10 Best Watches for Your Boys – Top Models & Trending Styles in 2024

Written by – Updated on April 29, 2024

In an era of smartphones and other smart devices, wristwatches may seem obsolete.

Smartphones aren't recommended for your children to tell time because of the risk of device addiction.

Telling time is an important life skill, and a good timepiece will help your kids develop it. Have a look at the 10 best watches for boys to help you on this important journey.

Casio W-214HC-1AVCF: Top Pick

Start your day right on time with the Casio W-214HC-1AVCF.

The Casio W-214HC-1AVCF's 45mm case is made of resin, with a mineral crystal window. This makes it a solid watch that can withstand a beating, no matter the sport.

It may look plain for some kids who want to express themselves, although this makes the watch a versatile wear for all occasions.

The Casio comes with an alarm clock feature, so your kids can set the alarm and wake up on time. The alarm can also be useful for teaching your kids the value of time management.

And let's not forget that Casio has been in the watch business since 1974 [R] and specializes in digital watches. It is guaranteed to work for seven years [R] before you'll need to repair it or change out the batteries.

The only downside is it's challenging to understand the user manual that comes with the Casio. It's not the most kid-friendly manual. But once it's all setup, using this watch should be easy.


  • Daily alarm
  • The strap is durable and easy to adjust
  • Light-up digital display
  • Durable 45mm resin case
  • Quality Japanese quartz movement


  • Manual isn't kid-friendly

Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch: Premium Value Pick

The Timex Time Machine Digital Watch comes in a 35mm case with a nylon strap. The Timex Time Machines product line is designed for kids, and it shows with the design.

The Timex Time Machine is the optimal value timepiece for the features. The Timex is scratch and water-resistant. It's rugged, and it's friendly for active kids.

The instructions for setting the time and date are only available online on their website, so if you get another model, it might not be the same instructions as your kid's model.

The Timex Time Machine also isn't as playful as other designs, so it might not catch your kid's attention. But if your child is a bit older, this isn't a bad thing.

Kids will like that the time display numbers are large and can easily be seen from any angle. The strap is easy to adjust and is not finicky. Overall, we recommend the Timex Time Machine for any kid, regardless of age.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 4/5

  • This durable and attractive watch is made to last, withstanding even the most rigorous activities and keeping time accurately.
  • I don't have to worry about this watch breaking or getting damaged easily because of its durable construction and strength.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 1/5

  • The sleek and stylish design of this sports watch is beautiful, and it's built to withstand any adventure.
  • The adjustable strap on this sports watch is amazing, it contours to my wrist perfectly and feels comfortable all day long.


  • Easy to adjust 18mm nylon strap
  • Readable digital display
  • Play-proof for kids
  • Water-resistant to 50 meters
  • Mineral glass resists scratches


  • Dial designs can be "boring" for some

KIDPER Kids Digital Watch: Budget Pick

Most budget kids' wristwatch options are usually poorly-made character watches, so the KIDPER is a breath of fresh air. The KIDPER feels sturdy and well-made, and the design stands out.

The KIDPER is also sports rugged and tough appeal. The KIDPER's build quality makes this watch perfect for your kid's needs. With all the color options and the bold and stylish design, any kid would find this watch incredibly cool!

The only downside is that though KIDPER should be water-resistant, you aren't supposed to press buttons underwater. It's a bummer because sometimes, you can't stop your boy from touching his hands while swimming with friends.

Besides this warning, the KIDPER is one of the most amazing watches suitable for every need.


  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Digital display shows big numbers
  • Electronic LED Backlit
  • Scratch-resistant resin glass surface
  • 50 meters water-resistance


  • Not fully water-resistant

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

The VTech Kidizoom is a smartwatch, but it's one we'll recommend for your kids. It has all the upsides of a smartwatch, without any of the risks.

The VTech Kidizoom doesn't have WiFi or Bluetooth, so you don't have to worry about setting up parental controls for your boys.

It has 50 different digital and analog watch dial designs, so your child can pick one that is right for him. It's like buying 50 watches for the price of one!

The Kidizoom has a camera and a voice recorder, perfect for kids who enjoy photography.

The Kidizoom charges via a micro USB cable, so you wouldn't have to worry about getting a proprietary charging unit just for the watch.

