8 Of the Best Triathlon Training Watches in 2024 (Reviewed & Tested)

Written by – Updated on June 24, 2024

As an entry-level triathlete, I'm aware that having the right gear can make all the difference when growing and improving.

Previously, I dithered over investing in a quality smartwatch that's equipped to support my activities.

But after extensive research, I finally made up my mind and found the best one that suits me.

If you're a triathlete aspiring to be great, then you mustn't skimp on buying a good multisport watch.

To help narrow your search, this guide contains a list of the top-rated watches available so you can find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

The Top 8 Triathlete's Watches On the Market

It's time to choose the perfect sports performance watch for you! -- and can I get a "hell yeah!"?

Well, I'm here to help. After scouring the web for hours, I've narrowed it down to 8 stellar options.

Each of these watches has been thoroughly inspected to give you a comprehensive picture of what's available. Battery life, features, and all the details that you need to know are all discussed.

It's time to make your decision, so let's dive in and explore the top triathlon timepieces out there!

Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS with Wrist Band: The Smart Garmin Watch

Aside from the Garmin Forerunner 935, the Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS Running Watch is one of the most innovative athletic wristwatch of today. This is because of its smartwatch mode and Garmin Pay feature that lets you buy the things that you will need outside.

Along with the Garmin Pay, it also features an accurate metric for all the running and cycling, which you will need and you also have a bonus of music storage. These functions include the Ground Contact Time, Vertical Oscillation, Vertical Ratio, Cadence, and Stride Length.

In addition, it has an HR monitor, GPS mode, stroke count for swim mode, activity tracking mode, smartwatch mode and a dedicated app.

Personally, I take this one as an all-inclusive type with different modes that can help you with your training sessions. Although it is focused more on the running aspects, you can highly adjust modes depending on the activity that you intend to do like going for a swim session.

It has easy navigation and battery life could last longer hours and even up to 7 days if used as a simple smartwatch. When using GPS tracking, battery life can last up to 12 hours.

You can purchase this at a price that falls below $350. Also, it includes a wristband with a finishing color that matches the style and appearance of the watch. As for the overall look of this Garmin watch, it appears to be classy and sleek and is one of the most amazing sports timepieces you can buy.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 4/5

  • I was blown away by the ability to stream music directly from the watch to my Bluetooth headphones. Not having to bring my phone with me on runs was a game-changer. Over the last few weeks, I put the Garmin 645 Music to the test, taking it on various exercises. I was excited to see just how accurate its built-in sensors were and couldn't wait to share my results with others. This watch exceeded my expectations and made every workout even more badass.
  • As a cyclist, I was thrilled to learn that the Garmin 645 Music supported external accessories like cadence sensors. I attached a foot pod and was able to get detailed cadence information while cycling, which was incredibly helpful in improving my form and performance. This feature made this watch an even better option for those who are serious about cycling and want to track every aspect of their ride.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 4/5

  • The elegance and style of this device are unparalleled, featuring a well-designed interface and button layout, quick pin disconnect feature, and compatibility with third-party accessories. Its commitment to customization and personalization showcases a true dedication to elegance and style, making it a perfect accessory for any occasion.


  • Capable of withstanding impact because of shock-resistant qualities
    • All-inclusive sports device
    • It comes with a dedicated app
    • Innovative features and modes
    • With Music controls and music storage
    • Good battery life
  • Indiglo night-light display can glow in the dark
  • Dual-time display lets you simultaneously view other time zones
  • Quartz watch movement provides accurate timekeeping


  • It lacks certain features for swimming activity level
  • The overall features are focused more on fitness and running
  • Expensive

Timex Full Size Ironman Classic 30: A Fitness Watch for Men

Timex Ironman Classic 30 is the ideal watch for independent workers and busy, active people in need of a reliable timepiece. It features a durable design and a variety of colors to choose from.

The resin case adds comfort and style while the gray digital display gives it a modern look. The acrylic lens makes it easy to read the time without being overwhelmed by extra details.

It has a few crucial functions that are designed to make life easier. The Indiglo light-up watch dial allows for easy visibility even in odd lighting conditions, and the 100m water resistance makes it ideal for sports enthusiasts who need to keep their watch functioning in all types of conditions.

There is also a 100-lap stopwatch memory, customizable alarm, and interval/countdown timers that are perfect for training events or triathlon races. Plus, the battery life is guaranteed for 10 years!

The Timex Ironman Classic 30 was made with athletes in mind. The lightweight design and comfortable strap make it great for use during long hours of training or exercise sessions, while the simplified functions make it ideal for those who don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many options.

The lap memory recall feature allows you to keep track of your progress during races, and the hour countdown timer helps you stay on top of your goals and maintain your motivation throughout the day.

