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I am a fan of German watches and I won’t deny it.

Apparently, many people are asking me why I always choose to praise the German watchmaking, in general, over than the Swiss’s.

Well, the only answer I could give to them is that these German timepieces are timeless.

In the watch industry today, innovative and more-advanced watches are becoming really popular.

I am not against this but I find German-made timepieces more unique and appealing because almost all of their pieces are out of today’s trend which makes them really timeless pieces.

In fact, these watches have stormed out the industry due to their overall vintage and minimalistic appearances.

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Also, another thing that really impresses me is that these watches continue to rise over the years considering all the aftermath of the world war.

Well, I am no expert when it comes to watchmaking but I do have pretty reliable experiences with these popular wrist watches.

Accordingly, this guide may essentially help you, especially if you are looking for the list of the best German timepieces of today.

The 7 German Luxury Watches for Affordability and Quality

In this guide, I have included the list of 7 watches made in Germany that, personally, I take as the greatest ones for entry-level users in the industry. Along with the brands, I have included as well the technical features and specifications that may help you understand the overall value and efficiency of a certain watch.

If you are just looking out and you have no interest in buying these watches, I suggest that you prepare yourself because these list of watches will really entice you! As for others who are finding the list of the most affordable and highest grade timepieces crafted by German watchmakers of today, this guide may help you in making your buying decisions.

German Military Titanium Watch The Watch For The Armed Forces

If you are looking for a watch that is lightweight and rugged, the German Military Titanium Watch might be the one for you. The weight of this black watch is rated at 57 grams or 2 ounces which is quite light and comfortable for your hand in comparison to most timepieces of today.

German Military Titanium Watch. GPW GMT. Black Field Rubber Strap. Sapphire Crystal. 200M W/R.
  • #1 Most Lightweight Titanium Military Watch available. The watch weighs only 57GR. (2 OZ) without...
  • Reliabe Swiss Quartz movement. Date display at 3 o'clock position. 2nd Timezone (or Military Time)...
  • Extra strong sapphire crystal with anti reflection coating (as required by the German Armed Forces;...

Apparently, this black watch is largely designed for marine and pilots. Hence, all the materials and features that you will get to experience in this watch are quite durable and fitting for outdoor uses respectively.

The main material used in the construction of this watch is a Grade 2 Titanium. This material is actually for Industrial Marine and Aviation use. As for the case, this watch uses Sandblasted Titanium to avoid light reflection. And this is very useful, especially if you are in hostile areas.

In relation to avoiding light reflection, the dial window uses a Sapphire Crystal that comes with a non-reflective coating. And this feature is apparently required for all German marines, soldiers, and aviators.

In terms of the watch movement, this watch features a Swiss Quartz movement, so its second hand moves smoothly. And this is a pretty decent one considering the price of the package. Also, it features a day date function that is located just right beside the 3 o’clock marker.

  • Durable materials
  • Very lightweight
  • Perfect for large arms and large hand frames
  • The crown is quite tricky to adjust
  • Expensive considering the basicity of the features
  • The second and minute hand lack precision

German Military Titanium Automatic Watch A Great Addition to German Automatic Watches

The German Military Titanium Automatic Watch might be one of the best watches in this list made in Germany for you, especially if you are looking for a more precise watch movement.

German Military Titanium Watch. GPW Day Date. Sapphire Crystal. Black German Bund Leatherstrap 200M...
  • #1 Most Lightweight Titanium Military Watch available. The watch weighs only 57GR. (2 OZ) without...
  • Reliabe Swiss Quartz movement. Day and Date display at 3 o'clock position.
  • Extra strong sapphire crystal with anti reflection coating (as required by the German Armed Forces;...

Apparently, this black watch is very similar to the German Military Titanium Watch. But, the features and functionalities of this model are much improved. Hence, this model is much more expensive than the previous model.

For instance, the watch movement of this model used 24 jewels in its bearing. Unlike its predecessor that uses a Swiss Quartz movement, this model provides much precision when it comes to indicating the time and date.

