nice and comes packed with features you will normally expect in more expensive models. The surprising thing is that this model is actually very cheap and, for those who are looking for an elegant timepiece on a budget, this could be the top quartz watch for you.

Its design is best described as a casual dress watch. It looks elegant with its steel case and bezel in silver-colored zinc alloy finish. Its face has a white background which offers a nice contrast to the black hands and Roman numeral markers. With its understated elegance, it’s definitely a timepiece you can wear in the office or on social functions.

Beneath all that visual appeal is a product that offers good performance for its price. It features CITZEN Japanese Quartz movement known for its precision and accuracy. It is also water resistant up to 98 feet or 30 meters so getting it wet from regular swimming or hand washing won’t be an issue. However, the manufacturer says it should not be submerged for a long time underwater so you can’t take it while diving.

It is also comfortable to wear. It features a soft leather band that not only enhances the watch’s visual appeal but offers comfort to the wearer even for prolonged use.


  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • Classic design that is elegant
  • Very cheap


  • Can’t be worn while diving or in cases where the it is submerged in water for a long period of time
  • Uses Roman numerals which might be confusing for some wearers 

Timex Women's Ironman 30 Mid-Size Sports Watch 

Timex’s Ironman 30 series is one of the most popular sports watches today. With its chronograph feature, reliable performance, and very affordable price, the Timex Women's Ironman 30-Lap Digital Quartz Mid-Size Watch, White - T5K515 belongs to this quartz timepiece rundown.

It has tons of features one can use in day-to-day living. Aside from its tried and tested stopwatch feature with its 24-hour countdown timer, you can also save reminders for special occasions such as appointments, anniversaries and birthdays.

Meanwhile, its alarm mode can be customized with daily, weekly, weekdays as well as weekend options. Those who regularly travel will love its feature where you can set its time and alarms in up to three time zones.

It is also super easy to read. Since it's a digital sports watch, one glance alone will suffice for you to be able to know the time. You don’t have to do a quick analysis like what you always do when reading an analog quartz watch. In addition, it's equipped with Indiglo light-up system so you can read the time even in the dark.

For active users, it's water resistant up to a hundred meters. This makes it suitable even for some water activities such as snorkeling and swimming.


  • Chronographs/stopwatch
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters
  • Indiglo – reading is possible even in the dark
  • Digital time format


  • Some watch buyer might not like digital clock display

Casio 'Classic' Quartz Metal & Resin Casual Watch

We’ve presented the ladies with a digital quartz watch so it’s time for the gents to get one. The Casio Men's 'Classic' Quartz Metal and Resin Casual Watch, Color: Black (Model: F-91WM-9ACF) is one of the most affordable watches for casual wear and also comes with useful features to help you manage your time so we’ve included it in this list.

Even at first glance, everyone will feel somewhat familiar with its design. And they should be as it’s a tried and tested design for past Casio bestsellers. Its case, band, and bezel are made from resin so you’ll get a lightweight watch that is also durable and waterproof for regular water splashes. However, it might not be suited for swimming.

It also has LED light which makes it very easy for reading even in the dark. It has a chronograph feature as well as capability to remind you of important times such as appointments.


  • LED light
  • Water-resistance
  • Chronograph/stopwatch
  • Affordable


  • Not everyone likes watches made out of resin
  • The classic look might put off some buyers

What to Consider Before Buying

But now, you’ve been eyeing and is already inclined to choose a particular model. But before you take the plunge, here are a few things you need to consider.


Watches are engineered to be as accurate as possible, especially the quartz ones. However, this precision timekeeping ability varies greatly between types and models. For instance, the Longines Conquest V.H.P. 41mm Black Dial offers an amazing accuracy of ±5 sec/year. Similarly, the Grand Seiko 9F Ref. SBGT241 is accurate up to +/- 10 seconds per year but those two watches can be quite expensive compared to other quartz models.

quartz mechanical watches

Since not everyone needs that extra precise time measurement in their daily lives, it would be more practical to choose cheaper but less accurate watches. The common modern day quartz watches gain or loss +/-1 second in one day, which should be accurate enough for most users.

Calendar Feature

One feature that some quartz buyers love while others don’t really need is a watch’s calendar feature. If you don’t really need to check the day’s date very often, you can do without the feature and you’ll probably save money by buying a simpler timepiece. Others, however, need to double check the date they put on documents or to keep track of deadlines.

A watch with a calendar feature will really come in handy for these people. If you have the extra cash, you can even go for higher end models with perpetual calendar feature as it automatically keeps track of which month have 30 or 31 days and which year is a leap year so it can extend the date for February to 29.

Analog or Digital Display

Some buyers think that analog watches – with its second, minute and hour hands – look better than their digital quartz counterparts. However, other buyers also prefer digital watches because it’s easier to read the time since they display it already in numeric format.

analog quartz watch

Water Resistance

Quartz timepieces differ in their degree of water resistance. The question is how much water resistance do you need from your watch. For divers, they obviously must buy watches that survive the pressure encountered when diving at certain depths (if you need such a watch, read my best triathlon watch buyer's guide). For those who only love to snorkel, some quartz crystal watches are water resistant up to 30 meters which is more than sufficient. But for those who are not into water activities, the minimal water resistance is still necessary accidental water splashes or rains.

Battery Life

How often does a watch’s battery need to be replaced? This is also a very important factor to consider before deciding on buying a watch (especially when buying men's military watches). Of course, one that lasts longer would be best so better check it with the manufacturer to get the facts right.

These are our best picks in this category. We hope you enjoy reading this roundup and may this help guide you get one of the best quartz watches.

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