It’s the perfect choice for those who may get lost or stolen while traveling, who need to track time changes when going between different countries, or who want a rugged smartwatch without a boring design that blends into every other watch out there.

With its optimal use and reliable performance, this watch won’t let you down—it will perform flawlessly no matter what kind of heavy endeavours you undertake!

The Timex Ironman Classic 30 is definitely a classic hit--it’s got everything you need to keep track of your running laps, count down clock, and know the time in an easy and simple way. While it won’t replace a full-fledged GPS smart watch, it’s great for casual use as well as serious endeavours.

It looks visually pleasing as well, so you can feel confident wearing it anywhere without someone asking "what kind of dorky watch is that?".

So if you’re an active person looking for a low-key accessory that will serve its purpose without drawing too much attention, then the Timex Ironman Classic 30 should be your go-to choice! It will help you accomplish all kinds of simple tasks while still looking good--what more could you ask for?

NanaDC Badass Rating: 4/5

  • As someone who loves sports and fitness, I'm always on the lookout for affordable sports watches that can keep up with my active lifestyle. That's why I think the Timex Iron Man Classic is such an excellent budget alternative to more expensive watches like G-Shock. Not only is it affordable, but the official licensing of the Iron Man name and logo adds a unique and cool factor to this watch. It's truly the perfect watch for any sports enthusiast on a budget.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 4/5

  • As a fashion-conscious individual, I am always on the lookout for accessories that can elevate my look while also providing practicality. The Timex Iron Man Classic watch is the perfect example of a timepiece that ticks all the boxes. Its sleek and elegant design, coupled with its cool and sporty vibe, make it a versatile accessory that can be worn on any occasion. The watch's lightweight build and comfortable strap provide a comfortable fit.


  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect for fitness tracking
  • The appearance and style is rugged
  • Decent battery life
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters


  • The features are not designed for intense triathlon-training sessions
  • The band is not durable
  • Poor instruction manual

Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS-Tracker Watch: A Fitness GPS-Enabled Watch for Triathletes

The Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS-Tracker Watch is for the active, adventurous type who loves to go pro with their running regime. It's got a sleek design, easy-to-use features, and fits on the wrist like a charm. Whether you're running distances or jazzing up your interval training sessions, this watch is perfect for all fitness levels.

Looking for more than just a regular watch? The Forerunner 35 has all the bells and whistles. It's got a built-in heart rate monitor with connected features that will track your progress and offer insights into your performance.

It even has vibration alerts that remind you to move when you've been still for too long. Plus, it also has a built-in accelerometer that will measure both indoor and outdoor movement and track all-day activity — all without an additional strap!

The Forerunner 35 comes in four swanky colors — frost blue, slate grey, black, and white — so no matter what style you're going for, it's sure to fit in with your wardrobe. The screen size is easily readable 1.04” and boasts a high-resolution display that's even visible in sunlight. With this model, you get to enjoy special features such as music controls, auto uploads, and automatic updates. Above all else?

You don't need your smartphone nearby to access these features as they come preloaded with GPS tracking built right in (handy for when you're blazing trails in tree cover!).

But that's not all! This watch is full of surprises and can double up as your fitness coach too — thanks to features like virtual pacers, run/walk mode, and the Garmin Elevate wrist-based heart rate monitor (no additional strap is needed) that helps measure intensity minutes during workouts for a more efficient training session.

You can even compete against yourself by tracking records through overlaid graphics and challenge yourself by joining online fitness activities or virtual racing competitions!

Oh, did I mention it's slim, lightweight and totally snazzy? Whether you're looking for a device to keep tabs on your daily runs or need something to up your training game — this Garmin does it all. With smart notifications too, you can even get text/social media notifications right on your wrist (so you don't miss out on any of the fun).

All in all, the Forerunner 35 is an easy-to-use watch with lots of bells and whistles packed into one convenient package — perfect whether you're age 5 or age 105!

So if you want something more than a standard timepiece that keeps track of distance, pace and calories while monitoring movement patterns — then this watch should be at the top of your wishlist! Plus when was the last time you saw something cool that also made your workouts more fun? Now THAT'S what I call getting maximum bang for your buck!

NanaDC Badass Rating: 5/5

  • The Garmin has blown me away with its excellent GPS data and analysis capabilities through the Garmin Connect app. Not only can I track my distance and speed during cycling, but I can also see my vo2 max, elevation gain, weather conditions, and maps of my route. This feature has helped me push myself further and analyze my performance in a way I never thought possible.
  • The LiveTrack feature on my Garmin has been a game-changer for my long rides. I can create a shareable link through the Garmin Connect app that allows my friends and family to track my progress and location during the ride.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 4/5

  • I have fallen in love with Garmin's elegant and cool design. Its clear display is easy to read in direct sunlight, and the excellent backlight makes it perfect for night rides. The choice of strap color options adds a touch of personalization, making it a fashion statement as much as a fitness tracker.