The only downside of the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is that it's not ideal for wearing when swimming or while splashing around because it's made of electronic components. The

Kidizoom can withstand sweat, though.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 2/5

  • I love that the Vtec Kitty Zoom watch has an exceptional battery life, it can hold a charge for days without needing to be recharged.
  • The watch comes loaded with features such as camera video, voice changer, games, alarm clock, and timer, providing my son with endless fun and utility.
  • The watch works flawlessly and performs all its functions without any hiccups or glitches, which makes it an ideal product for my son's needs.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 1/5

  • This watch is lightweight and comfortable.
  • The touch of blue makes the watch funky and cool.


  • Comes with a camera and video recorder
  • No WiFi prevents distractions
  • 50 unique dial designs


  • Not the most water-resistant choice

LEGO Quartz Plastic Watch Color Multicolor Model 8020189

LEGO plastic wristwatches are great for kids who like building things.

LEGOs are proven to be suitable for a child's development. It helps promote fine motor skills and encourages creativity. We think it's the same way with the Lego Quartz Plastic Watch!

LEGO adopted its philosophy of building blocks with its watches. Instead of bricks, LEGO timepieces come in different colored interchangeable watch links. Unlike traditional watch links for adults, kids don't need special tools to assemble the strap.

The downside to the buildable design is that the strap can sometimes get uncomfortable for some kids. The strap isn't breathable, so it may irritate sensitive skin.

The watch may also be inconvenient to read because the dial might be too small.


  • Its buildable design encourages creativity
  • Many colorful options
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Quartz movement is reliable


  • The hard plastic strap may be irritating
  • The dial is too small to read

Flik Flak Boys' Analogue Quartz Watch with Textile Strap FBNP100

The Flik Flak watch line from Swiss manufacturer Swatch [R] is underrated, and it's a shame. The entire Flik Flak line is made and designed with kids in mind.

Flik Flak was introduced in 1987 to teach young children how to tell the time through its differently colored hour and minute hands.

Two features make Flik Flaks like the FBNP100 stand out. First, the material they use for the strap is chemical-free and safe for sensitive boys' skin. Second, the entire watch is machine washable. [R]

This is the only kids' watch we found that is designed to be machine washable. That's a relief because boys can get messy when they play in the sand.

The fun varieties of the Flik Flak FBNP100 don't make it any less a serious watch, though.

Unlike most boy wristwatches made of Japanese quartz and subpar components, the Flik Flak is a Swiss watch made and manufactured in Switzerland.


  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Chemical-free strap
  • Machine washable
  • Durable 32mm plexiglass case
  • Bright and playful dial options
  • Resistant to water up to 30 meters


  • Expensive

Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Metal Watch

The Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Metal Watch is the analog cousin of the Time Machines Digital we reviewed as a great value kid watch.

It has the same features as the Time Machines Digital, with a few key differences.

The analog watch has a smaller 30mm silver alloy case than the 35mm of the digital Timex Time Machines. It also has an analog dial with easily readable dashes, which helps a child learn how to read the time.

The hour and minute hands are in stark contrast with the dial, which also helps with the watch's readability.

The Time Machines Metal Watch is small enough to fit younger kids but has a timeless design that older boys will love.

Unfortunately, the Timex Time Machines Analog doesn't have the same features as the digital version.

While the Timex Time Machines Analog is reliable, stylish, and durable, it simply doesn't have the date and alarm features to make a watch that much more useful.


  • Simple, no-nonsense metal design
  • Easy to read number markings
  • Mineral crystal resists scratches
  • Durable and play-proof
  • Resists water for up to 30 meters


  • Fabric strap can be scratchy

EasyRead Time Teacher, Rainbow

The EasyRead Time Teacher is an educational tool more than it is a fashion statement. If you need a watch to help your kids read time, then this might just be the watch for you.

Unlike other kids' wristwatches, the EasyRead Time Teacher indicates the minutes with numbers instead of dashes. This makes it easier for kids to read the time when the minute hands point to the smaller numbers.

The EasyRead Time Teacher is a great educational tool to teach children how to read analog clocks. Even if most people find that obsolete, it's still a history lesson in itself.

We love how the dial numbers are large, readable, and in different colors for each hour. The EasyRead's strap is also comfortable, unlike other plastic children's wristwatch options.

We only wish that the EasyRead Time Teacher had a more durable case and crystal. As a result, your watch's dial is more vulnerable to scratches and may even break with a bit of rough play.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 2/5

  • The watch is incredibly helpful in teaching kids how to tell time. With the clear markings, it's easy for them to see the minute hand making one full revolution while the hour hand only moves one hour forward.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 1/5

  • I love the EasyRead Time Teacher's design. The large, contrasting colors on the dial make it easy for kids to read the time, and the comfortable strap ensures they can wear it all day without any discomfort.


