Lucien Piccard's Top Watches Reviewed in 2024– Is This Brand Worth it?

Written by – Updated on July 5, 2024

Lucien Piccard is not a well-known watch brand compared to other manufacturers like Rolex, Seiko, Swiss Legend, etc.

Back in the day, however, it was one of the leading makers of classic luxury watches. Even Frank Sinatra owned a Lucien Piccard timepiece.

Today, I'll go over the different Lucien Piccard watches and the brand's storied timeline. This will help you determine whether Lucien Piccard gets lost in the sauce, or if it stacks up with today's best watch brands.

Lucien Piccard Navona GMT Chronograph Men's Watch 11187-RG-02S: Best Overall

The Lucien Piccard Navona series is in its own stratosphere. Its characteristics and functions outclass other Lucien Piccard watches.

First, the watch face is made of synthetic sapphire crystal that provides extra protection against scratches. It also has a water resistance depth of up to 165 feet.

Therefore, Navona watches are capable of withstanding splashes from waves or showers.

The Lucien Piccard Navona watch also presents several features. These include a chronograph, date display, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and tachymeter. It predominantly uses Arabic numbers to interpret time. [R]

Its watch case has a diameter of 44 millimeters, which makes the markings readable. Despite the large case diameter, it's not heavy on the wrist because it only weighs 2.82 ounces. [R]

The only downside is the steep price tag. It's the most expensive Lucien Piccard watch on this list, with a starting price of $71.49.

Price aside, you'll enjoy the most optimized benefits and results. It's no secret as to why the Lucien Piccard Navona collection is the best overall watch.


  • Arabic numbers for easy readability
  • Water-resistant of up to 165 feet
  • Synthetic sapphire crystal
  • Very lightweight (2.82 ounces)


  • Most expensive on the list

Lucien Piccard Bosphorus Chronograph Men's Watch LP-40045-RG-01: Best Value

For the best value in return, I encourage you to go for the Lucien Piccard Bosphorus Chronograph Men's Watch.

It has a waterproof leather strap. The Bosphorus watch uses a deployment clasp for a tighter grip on your wrist.

Unlike traditional buckles, deployment bands are more lightweight and less bulky.

The watch's black dial, gold Arabic numbers, 44-millimeter case diameter, date display, and luminous hands improve the readability of time. These features also cater to its sleek open design.

The watch uses Japanese quartz movements, so expect accurate and precise results.

The watch does have its set of drawbacks. One of them is its leather strap may result in skin allergies. Some of the common skin reactions include rashes, inflammation, dermatitis, etc. [R]

Another disadvantage is the knobs and buttons are hard to handle from the get-go. These also add to the roughness of the watch.

All in all, Lucian Piccard continues to impress with the Bosphorus series. For $45, the brand continues to provide the most optimized results.


  • Additional features (black dial, chronograph sub-dials, luminous hands, etc.)
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Deployment clasp
  • 44 case millimeter diameter


  • The leather strap may cause skin allergies
  • Knobs and buttons are hard to use

Lucien Piccard Valarta Retrograde Day Men's Watch LP-40009-01: Best Budget Pick

Do you want to pursue quality performance at a more affordable cost? Then I suggest going for the best budget pick, the Lucien Piccard Valarta Men's Watch.

The watch dial comes in different colors. You can choose between black, blue, or white. The Valarta collection displays Roman Numerals, which evoke a luxurious feel.

It also contains sub-dials which present the readings of minutes and seconds. The calendar displays employ a day-date format. It lets you determine the day of the week and the date of the month.

Watches in this series are capable of a 30-meter water resistance depth. It can withstand light rainfall. You can also wear it to the beach.

Indeed, the Valarta version of the Lucien Piccard brand comes with a lot of features. My most favorite one is it only costs $35.

Despite these, I need to touch on the watch's impediments. One disadvantage is the sub-dials are hard to set-up. They are highly detailed, so you might need a watch expert to help you set up.

Moreover, the watch case's stationary bezel is the most basic type out of all the bezel functions.


  • Water-resistant (30 meters)
  • Multiple sub-dials (second and minute readings)
  • Affordable cost


  • Sub-dials are complicated
  • Stationary bezel

Lucien Piccard Infinity Dual Time Men's Watch 40044-RG-01

The Lucien Piccard Infinity Dual Time Watch is another solid choice.

It incorporates silver sub-dials that present 60-second and 24-hour readings.

Both these components and the watch's Japanese quartz movement bolster the watch's precision and accuracy. [R]

The sub-dials go well with the primary black dial, blue hands, and white Roman Numerals.

A rose gold-tone ion-plated stainless steel case and sapphire crystal surround the 44-millimeter watch face. These protect your watch from stains, scratches, and other forms of damage.