Also, this model features a power reserve function. Since this is an automatic watch, its power does not largely rely on battery alone. Accordingly, the more you wear and use it, the more it will be reliable.

The band of this watch uses a black rubber material. And this is probably the biggest drawback of the product. Personally, I think it is much more appealing if the German watchmaker company uses a black leather instead of black rubber.

But it would be tricky since this model aims to be a great timepiece for extreme outdoor uses. So, in some way and somehow, the band is also fitting to its overall structure.

  • Precise watch movement
  • It has a power reserve feature
  • Perfect for outdoor uses
  • Too expensive considering the features
  • It is not entirely water-resistant
  • It deteriorates after a few months

Roue HDS One Watch German Industrial Design One of Today’s German Dive Watches

The Roue HDS One Watch German Industrial Design Style might be one of the top watches for you if you are looking for a timepiece that can support your water sports and activities.

Roue HDS Men's Watch, 1980s German Industrial Design, 41.5mm Sand Blasted Stainless Steel case,...
  • EFFICIENCY MEETS EXCELLENCE -- The HDS Hands is inspired by Dieter Rams’ iconic industrial and...
  • UNDENIABLE QUALITY -- The ultra-scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and water-resistant...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY -- Your life could change in a New York minute. Avoid missing any high-stakes...

By and large, this watch is not entirely the one that you can consider as a luxury watch. Aside from the fact that it has a very affordable price, the build and style of this watch are inclining much more towards the sports and rugged types.

But while it appears to be a rugged design of German watch, it still features a touch of the chronograph style that is very common in the field of German watchmaking.

As for the materials and strength, you could rely on its durability since it uses mainly a 316L grade of stainless steel. Also, the window of the dial features an authentic Sapphire Glass that comes with a non-reflectorized coating.

You could also experience a great precision when it comes to the watch’s time and date indications. This is because it uses a Japanese Miyota Quartz that is quite reliable in the watch industry.

  • Great water-resistance applications
  • Perfect for water sports and activities
  • Reliable watch movement
  • The appearance is not very appealing
  • The lume in the markings is not effective
  • Not appropriate to be used as a dress watch

Graf Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch The Under $500 Choice

If you are looking for a classic timepiece made in Germany that is both classy and sleek and yet affordable, the Graf Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch might be the most suitable option for you.

GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch (White)
  • Chronograph- Alarm
  • Swiss Movement
  • Brequet style hands

The overall appearance and style of this chronogrpah watch are pretty impressive. But I would take this watch as a much more fitting choice for men than women. And this is because it appears to be very manly. Nevertheless, it could still be one of the best luxury watches for women as long as they know how to project their style with this watch.

The main material used in this watch is a good grade of stainless steel. However, the exact grade of the stainless steel is not freely given by the company. For some reason, I find this as a drawback since the specifications of the materials play a huge role in my buying decisions. And I suggest that these things should be on yours too!

As for the material used in the window, it is a mineral glass. Apparently, this is a pretty decent glass. It is quite durable but not scratch-resistant. And I would love it more if it uses a Sapphire glass instead.

  • Decent standard
  • The appearance is appealing for the hand
  • Perfect for formal events
  • Some of the materials are not specific
  • It is not scratch-resistant
  • Too expensive considering the features

Mil-Tec Luftwaffe ME 109 Pilot Vintage Quartz The Budget Saver's Choice

If you are looking for budget friendly pilot watches for everyday usage, the Mil-Tec Luftwaffe ME 109 Pilot Vintage Quartz Watch quite fits the description.

On Sale
Mil-Tec Luftwaffe Me109 Aviator Vintage German WW2 Flieger Pilot Mens Watch - Military Easy to Read...
  • Collectible Vintage Watch design from an era of aerial bravery - World War 2 Luftwaffe ME 109 German...
  • Vintage Design combined with Modern Technology - this watch has a Highly Accurate Japanese Quartz...
  • Each Watch is Unique - the beige dial of the watch is different on each unit and has a fighter pilot...