  • Large dial numbers enhance readability
  • Minutes indicated with numbers
  • Comfortable strap
  • 33mm case is great for small wrists
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters


  • Not as durable

Lacoste Kids' TR90 Quartz Watch 2030002

Lacoste kid watches are great analog choices for an older child or a teenager who's ready to move up to adulthood. It strikes a balance between physical comfort, sleek and timeless design, and reliable watch performance.

The Lacoste 2030002 comes in a 32mm TR90 plastic case. TR90 is known to be durable, flexible, and lightweight, so the watch would still be comfortable for smaller wrists or outdoor use.

The Lacoste Quartz Watch also comes in timeless, simple designs. Even adults can appreciate this watch! The only problem will be whether the watch will fit your kids' wrists when they grow up.

Even if this watch looks every bit like a grown-up watch, the numbers are still large and readable, which will make it just as good a learning tool as any other kids' watch.

The only downside is the hour and minute hands tend to blend into the dial of the darker models.


  • Simple, no-nonsense metal design
  • Clear and easy to read number markings
  • Mineral glass resists scratches
  • Durable and play-proof
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters


  • Might be boring for younger kids
  • Expensive

Casio Men's DW9052-2 G-Shock

The Casio G-Shock line is a cult classic. [R] While it's not a watch for kids, strictly speaking, it's highly recommended for older kids because the DW9052-2 has all the advantages of a G-Shock, without the bulk.

G-Shocks tend to be bulky because it is built for durability, but the DW9052-2 is small enough to be used by older kids.

The 45.5 mm case is made of rubber, so your kid will never have to worry about breaking their watch after a few bumps and tumbles.

Because G-Shock wristwatches are so durable, they will definitely outlast your kid's childhood. The G-Shock is a great watch to gift to your teenagers or your more mature children.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 4/5

  • As a diver, I can attest to the 200-meter water resistance of this Casio G-Shock watch, and I've never had any issues with water leaking inside.
  • I love the sturdy strap and the stabilizer sets underneath the screw-through lugs on this watch, which adds to its durability and robustness.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 1/5

  • This Casio DW 9:05 2 watch is both gorgeous and affordable, and I love how it makes me feel when I wear it.
  • I'm always getting comments about the G-Shock watches that I wear, which is a testament to their timeless design and recognizability.
  • The beautiful blue color of this G-Shock watch is eye-catching and it's a great conversation starter that brings back nostalgic memories for others.


  • Built like a tank
  • Readable digital display
  • Backlight feature for night use
  • With alarm and stopwatch functions
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters


  • Rubber band may be irritating
  • Expensive

Are Kids Watches Still Any Good?

It's tough to convince your kid that a watch is a good thing because smartphones can tell time, too.

However, a kid's watch can offer some benefits that smartphones don't. Wristwatches prevent distractions, and they're more durable [R] than a smartphone.

Kids playing around the field.

Watches are made exactly for telling time, and your kids won't be bombarded with lots of stimuli [R] to distract them. Even the smartwatch option in our list doesn't have WiFi or Bluetooth, so your kids can stay focused on their tasks and be on time.

Watches can be knocked around any surface and will still work. Traditional timepieces won't get in the way of your kids' playtime.

Where to Buy Watches For Kids

Several of these options are available on the manufacturer's websites, like Flik Flak. [R]

However, there aren't many companies making product lines exclusively for kids, so you'll have to look for children's wristwatch models one by one. We suggest Amazon as a one-stop shop to look for kids' watches.

What to Consider When Buying Kids' Watches

You should decide whether you'll buy an analog or a digital wristwatch for your boys. While both kinds of watches will teach your kids how to tell time, there are some advantages for either kind.

Analog wristwatches can help kids understand the passage of time because they can visually see [R] the clock's hands moving. The design of an analog watch can also help your child visually develop math skills, [R] like fractions.

Digital wristwatches can help teach kids how to tell time faster, because it instantly display the exact hour, minute, and for some, seconds, at any time of the day.

You should also consider the build quality of any watch. A kids' wristwatch should be sturdy and made of durable materials. Also, consider water resistance and scratch resistance.

Because kids can be active and/or accident-prone, we suggest buying a watch that can withstand the bumps and tumbles of play.

Wrap Up

Getting wristwatches for kids seems like a difficult decision, with all the choices available.

Before you decide on anything, make sure you know what your child finds comfortable and what his activities are throughout the day.

After that, you can pick from any of our recommendations, and you won't go wrong.