  • Appealing style and appearance
  • Built-in GPS
  • Inexpensive
  • It is fully-functional
  • Longer battery life


  • Not perfect for intense triathlon training
  • The quality of the screen is not great
  • Not durable

Timex Full-Size Inexpensive Classic 100: A Triathlete’s Travelling Watch

The Timex Ironman Classic 100 is the perfect timepiece for any man who demands reliability and functionallity without compromising on style. With a 44mm resin case and acrylic lens, this watch boasts a digital display with 7-segment numbers, Indiglo light-up watch dial and multiple chronograph options that give you precise control over your time keeping. It's ticking away with accuracy thanks to a bezel and lap memory, which allows you to track up to 30 laps accurately.

For the sporty types, this watch has its own interval training timer and alarms that will keep you on track even if it's just for a Sunday jog. If you're serious about fitness, the military time mode helps you keep an eye on your progress when exercising. The Timex Ironman also features dual time zones for those who travel frequently and a calendar for planning out your activities.

The Ironman also takes into consideration your nightlife needs, with a night mode option that makes it easy to read the time in darkened spaces such as nightclubs. Its easy FLIX system allows it to be set up in minutes using its home screen, simply press buttons and get ready to rock! It's battery powered so you'll never need to worry about winding it up or charging it. Plus its memory capabilities are top notch allowing you to store your favorite preset configurations like Timezone, Interval Repetition Counter Mechanism, Daily Alarms, Jogging, Construction and Policing among others.

In our opinion, when it comes to bang-for-your-buck in the below $100 price range this is one of the watches to beat; from our research no other watch offers so much functionality for such an affordable price tag. In addition, we think it looks dashingly handsome on the wrist and doesn't hurt that its water resistant too!

Overall: What do we think of the Timex Men's Ironman Classic 100 Resin Strap Watch? Put simply – we love it! It offers just enough complication to make it interesting without being overwhelming and is certainly a great choice for those looking for an everyday everyday piece of kit that will look good while getting the job done. So why not give this bad boy a go? You won't regret (norge?) it!

NanaDC Badass Rating: 4/5

  • For fitness enthusiasts, the Timex Ironman Classic 100 offers an interval training timer and alarms that keep you on track during your workout. The military time mode helps me monitor my progress and stay on schedule, while the watch's dual time zones and calendar make it ideal for travelers. Its night mode option ensures easy readability in dark environments, such as nightclubs.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 2/5

  • One of the things I love most about my Timex Ironman Classic Full Size watch is how it seamlessly blends sports and coolness.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great for tracking performance level
  • Perfect for traveling
  • 2 years battery life


  • It lacks the features for an intense triathlon-training
  • It is not entirely water resistant
  • Limited warranty terms

Timex Women’s Ironman Digital Quartz Watch: A Fitness Watch for Women

The Timex Women’s Ironman Digital Quartz Watch is for the woman on-the-go. It has a resin strap and durable buckle closure, making it comfortable and secure to wear.

It comes with some pretty awesome features like Indiglo light-up dial, water resistant up to 100 meters, and a 24-hour stopwatch with 10-lap memory and 50 lap counter.

The lighted dial makes it easy to tell time in low-light conditions, while the water resistance makes it safe for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Plus, it looks quite stylish with its bulky sporty look and comes in several colors like tan, silver, and black.

The battery life is also excellent—I’ve had mine for over a year without needing to change it yet!

I find that the watch functions reliably day-in and day-out; even when running intense triathlon-training sessions or tracking activities like fitness or sleep. It’s also great for timing competitions or taking quick time lapses at the pool.

Additionally, I love the fact that this watch is incredibly durable and can withstand light licks of mud and water splashes sans any discoloration or condensation buildup.

In terms of comfortability, I have no complaints because the material is soft on my wrist and the straps make it adjustable to fit both my daughter’s tiny wrists (gotta love those tiny wrists—it looks super cute on her) and my standard-width wrists as well. I can even replace them if they get damaged—which I haven’t had to do yet—but it’s nice knowing there are replacement straps available just in case!

To sum things up: The Timex Women's Ironman Digital Quartz Watch is an excellent choice for women who want a decent quality watch without breaking the bank. It ticks all the boxes of being reliable, long-lasting, chic and functional.

Its range of features such as water resistance and stopwatch functions make it perfect for tracking all kinds of activities. And its versatility means you don't have to worry about getting a separate watch for different occasions. What more could you want from a watch?


