Best Time Teaching Watches to Buy for Your Kid: Top Products & Tips

Written by – Updated on May 7, 2024

Tracking time is an important life skill to have at a young age. These can help the children develop good habits like discipline, promptness, and proper time management. [R]

One other advantage of equipping a kids' watch is it can also enhance style thanks to the different watch face designs.

You can even represent your favorite cartoons and superhero characters with the themed watches from Disney, DC, etc.

Indeed, you are in good hands with any of these time teaching timepieces.

Timex Expedition Chrono Alarm Timer Watch - Best Overall

The first watch on the list is the Timex Expedition timepiece. It outdoes the rest in terms of overall longevity and cool features, giving it the best overall watch label.

For starters, it is a rugged outdoor watch due to its excellent build quality. A scratch-resistant mineral case surrounds the digital display for added durability.

Sweat will not be a problem thanks to the waterproof nylon band. A 100-hour chronograph with lap and split times can make it easier to divide the different parts of the day.

The Timex watch also has a month, day, and date calendar display that are helpful in terms of telling time. An Indiglo night-light feature improves readability in poorly lit areas.

For the kids to enjoy learning about time, accurate timekeeping is vital. Thankfully, the quartz movement provides correct and reliable timekeeping abilities.


  • Comfortable and waterproof nylon band
  • Scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • Indiglo feature allows the digital display to glow in the dark
  • 100-hour chronograph and calendar display is user-friendly
  • Accurate quartz movement gives reliable results


  • None

Cufou Kids Digital Sports Watch - Best Value

For your child to develop good timekeeping habits, one must invest in a watch that offers a lot of features for a justifiable price. Enter the Cufou Kids Digital watch, the best value timepiece for money.

The soft polyurethane rubber strap contains high elasticity levels, making it breathable for the wrist. Unlike most watches, the Cufou timepiece offers utmost comfort and softness on the skin.

Children love watches that sport vibrant colors and matching patterns. The digital watch showcases a wide array of colors to choose from. Options such as red, green, gradient purple, and blue emerge among the choices. [R]

Multiple features like a built-in stopwatch, alarm clock, and day-date calendar can not help derive time and arrange daily schedules. Both an analog and digital display appear on the watch face.

One additional function is the 50-meter water-resistant depth, so your kids won't have to worry about their watches getting wet while playing.


  • Comfortable and elastic polyurethane rubber strap
  • You have more than one color pattern to select
  • Stopwatch, alarm, and calendar can be helpful for scheduling purposes
  • Water-resistance of up to 50 meters


  • None

AVANER Time Teacher Rainbow Color Watch - Best Budget Pick

Luckily, the kids' watch does not cost much. Some timepieces on the list go for affordable price tags. If you are seeking the best budget pick, the AVENER Time Teacher watch is the go-to option.

One distinct feature is a rainbow-colored design. Indeed, cute color patterns will convince many boys and girls to buy the watch. If anything, both the multicolored style and transparent case warrant style points.

Besides fashionable advantages, the dial is also easy-to-read. Classic white Arabic numerals match all colors, thus making it easy for the child to understand the movements and nuances of time.

A lightweight silicone rubber strap supplies the watch with guaranteed comfort for kids. Powered by an accurate quartz movement, the watch ensures high-quality timekeeping 24/7.

An adjustable buckle clasp provides a tight grip that fits many wrist sizes.


  • Rainbow-colored design delivers a superior fashion statement
  • Easy-to-read dial, analog display, and Arabic numerals
  • Lightweight and comfortable silicone rubber strap
  • Precise and accurate quartz movement
  • Affordable price tag


  • Acrylic dial window may be less sturdy than mineral or sapphire crystal

TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker Watch

Do you want your kids to practice a healthy lifestyle while tracking time? The TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker watch can help the child do both.

One contrasting feature it has from other watches is its built-in counter, which tracks calories burned, total steps, and distance traveled. The counter benefits children who practice a playful and active lifestyle.