One of the things I like about this watch is the overall appearance. In fact, many watch lovers and enthusiast are really looking forward to buying this watch. Even if it is not the luxury kind, it appears to be a very appropriate addition to any vintage watch collection.

There is nothing much about this watch except for its incredible vintage appearance. The only function that it can provide is to simply tell you the time. Other than that, there are no other functionalities included.

The material used in its window dial is a heavy bifocal glass. This material actually provides convenience and reliability to the users because it enables you to see the time easily and quickly.

As for the price, you can purchase this deal below $100. Although it is very affordable, I am really pissed how the price went up these days. This is because I had one of these models which I only got for less than $50. And that is already the max bill! But even so, it only goes to show that this is a very in-demand timepiece.

  • The vintage appearance and style is very impressive
  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Not water-resistant
  • Not scratch-resistant
  • It lacks other features that most watches have

Laco Type B Dial Miyota Automatic Pilot Watch

I included the Laco Type B Dial Miyota Automatic Pilot Watch due to its overall functionality and being one of the best military grade watches

Laco Type B Dial Miyota Automatic Pilot Watch 861690
  • Made in Germany
  • Stainless-steel case, black dial, Superluminova
  • Automatic-self-wind movement from Miyota

Nothing beats Laco when it comes to classic WWII feels in their watches – it even looks like the original Flieger watch! This type B automatic watch (self-winding) uses Sapphire Crystal, so it’s scratch resistant. What makes it reliable workhorse is that it uses the Miyota movement, which gives you an incredibly accurate time reading.

Unlike mechanical watch models, Miyota movement is automatic which means there’s no need to wind it manually. It also has a clean look since there are no other distracting markers on its dial.

Also, this automatic watch features SuperLuminova that mainly provides efficient and bright illumination in the dial when its dark.

  • Innovative features
  • Very durable
  • Provides real accuracy
  • SuperLuminova with superb illumination
  • Not meant for heavy-duty purposes
  • The brown leather band doesn't fit most wrist. You need to punch another hole
  • Markings have more greenish color

Graf Zeppelin Dual Time Big Date Watch 7640-1

The Graf Zeppelin Dual Time Big Date Watch might be one of the better big date watches for you, especially if you are looking for a Zeppelin watch that is affordable and a top watch brand.

If you look at all the Zeppelin German watches, you will see that there are no huge differences among them all. The usual differences among these range of watches lie in the details of the features.

For instance, the Graf Zeppelin 7680 is largely designed for men. As for this model, it is designed for both women and men. In addition, the 7680 features an effective alarm feature. As for the 7640-1, it highly emphasizes its dual time and date functions.

Accordingly, it is quite safe to say that the 7640-1 is perfect for travelers.

As for the price, this model is much cheaper than the 7680 and other models of Zeppelin watches.

  • Inexpensive in comparison to other Zeppelin watches
  • Comfortable to your hand
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Chronograph style
  • Not very durable
  • Some of the materials are not specific
  • It is not scratch-resistant

Things You Should Consider When Buying German Timepieces

Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Others, however, find the value of the watch as their main point of standard when choosing for the best. This is why many luxury German timepieces today are seen as the best ones. But, I beg to disagree.

By and large, classic German watch companies produce some of the most expensive watches of today even if it's not a limited edition timepeice. Although I have my personal biases when it comes to German watch brands, this does not mean that all of them are good.

german military watch

And just like any product from any industry, there are factors that must be considered first before making a purchase from a company. These factors can dramatically increase your chance of finding the most appropriate products for you.

So, if you are looking for the most suitable type for you, I suggest that you regard these things seriously. And in regarding these matters at hand, you will surely omit the chances of obtaining the wrong fit. Also, it could help you save costs in the long run!

Choosing German Watch Brands

When you are looking for a great watch that was manufactured in Germany, the first factor that you need to consider is the brand or company. Apparently, there are quite a lot of German watchmaker brands in the recent times. And just by simply knowing these names, you could easily make a decision.