  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect for activity tracking
  • The appearance and style is designed for women
  • 100 meters water resistance


  • The features are not designed for intense triathlon-training sessions
  • The band is not durable
  • Poor instruction manual

Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Chroma Display: The High-End Choice

The Garmin Fenix 3 HR sees the outdoors in a whole new light. As the pinnacle of GPS smartwatch technology, it’s the perfect tool for people who are active and want to get the most out of life. Its rugged design, build quality, and battery life make it one of the most appealing on the market today.

The Garmin Fenix 3 HR comes packed with metrics, activity tracking sensors and unparalleled battery life (up to 21 days in smartwatch mode). Not to mention, it has a built-in heart rate monitor and includes tons of in-depth information about your daily activities. Its data fields, motion sensors, and barometric altimeter mean that it can track your progress whether you’re running, biking, swimming, hiking, paddle-boarding, golfing, rowing or even hunting or fishing. Plus — its ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities means you can hook it up to your smartphone or Wi-Fi to access notifications, delivery updates (you can even get sunset times!), training plans, and more.

Speaking of training — this watch has all the bells and whistles for athletes. Now you can track and analyze your heart rate zones with wrist-based monitoring; use a chest-worn strap for more accurate readings; set up run/bike/row data screens; monitor performance lag; sleep track deep and light times; ResMed S+ integration for step tracking; and get notified when there’s been a bit too much ‘stagnation’. With tons of watch faces (including a nifty ‘back to the future’ theme), you can customize your experience to fit your style and mood.

But the Fenix 3 HR also features unique activities like a gravity game you can play right on the watch face (it even includes stars!). Plus exclusive apps like — you guessed it — Garmin Connect! Here you’ll be able to plan, track and analyze your progress in real time. Access training plans with detailed instructions sent directly to your wrist. Join segments, groups or events and compare times with friends. Or simply browse news feeds from fellow followers. What more could a boy ask for?!

As far as look-and-feel goes — this watch was made for men: rugged design, solid build quality and great battery life all in one package! Plus tons of customization options when it comes to menu options, colors and sizes — so there’s really no excuse not to pimp up your gear. And if you want a device that does it all — from day-to-day tracking to intense training sessions — then this is definitely worth considering.

Overall we would say that the Garmin Fenix 3 HR is an awesome piece of kit that can do so much more than just tell time! It's packed full of sophisticated features that will keep any man's heart racing - whether he's into sports or just needs a trustworthy timepiece with style! So if you're looking for an amazing smartwatch that won't let you down - then this might just be the perfect one for you!

NanaDC Badass Rating: 4/5

  • I was blown away by the unique gravity game feature on the Fenix 3 HR. It's like having a mini arcade game on my wrist! And to top it off, it even includes stars to make it feel like I'm playing in outer space. It's just one of the many things that makes this watch so badass and cool.
  • Other features that impressed me include the built-in heart rate monitor, barometric altimeter, and ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities, which allow me to access notifications and training plans right from my wrist. And with its rugged design and solid build quality, I know it can handle anything I throw its way.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 4/5

  • The Fenix 3 HR is more than just a watch. It's an elegant and cool piece of technology that can do so much more than just tell time. With its sophisticated features and endless customization options, it's the perfect tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of life. It's a watch that's as reliable as it is stylish, and that's why it's my go-to choice for any adventure.


  • Perfect for intermediate and professional triathletes
  • Complete features and metrics for triathlon
  • It is designed for heavy-duty purposes
  • Impressive battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive
  • The altimeter is not very reliable
  • It has apparent issues with Samsung devices

Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Enabled​: A Basic Garmin with a Heart-Rate Monitor

The Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS is the world's top-quality watch for athletes who crave precise and accurate metrics. With its big and better display, readable font, arrow buttons, and no-touch bezel for easy navigation, there is no better GPS watch for those in search of disciplined training.

And it does it all with its incredibly long battery life (it literally lasts forever!)—allowing you to keep track of your time and distance, your pace, speed, and elevation, monitor your heart rate and customize data fields like a boss!

It also comes equipped with a barometric altimeter, ANT+ sensors, swim metrics for pool and open water swimming, quick release mount for cycling, vibration alerts for notifications, auto multisport functions for easy transitions between activities as well as premium HRM sensors, and Tanita BC-1000 body composition scales.

You can use the USB ANT stick to sync the device with Mac/PC compatible Garmin Connect to plan routes, create custom workouts, and view detailed metrics—providing you with continuous feedback on your progress.

But what sets this watch apart from all the others? For starters, it's wicked water resistant which allows you to swim with it without fear of damage. Plus, it has stroke identification and count capabilities so you can track your swolf score--improving your speed and technique one pool length at a time.