The TOOBUR watch possesses smartphone compatibility with the "VeryFitPro" app that can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store and Google Play. The app records all the data gathered by the activity tracker watch.

A vibrating alarm clock helps your child practice waking up early without disturbing others.

While most watches require cable charging, the TOOBUR fitness watch comes with a built-in USB, which eases the charging process.

After one to two hours of charging at full capacity, the watch can boast a battery life of up to 7 days.


  • Built-in counter can track activities like calories burned, steps, and distance
  • Compatible with the "VeryFitPro" app
  • Vibrating alarm does not disturb neighbors
  • Built-in USB does not require extra cables for charging
  • Maximum battery life (7 days)


  • Digital display may be too small for some

Batman Kids Analog Watch

If your children are huge Batman fans, then it is only fitting to buy a watch that represents Bruce Wayne's character.

The DC-themed watch has the large yellow Batman logo at the center of the black dial. Easy-to-read yellow Arabic numbers and minute markings match the superhero design.

Besides the large Batman insignia, the other features give your child a better representation of how the watch operates.

One of which is the stationary bezel, which contains a 60-minute display with 5-minute intervals.

Watch hands with "HOUR" and "MINUTE" labels to give the kids an idea of how an analog clock operates.

After going through a series of lab tests, the Batman watch provides non-toxic and non-hazardous qualities. Hence, it is safe to use for children.


  • Easy-to-read dial, analog display, and Arabic numbers
  • Minute markers give exact time readings
  • "HOUR" and "MINUTE" labels present how the watch operates
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, and safe for kids


  • 33 mm case size may be too big for kids' wrists

Enow YL Kids Smartwatch

With most kids exposed to the digital era, it pays to keep up with the times by pursuing a timepiece with technological features. Fortunately, the Enow YL Kids Smartwatch does provide these and then some.

In case your child is in school and an emergency takes place, the SOS button saves the day.

Through the LBS tracker technology and a built-in app, parents can navigate the child's exact location on their smartphone.

A Micro-SIM card can be inserted into the watch. It allows you access to two-way calling, text messaging, and 2G mobile data. The watch can store up to 10 mobile numbers.

A 1.44 touchscreen makes the timepiece convenient to use. Should you be situated in poorly lit areas, a flashlight function illuminates dark surroundings.

The remote camera feature enables picture taking on the smartwatch. The mobile app lets you transfer the photos from the Enow watch to your Apple or Android device.


  • SOS button allows easy access to your current location
  • Compatible with a micro SIM card
  • Up to 10 phone numbers can be stored on the smartwatch
  • User-friendly 1.44 touchscreen
  • Built-in flashlight can light up dark areas


  • None

Red Balloon "Time Teacher" Kids Watch

The Red Balloon watch serves up a perfect blend of minimalist and colorful schemes. It is also composed of useful functions for your child's timekeeping abilities.

First of all, it satisfies US government rules, regulations, and requirements for children's watches. Because of this, the Red Balloon timepieces ensure top-tier safety and reliability for your kids.

"HOUR" and "MINUTE" markers fill up the watch hands to give your child a more convenient experience reading time. Durability is the name of the game with its 99-feet water-resistant depth and scratch-resistant mineral crystal.

Both a user-friendly hook and hypoallergenic loop nylon strap contribute to the high comfort level the watch contains.

Kids will not have to worry about rough surfaces hurting the skin or damage on the watch face.

Finally, a quartz-powered movement attains precise, accurate, and reliable timekeeping.


  • Satisfies US regulations and requirements (No lead, nickel, calcium, etc.)
  • "HOUR" and "MINUTE" markers give a visual representation of time movement
  • Water-resistant of up to 99 feet
  • Mineral crystal is scratch-resistant
  • Comfortable loop nylon strap
  • Accurate and reliable quartz movement


  • None

Disney Kids PN1171 Watch

Do your kids want to unleash the inner Disney princess in them? If yes, then the Disney Kids PN1171 watch should be your main option.