Although it is already established that these watches are really expensive and may require fortune especially if it is a limited edition, there are still those that offer affordable prices without sacrificing the value and functionality of the watch.

Accordingly, brands like Lange Söhne, Nomos Glashütte Original, and Junghans Meister may require you to visit their actual stores if you are planning to buy German timepieces from these brands. And this is all because these watches are the embodiment of luxury watches.

For instance, you cannot actually buy a limited edition of Glashütte Original watch in the online market because that is too risky considering the price that plays between $3000 and $40,000.

But even so, considering the brands will help you determine your choices, budget, and preferences.

Setting Your Budget

Your budget is one of the most important factors that you need to regard when you plan to buy a great watch made in Germany. As I have mentioned, these German timepieces are not your everyday-type of accessory. And there is a reason why they are, at times, called dress watches.

Apparently, these watches are not very cheap, just like limited edition Garmin triathlon watches. In fact, the average price of these watches that you could consider as inexpensive and affordable is rated below $500. And it is very seldom that you would find legitimate ones that have a price below $100.

Hence, it is only fitting that you consider these things. Just by simply setting a budget, you could already predict the timepiece will fit your needs and wants. But even so, you will really need to shell out a few hundred bucks.

This is also the reason why I take these watches as investments. And as an investment, it is only fitting that you take these things seriously.

Materials and Durability

The durability of a German watch is tried and tested. But even so, it would still depend on the materials used in each structure and function.

Each company has their own specialization. Accordingly, each of them has a distinct a material that they largely utilize in their watches. So, even if these watches are known to be very durable, the durability performance and capacity still vary.

Normally, the company utilizes different types of Stainless Steel. However, make sure that the stainless-steel is a 316L grade or above. This is because these steel grades would mean that the material is corrosion-resistant.

german watch

For reference purposes, Rolex only uses a 904L grade of steel. It is similar to a 316L, but unlike it, the 904L is also luster and acid-resistant. And this is one of the many reasons why Rolex is really a quality, durable, and expensive brand.

Even so, you have to consider the kind

of materials used in the timepiece that you prefer. Anything below the 316L grade of steel would be risky and less durable.

In addition, you must consider as well the type of glass that is used in the dial window. The kind of glass will determine if the watch is scratch-resistant or shock-proofed. Most budget-friendly German-made watches for men and women feature variations of Sapphire crystal. Usually, this is already a pretty decent kind of glass.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are frequently asked questions about German timepieces and their answers.

What is the Best German Watch Brand for the Money?

The best German Watch brand, considering not only the price but the overall value, is the Graf Zeppelin. In fact, their watches are worth twice their price since these German watches have a premium feel to it and is extremely well crafted. It also looks good on your hand!

What is the Best German Watch?

The best German watch is the German Military Titanium Watch. Featuring Swiss quartz movement, a non-reflective sapphire crystal, a lightweight and durable body, it’s no wonder why users of this German watch are mostly pilots and marines.

Is Junghans a Luxury Brand?

Junghans is considered as a luxury brand. Although Junghans isn’t widely advertised as other luxury names such as Rolex, watch collectors and unique timepiece enthusiast collect watches from this brand because of its wide variety of attractive classic designs.

A Watchmaker’s Choice: The Best Under $1000 German Watch

Now, all of the these watches here in this list are all great in terms of functionality, features, and appearance. But, among all these watches, there is only one that really caught my eye. And I take the German Military Titanium Automatic Watch as one of today’s most excellent German timepieces.

german military titanium automatic watch

Primarily, it uses 24 Jewels for its watch movement. And this is quite a significant figure for a watch. Accordingly, this is the reason why this watch can provide accuracy and precision.

Secondly, it features a power reserve function. Remember, it is an automatic watch. So, the more you wear it, the more it will be reliable.

I know it is not the most luxurious watch. But, it is still a German product. And personally, this is already the greatest German watch for me that is very affordable and yet very functional.

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