But wait there's more! Female users will love the optional Women's HR monitor (it's like having an extra coach!), while triathletes will rejoice over its advanced features like auto pause and recovery heart rate timer that hooligans all out during their melees through various terrains.

Speaking of terrain – the GPS accuracy is spot on! Whether you're running cross country or biking on paved roads – nothing beats having a reliable navigator by your side to help you stay on target.

Not to mention its great outdoors when it comes to open-water swims too – freshwater lakes or rivers? No sweat! Fun fact; rumor has it that the engineers at Garmin even tested this one at night when they had poor lighting conditions… but don’t worry they made sure no fogging occurs when entering pools!

No doubt about it—the Garmin Forerunner 910XT needs no introduction; with all its bells and whistles it’s smooth sailing every step of the way. Ok, I'm gonna cut to the chase–the only downsides I can think of are possible accidental button presses when turning off or adding distance due to the scrolling arrows (which you get used to) plus the manual isn't super helpful so you kinda have to figure things out on your own now how much fun is that?!

But overall if you’re looking for a tool that helps transform ordinary workouts into extraordinary feats–this is definitely the watch for you! Now go forth, adventurers!!

NanaDC Badass Rating: 4/5

  • The Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS watch is a true navigator, and that's one of the things that makes it so cool. The GPS accuracy is spot on, whether I'm running cross country or biking on paved roads. I can trust this watch to keep me on target and help me achieve my fitness goals. But it's not just accurate on land – it's also great for open-water swims. I can take it with me to freshwater lakes or rivers without worrying about damage.
  • My wife loved the optional Women's HR monitor that comes with the Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS watch. It's like having an extra coach by her side, helping her achieve her fitness goals and pushing her to be her prime. The Women's HR monitor provides accurate and reliable heart rate data, so you can make sure you're training in the right zones and getting the most out of every workout. It's also comfortable and easy to wear. Truly a cool watch!

NanaDC Suave Rating: 2/5

  • Not the slickest or sleekest sports watch, but it has its own unique rounded style and high contracts display that is a sports statement for sure!


  • All-inclusive sports watch
  • It comes with an efficient wrist heart rate sensor
  • Affordable


  • Unappealing appearance and style
  • The altimeter has apparent issues
  • The Garmin Connect tends to malfunction

Timex Mid Size Ironman-Sleek 50 Classic: A Beginner’s Choice

The Timex Mid Size Ironman-Sleek 50 Classic watch is the perfect pick for anyone who is looking to extend style beyond the regular nine-to-five Monday-Friday grind. It's a rugged timepiece, packed with the latest ergonomic, athletic, and training features you'd expect from an Ironman watch (and then some).

My first impression after strapping on this lightweight slap of serious technology?

Wow. The chronograph lap memory, interval training options, customizable alarms, and two, count 'em two time zones means I can keep track of my day (both at home and on the road) like a boss. Not to mention the mondo cool Indiglo light up display—ya know when it comes to getting all my appointments in order it's game over.

But beyond that, the Pink T5D601 also has a resin case and acrylic lens that can stand up to anything your weekly routine can throw at it—it was built to last, not just look cool in your Instagram feed. Yep, whether I'm working on my car in the garage or dressing for a formal event this watch has my covered—all day long.

This isn't just an everyday style accessory. It's got features for intense training too—there's a highly configurable timer, countdown timer, and stopwatch to help me push my physical goals too; and yeah it can even handle a few rounds of laps or two in the pool.

At first glance I thought the T1 and T2 models are kinda small for my taste, but they managed to pack in plenty of performance despite its tiny wrist circumference. But despite being lightweight and sleek there was only one downside: it discolored easily.

A few days after purchase it started to show signs of wear but nothing I couldn't work with—I'm willing to make a few sacrifices if it looks good while doing it.

If you're looking for an inexpensive yet vibrant watch with plenty of fitness tracking capabilities Timex Mid Size Ironman-Sleek 50 Classic is worth considering. The 10-year warranty adds piece of mind too! And the instruction manual? Not so much—it was kinda like reading ancient runes.

Still, if you've ever done any type of PR—triathlons or otherwise —you know how important tracking your results can be; this is definitely one cool clobber for those times when you need to get out there and crush it!


  • Inexpensive and light in weight
  • Perfect for easy fitness tracking
  • The appearance and style is vibrant


  • The features are not designed for intense training on triathlon
  • The band is not durable
  • Poor instruction manual

The Things That You Need to Consider When Choosing the Top Quality Multi-Sport Watch

Are you after the most outstanding endurance wristwatch money can buy? Well, if you're looking for top quality, there's a lot of things you need to consider. With so many brands and variations out there, it's almost unparalleled in terms of variety—and you might have to pick and choose between hundreds of options!