The watch dial displays a graphic of Disney Princesses. A pink polyurethane rubber band with purple hearts surrounds the Disney-themed watch face.

Besides the creative conceptualization of Disney characters, the watch serves high functionality because of its easy-to-read Arabic Numbers and labeled watch hands.

A quartz movement gives the Disney watch accurate readings that your child will need to have for an easy experience studying time.

Rounding up the features are a tightly gripped buckle clasp, protective metal case, and scratch-resistant dial window.


  • Comfortable and elastic polyurethane rubber strap
  • Easy-to-read dial, Arabic numbers, and analog display
  • Labeled watch hands help explain the different functions of each hand
  • Precise and accurate quartz movement


  • 42.5 mm case diameter may be too chunky for some

EasyRead Time Teacher Analog Watch

Finally, we have the EasyRead watch, another formidable timepiece that consists of abundant features and premium craftsmanship.

The 0.83-inch strap is neither too big nor too small for your child. Also, the polyurethane rubber watch band guarantees both durability and comfort on the skin.

Necessary functions like a stopwatch, calendar display, alarm clock, and a 12/24 hour format can help kids quickly learn about the different nuances of tracking time.

A large digital dial display and LED lighting make the watch readable for both day and night environments.

The four buttons offer user-friendly abilities because they are straightforward and easy-to-locate.

You can also adjust the tang buckle clasp according to the different wrist sizes of each child.


  • Watch strap fits any wrist size
  • Comfortable polyurethane rubber strap
  • Calendar display and 12/24 hour format can help improve time tracking abilities
  • LED lighting can glow in the dark
  • Adjustable tang buckle closure


  • None

Step By Step Guide on Teaching Your Children How to Tell Time

The ability to tell time has become an overlooked and underappreciated skill. With the world moving at a fast pace, tracking the minutes and hours tend to be taken for granted.

step by step guide on teaching your children how to tell time

Amidst the modern technologies and advancements, it is still important to instill superior timekeeping abilities. What better way to regain such abilities than teaching time tracking to the young ones?

With anything in life, there will be struggles. Telling time is no easy task, especially for children. However, being patient and teachable will help the child tell time efficiently and effectively.

Teaching them how to tell time at a young age will mold them into disciplined and punctual people in the future.

Familiarize the Notion of Time

Introducing a new concept to a child is the first step to proper learning. The same can be applied to the introduction of time.

familiarize the notion of time

First, present them with the general terminologies like morning, afternoon, and evening. Teaching your children about the different watch and analog clock parts right away will not bode well for them.

The learning process may take a while, but what matters more is how much the kids can soak in all the information rather than how fast they can learn time.

Explain Different Timestamps/Parts of the Day

Eventually, you can transition to more specific descriptions or time stamps. As infants become toddlers, you need to gradually widen their knowledge about time.

One of the steps you can do is assembling a schedule for your kids. By doing so, it will help them understand how many minutes or hours should be allotted for showering, eating meals, and sleeping.

To make learning more fun, measure elapsed time using a stopwatch or timer while they do recreational activities like reading, baking, and doing household chores.

Showing them the distribution of seconds, minutes, and hours will help them understand how long certain tasks can be accomplished.

Introduce the Different Watch Parts

Now that you have conceptualized time for your children, it is time to teach them the different parts and functions that make up an analog clock.

Kids must establish the practice of looking at the clock hand or watch face when keeping track of daily events.

You can use examples like "When both clock hands are on 6, dinner will be ready," and "Your bedtime" is when the short hand hits 8 and the long hand is at 12."

Simple steps like this will guide the children in the long run, especially when it is time for their favorite pastimes.

One other way to make the learning process easier is by creating DIY (do it yourself) paper clocks with adjustable watch hands.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this review was able to help you choose a watch that can help your kid tell time. After all, time tracking will start to become a big deal once children start growing up.

Therefore, what better way to have them prepare for the real world by practicing reading time independently. A good watch for kids will help your children do just that.

For more questions or inquiries on these teacher watches, please do not hesitate to contact us.