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Hi, I'm Nicholas, owner of NanaDC.
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Because of my fascination with the advancement of technology and durability rolled into a single timepiece, reading about different military watches became my hobby.

Through these newly-acquired info, I realized that the kind of watch you wear throughout the day, or even your entire life, could greatly affect how you live your life on a daily basis.

All Watches Are Different ...

Each watch is created differently. What makes each one special is its uniqueness and distinctive features.

Some are created to look a bit bulky but is packed with heavy duty functions made to last through the roughest conditions while others have a very minimal and elegant design but still ticks all the right boxes.

Each manufacturing brand also has their own way of crafting watches in a way that represents them which adds to the watch’s personality. ​

also think it’s a fun pastime to compare and contrast different watches from different brands. It’s like a “Who wore it better?” Only in my case, it’s “Who did it better?”

What You'll Get from NanaDC

The reviews created on this site were carefully researched. Some are even made out of my own experience with such watches. ​I'm especially proud of my army watch guide.

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It's safe to say I have been through a certain brand’s site numerous times that I can recognize whether they updated their site or not. Visiting the comments’ section on prominent and reliable online stores have also been a part of my routine.

More than anything, reviewing different watches is my way of helping others who were just as clueless as I am the first time I decided to purchase my first legit watch. It was a result of my hard-earned money, so I wanted my very first high-end watch to be memorable and made with only the best materials.

A watch is not just a piece of accessory you wear, it could also be your best friend.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at nicholas@nanadc.com.

Feel free to also follow/add me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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