But no matter what your selection criteria—features, design, durability—some common attributes help you make the right decision: accuracy, comfortability (all those long races!), and water resistance. And if cost is an issue? Don't worry; there are plenty of great watches available at very reasonable prices!

Now who said picking the perfect watch was easy? Just remember to do your research and don't get too caught up in all the flashy features. That way, you'll be sure to end up with an awesome triathlete's timepiece that'll make every finish line that much sweeter!

Different digital triathlon watches, in color blue, and black.

You must know all the factors that may affect the quality of your product before you make a purchase. (You don't want to end up with something you're not satisfied with, right?) With this in mind, we've put together a list of key criteria to consider when narrowing down your choices:

  • Quality - Will it last?
  • Price - Is it worth paying a bit more for a better model?
  • Design - Does it look great?
  • User-Friendliness - How easy is it to use?
  • Durability - Will it stand up to everyday wear and tear?

These are just some of the basic questions you should be asking yourself when deciding on what to buy. But always remember that there may be other, less obvious factors to consider as well. Can you think of any?

1. Swimming-Metrics

Swimming is an essential part of triathlon and an absolute necessity to choose the perfect watch for you. With GPS watches already dominating the market, it can be tricky to equip them with all the metrics one requires for their swimming activities and training.

A swimmer wearing a watch, swimming in the sea.

The key points we must consider are twofold: for starters, look for a watch that offers a minimum ATM rating of five or more (5+). What's more, delve deeper into what metrics the watch contains--does it track heart rate, stroke count, and distance covered?

These are only some of the details one needs to consider when selecting the perfect watch. It's no easy task--no single watch has everything! But if you take into account all of these features (and don't forget to factor in style), you'll be sure to find something that does just what you need.

Swimming Efficiency

Swimming Efficiency, better known to the pros as SWOLF--the measure of one's efficiency in the water--calculates stroke count, laps swam, and time for each swim. (It's a must-have if you're seeking to improve your swim speed.) Short and sweet, yet powerful--SWOLF gives you an exact reading on how well you're swimming.

But what makes it so special? While most people don't think twice about their swimming form, SWOLF allows experienced swimmers to hone their technique. It not only measures the rate of your stroke count but also the neutral aspects such as reach and pull. In other words, it provides a comprehensive analysis of each stroke.

So how do we use this? With its ability to analyze every movement and determine where corrections need to be made, no doubt it can help anyone elevate their performance in the pool. Have you been wondering how to leverage SWOLF for yourself?

Open Water Mode

Competing in an aquatic-related event warrants the use of an open-water mode on your watch. This is because—with a varied topography that includes rocks, waves, and currents—triathlons will often be held in open bodies of water, rather than the strictly contained pools. For those seeking to reach their fullest potential, this essential feature is necessary (and being prepared is half the battle).

Yes, some may argue that speed isn't everything--and they're not wrong--but when it comes to competing in a sport like triathlon, there can be no insignificant details.

Every tiny fraction of a second adds up throughout a race and may make all the difference between first and second place! Is it fair? Certainly not. But whoever said life was…fair?

2. Cycling Metrics

Cycling or biking—as the cool kids are calling it these days—is far from an isolating activity.

A male triathlete cycling on the road.

In fact, even homeowners seem to be hopping on the bandwagon nowadays! So if you're a triathlete prowling for the most excellent bike watch to crush your competition, not just any cycling mode will do.

You need one with a reliable power meter and cadence plus a GPS signal that'll capture your speed and distance with accuracy. Thinking of taking your game up a notch?

Hook up a running power meter unit to your wristwatch! (No sweat here, right?) But aside from all the technical stuff, there are still some pretty neutral features to consider: looks matter too! So what's it gonna be--the classic look or something more modern?

The choice is yours. Don't take too long though…the race is on!

3. Running Mode Metrics

Generally, any fitness tracker or sports watch already provides the basic running power metric features that you will need. Running mode is pretty standard actually.

A line of runners running.

He wants the top-quality watch for his running workouts, you know? He's after power basics like Cadence, Vertical Oscillation, and Ground Contact Time—the ultimate metrics of performance.

Any fitness tracker or sports watch will provide what he needs for running mode. But if he's serious about maxing out his training potential—he needs a timepiece with these more serious features.

Cadence is simply steps per minute; Vertical Oscillation is the range of time spent bouncing up and down; and Ground Contact Time tracks how long his foot spends from ground impact to lift-off.

(So far it looks like basic watches should do him just fine!)