The Infinity Dual Time Watch from the Lucien Piccard brand is one of the most affordable watches, costing only $35.

My only problem with the watch is the sub-dials are disproportionate to the watch face. I notice that these are larger than the Roman Numerals, giving me a hard time reading time.

Sub-dials are supposed to be supplementary parts only. It feels like they stood out too much, which made them distracting to the eye.


  • 60-second and 24-hour silver sub-dials
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Gold ion-plated stainless steel case and synthetic sapphire
  • Affordable cost


  • Large sub-dials

Lucien Piccard Oxford Blue Dial Men's Watch LP-40020-03

The Lucien Piccard Oxford series holds its own among other Lucien Piccard watches. Here are some of its features:

For starters, the color combination stands out. A blue dial, accompanied by a silver watch face and black leather band, enhances the watch’s aesthetic appeal.

A sapphire glass protects the watch's face. You won't have to worry about markings, scratches, or rough surfaces. [R]

Another cool feature of the watch is it has a round calendar window that displays all 31 days of the month. You can find the current date beside the 3 o'clock marker.

Lastly, it has a high water-resistance depth of 165 feet. You can wear your watch while swimming in shallow water.

Unfortunately, there is one major flaw that holds the watch back.

Unlike other Lucien Piccard watches, the Oxford Blue Dial watch does not include additional sub-dials. It also does not help that it costs $54.99. There are cheaper alternatives that contain sub-dials and enhanced design elements.


  • Water-resistant depth of 165 feet
  • Round calendar window
  • Sapphire glass


  • Absence of sub-dials

What Is The History of Lucien Piccard Watches?

Let's discuss how the Lucian Piccard watch became the staple timepiece brand back in the early 1900s.

Its origin story dates back to the 1920s when a watchmaker from America went to Switzerland to craft luxury watches.

what is the history of lucien piccard watches

The watchmaker instilled traditional Swiss watchmaking heritage, scrupulous procedures, and open heart designs in his creations.

It is no secret why royal figures and iconic musicians such as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra sported Lucien Piccard Watches.

Frank Sinatra received a personalized Lucien Piccard watch from the Ava Gardner Museum.

It's made of 18 Karat solid gold yellow and operates using a 17-jewel Swiss mechanical wind motion. The engraved message from Gardner read: "To Frank and desert nights. - Ava"

Unfortunately, Lucien Piccard filed for bankruptcy back in 2010, marking the end of their dominant run. The brand could not keep up with other frontrunners such as Rolex, Timex, Seiko, etc.

Its relocation to the US negatively affected the watch brand, as many customers preferred to continue patronizing their Swiss-based counterparts.

The Swiss Watch International (SWI) group currently owns Lucien Piccard watches.

Lucien Piccard Watches: Can They Keep up With Today's Brand of Watches?

Despite the influx of new watches from modern manufacturers, customers from older age groups remain loyal to the Swiss brand.

Moreover, a handful of young watch lovers still wear either vintage or modernized Lucien Piccard timepieces.

In short, Lucian Piccard refuses to pass the baton and retire. This part of the review will determine how the Lucian Piccard watch can bridge the generation gap and impress all its users.

Lifetime Warranty

Most companies cannot even guarantee a one-week warranty. Lucien Piccard is a rare brand that gives its customers a lifetime warranty.

Their watchmakers and technicians offer services such as battery replacement and watch repairs. All you need to do is bring your Lucien Piccard watch to your nearest service center.

Credible Track Record

Lucien Piccard may not be the powerhouse it once was, but its rich history and heritage cannot be denied.

For over 90 years, it has been a predominantly successful provider of watches.

Household names such as the Royal Family, Elvis, and Sinatra gave Lucien Piccard much needed exposure.

These famous personalities boosted the popularity, and market appeal of Lucien Piccard watches.


Even though a Lucien Piccard watch catered to royal figures and yesterday's celebrities, the brand makes sure to maintain its ability to reach the broader network of consumers.

Lucien Picard prioritizes handcrafting premium watches that are affordable and accessible for everyone.

Wrap Up

Since the brand's early years, Lucien Piccard has been producing high-quality watches to satisfy its customers.

While it has had its share of obstacles along the way, Lucien Piccard continues to pride itself on first-class craftsmanship and exceptional design.

The manufacturer strives to provide high-quality watches for its fanbase, old and young alike throughout the years.

Indeed, I have to give praise where credit is due for a Lucien Piccard watch. Just like the lyrics of Frank Sinatra’s hit “That’s Life,” Lucien Piccard watches “will keep spinning around.”

I hope this review was able to help you pick the best Lucian Piccard watch!