But what else should he look out for? Durability would be great! And a good aesthetic too! Oh, and practical usability—that's important! If a watch can check all those boxes, maybe then he can consider himself having found THE one.

4. Heart-Rate Sensor and Fitness-Tracker

Gearing up for a triathlon?

Lookin' for the perfect watch to track your every move?

You've come to the right place.

A good watch for triathlons must have a high-efficiency and effective heart rate sensor or wrist heart rate monitor—a feature that's more or less essential in terms of tracking and monitoring your overall performance. (Plus, it doesn't hurt to have an internal accelerometer either!)

Not only should it accurately track your activity levels, but also provides precise data from every workout.

But what else makes a quality triathlon timepiece? Quality construction? Superior design? An impressive battery life? A comprehensive warranty? All of these are key components too, so don't shy away from considering these as well.

So there you have it—your one-stop shop for triathlon timepieces! Do you have any questions on which one is right for you? Let us know and we'll help get you there…

5. Waterproofing and Weatherproofing

When it comes to triathletes, there ain't no rocket science: you need a watch that can survive the elements—and then some! Whether you're competing or just training, your timepiece of choice must be able to handle rain or shine (or both). Waterproof and weather-resistant, it needs to stick with you through thick and thin.

But what else should you look for in a tactical watch? It should factor in durability, and accuracy—maybe even offering extra features such as GPS tracking or heart rate monitors. And let's not forget the aesthetics: sometimes looking good is just as important as feeling good. (That being said, who doesn't love a convenient quip on their wrists?) So, go on…show off your favourite timepiece while swimming, running, and biking in style!

6. Connectivity and Compatibility

Are you ready to make a statement as you hit the triathlon circuit? Buckle up and grab that timepiece, it's race time! With an athletic device, connectivity, and compatibility should be a given. And, of course, your notable bet is to ensure it has the most reliable GPS signal. Don't forget; they don't call them "GPS watches" for nothing!

But here's a tip: When looking for the perfect watch for your triathlon endeavors, cast your net wider than just mere functionality. Consider its aesthetic appeal—after all, it'll essentially be on full display throughout the race! Also, think about how comfortable it will be against your wrist as there'll likely be little time or opportunity to adjust during (or after) the event. Finally, is it water resistant? (It should be!) All of these details must not be overlooked.

Are you prepared now? You're outfitted with the technical know-how and are armed with some helpful tips regarding what makes a truly great athletic watch—but are you 100% certain that you're ready for the race of your life?

A sports watch connecting to a smart phone.

Are you ready to take your triathlon game to the next level with a killer new watch? Then tighten up those laces and let's do this! At the heart of every GPS timepiece for athletes lies its tracking capabilities—it's all about locating yourself, keeping tabs on distances and location, and maintaining a steady pace throughout the race. No need to stress about connecting it to your phone either (too much tech can get in the way!).

On top of that, these babies come loaded with top-notch fitness software, music playback controls and storage options—pick one that syncs up with any third-party apps you crave. And while they don't take away from ultra convenience during training, they can mean the difference between crossing that finish line first or trailing behind. In other words—you're set! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show 'em who's boss!

7. Recovery Stats

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? With sports watches that offer real-time recovery stats, you can access data analysis and make precise decisions toward optimizing your performance—all in a user-friendly interface! No longer is it necessary to settle for "just the basics"; now you can be ahead of the pack.

This feature isn't just techy and functional; it's also stylish! And, with its data analysis capabilities, allowing you to better your regimen and receive a more comprehensive look at your fitness, (who wouldn't want that?)—it can give you that extra edge.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one of these top-notch sports watches and leave the competition behind. Who knows—maybe this time it'll be YOU crossing the finish line first?

8. Durability

Are you in need of a timepiece that is perfect for your triathlon runs? Durability is an important factor to consider when searching for the right watch. These types of watches aren’t cheap, so you’ll have to be sure to set a budget to buy one that won’t break after just a few months.

There are two key qualities you should look out for water resistance and how able it is to endure a fair amount of wear and tear—which can come in handy during long events. Make sure that all the features and parts check out too. (You don’t want any surprises halfway through the race!).

Also: your wristwatch must have the capacity to keep up with you as you run—'cause let's face it, time ain't gonna wait around! — And finding the perfect balance between optical precision and affordability is no mean feat. So be sure to do some research before picking one—you'll thank yourself later!

9. Battery Life

GPS watches--such an important factor to consider when doing any sort of triathlon. You need a timepiece that can handle your hours of training and activities, and also last longer than the race itself. And yeah, battery life is crucial!

So make sure you get one with a good life-span. It doesn't have to be too fancy (although looks are always great) but must be reliable enough to keep up with you. Don't waste time on a watch that won't give you the performance needed.

Plus, look for other attributes like waterproofing, accuracy, durability, etc. What else? Easy readability? Comfortable straps or wristbands? Customizations? Get something that not only looks good but can easily withstand your intense training and racing sessions without letting you down.

Do you want a GPS watch that screams style, performance, and durability?

10. Price and Inclusions

GPS trackers and sports watches are usually not something you buy on a whim—they're investments!

Before purchasing, decide on a budget. On average, these kinds of watches can cost up to $500.

Though there are some for under $100—beware, they may lack features that could help you optimize performance. When looking for a deal, find one with an all-inclusive package (chest straps, battery packs, repair kits) so you don't have to buy those separately.

Plus, added accessories are always nice (but not necessary).

It's important to remember: getting an exemplary watch doesn't necessarily mean spending the most. There are plenty of quality options out there—you just need to know what you’re looking for. Considering a new sports watch? What should your criteria be?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your most pressing questions answered.

What is a Triathlon Timepiece?

A Triathlete's Wristwatch—it's more than just a timepiece!

It's built to increase your performance and efficiency during training. This watch is highly water-resistant, able to withstand depths of several meters, and gives you the confidence to push yourself in any condition.

This ultra-advanced timekeeper can sync seamlessly with cycling accessories, GPS, and smartphones, and boasts a multisport mode perfect for triathletes. Plus—talk about comfort! With its lightweight design and secure strap, this watch is as comfy as it is tough! (Though how tough are we talking? Very tough!).

Not only does it track swims, but it also boasts other neutral attributes that'll make your life easier. So when you're ready to take your game up a notch, do you go for a race chronometer or do you risk going with something inferior? The choice is yours!

What is the Most Excellent Polar Watch?

From the beginning, the Polar Vantage V has been a standout among fitness watches. With features that other watches simply don’t have, like the ability to track or measure running power (for those hardworking athletes!) directly from your wrist, it takes fitness tracking to the next level—a noteworthy feat!

Not only is it powerful and accurate in its data tracking, but it also boasts a visible display with adjustable brightness settings. Its battery life also stands out for being both efficient and long-lasting.

This watch is quite versatile too—it can survive rain storms and it even charges quickly. Do you need a watch that won’t let you down? The Polar Vantage V could be just what you’re looking for.

What is the Top Choice for A Multi-Sport Watch?

Garnish your multisport training with the finest option there is The Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Enabled Watch. It's the perfect companion for tracking your successful and ambitious workouts. Covering a range of sports from swimming and cycling to running, this watch will monitor all the details: Heart rate, speed/pace, elevation, distance—all in precise detail.

Plus, it won't break the bank. More performance than other models at a lower price tag? What are you waiting for! (…) Is it reliable? Does it have value? Yes and yes! From its functional usability to its sleek design—it's simply an unbeatable tool.

So why hesitate? Get out there in style with the Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Enabled Watch!

Is an Apple Watch Good for Triathlon?

Not really. It has a far shorter battery life--just a day or 24 hours--in comparison to the 8 to 10 days offered by multisport watches. Plus, its delicate nature means it's not as tough as other options out there. Does this mean you should avoid it? Well, that's totally up to you, but there are neutrally-stated pros and cons to consider. Is it worth the risk? That's a question only you can answer!

The Verdict

Looking for the greatest watch in this review? It's easy to see why the Garmin Fenix 3 GPS stands out above the rest. From its rugged construction and unmatched functionality to its sleek style and accuracy, this magnificent timepiece has it all.

Mentioning a few of its features--a built-in altimeter, barometer, and compass; more than 500 thousand pre-loaded golf courses worldwide; and up to 50 hours of battery life--it's clear that the Fenix 3 is nothing short of amazing. (Plus, you can even get it in special editions with sapphire lenses!)

But what else could make it stand out among these other great watches? How about its beautiful design? An unmistakable balance between elegance and strength, this watch is sure to turn heads.

Got any questions? Let me know! All I can say is that the Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch should be your top pick

A digital garmin fenix 3 gps watch.

This multi-sport watch isn't just any ordinary watch--it's the creme de la creme. From its effortless navigation to its impressive power-saving technology and long battery life, it truly stands out from the rest. With features tailored for professional athletes, intermediate and even beginner triathletes, this is a watch worth investing in if you're serious about taking your training to the next level.

But don't just take my word for it--this watch is packed with all sorts of cool features like training load monitoring and highly accurate tracking that make it a must-have for any serious triathlete. (Not to mention, the price tag isn't bad either!)

So what are you waiting for? If you want an awesome ironman watch that won't let you down, then this one should be at the top of your list. Is it worth investing in? We'll let you decide!