What Makes A Great Watch for A Nurse? Our Favorite Picks in 2024 (Reviewed & Rated)

Written by – Updated on February 23, 2024

When it comes to finding the perfect timepiece for a nurse, some watches are better than others. Take clip-on watches, for instance - these are a great choice for busy nurses who need to keep a close eye on their patient's vitals and timings.

It can be overwhelming, though, to go through all the different watches on the market to find the right one. That's why it's so important to find one that's both stylish and functional - the perfect combination of beauty and brains!

Nurses rely on their watches to get the job done - they need to be able to check a patient's heart and respiration rate and make sure meds are taken at the right times. So, let's face it - a good nurse watch is a must-have! With the right one, you'll be able to be the spectacular nurse you can be.

Luckily for you, you’re already reading this unmatched timepieces for nurses list. We’ve curated the top watches on the market perfectly suited for the job in this guide. Whether they are digital or analog watches, the models come in a wide price range so you’re bound to find one that fits your budget.

Timex Women's Weekender 31mm Watch

Timex Women's Weekender 31mm Indiglo Light-Up Watch is revolutionizing the way the world is told time. With its Quick Release Slip-Thru strap, you can easily change your look to match your options. Whether it be Nylon, leather, cloth, or brass, this revolutionary watch will have you looking groovy.

For starters, this watch is water resistant, up to soakin' depths of 30 meters (or just under 100 feet). So no worries about swimming or bathing with it on. The silver-tone 36mm bezel and easy-to-read Arabic numerals evoke the style and class that all women seek in a watch. Plus it has a light-up Indiglo case with a mineral crystal face so you can easily read it at night or in dark rooms.

For those who want a fuller look, the Weekender watch also has interchangeable bands, which come in black, rose-coloured, navy blue, and lighter blue with yellow flowers and white fabric. It's basically like having multiple watches for the price of one! Furthermore, it has a 7.5-inch removable and adjustable nylon/cloth strap with a 16-millimeter width, so you can get that perfect fit at home without ever having to step foot in the store. With its 24-hour military time and second-hand indicator, this Timex Women's Weekender 31mm Indiglo Light-Up Watch is sure to keep you "on time" (wink).

When searching for the perfect timepiece, there's no need to look any further than the Timex Women's Weekender 31mm Indiglo Light-Up Watch; its neutral design makes it easy to match whatever outfit you choose! Its super simple dial along with its revolutionary Indiglo backlighting technology makes this watch a must-have; plus it even comes with a full one-year warranty from Timex! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some Timex (and some style) today!


  • Water-resistant
  • With Indiglo Light up Dials
  • Easily detachable band
  • With 24-hour military time markings


  • No extra watchband

Casio Women's LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

The Casio Women's LRW200H-7BVCF Watch is an absolute must-have for any girl on the go! It's the perfect blend of classic and modern style with its analog timepieces and date display. Not only is it a great accessory to any outfit, but it's also extremely practical and convenient. With its 100M water resistance, rotating bezel, and common closure, this watch is a total game changer.

The hour numerals and markers are the perfect pop of color for the sleek design of this watch. Not to mention the convenient band type that makes taking it on and off a breeze. Plus, it's totally giftable, which makes it a great present for any occasion. And its quality and functionality are beyond compare, so it's definitely worth the price tag.

This watch is perfect for any girl who loves the outdoors. It's simple, compact, and dive-friendly, with water resistance up to 330 feet, and a bi-directional rotating bezel. It's perfect for a day at the beach or a night out on the town. And with its available hour numerals and markers, it's easy to tell exactly what time it is. Plus, the closure and band type make it a breeze to wear and take off.

Overall, the Casio Women's LRW200H-7BVCF Watch is an absolute must-have for any girl on the go. With its amazing customer service, ease of use, and owner satisfaction, it's no wonder why this watch is so popular. Plus, it's great value for money and totally giftable, which makes it a great present for any occasion. It's definitely a necessity for any girl who loves the outdoors, and its richly rewarding discovery will be a delight for all!


  • Amazing water resistance
  • Very easy to clean
  • Very affordable
  • Has a date window
  • With 24-hour indices


  • Watch screen is small and numbers could be hard to read

Casio LRW-200H-2BVCF Resin Watch

The Casio LRW-200H-2BVCF Resin Watch is the perfect timepiece for the modern woman. This stylish, elegant watch is designed with a beautiful white resin band and bezel, and a stainless steel case. The dial of the watch is adorned with luminous hour markers and numerals, making it easy to read even in the dark. The bi-directional, easy-to-track bezel makes it simple to measure time, and the date indicator adds a touch of sophistication.

This Casio watch is water resistant up to 100 meters, making it perfect for swimming, diving, and washing your hands, so you don't have to worry about getting it wet. Plus, the battery is so long-lasting and easy to replace that you'll never have to worry about it dying on you.

The Casio LRW-200H-2BVCF is a great watch for those in the medical field, as it is designed with a second hand to track and measure time quickly and accurately. Whether you're a nurse or a doctor, this watch is sure to make your job easier. Plus, with its affordable price, this watch is perfect for any budget.

The Casio LRW-200H-2BVCF is available in both blue and pink, so you can choose the perfect color to match your style. The watch face is clear and simple, with the classic white background and black numbers, making it easy to read. The stainless steel case is tough and durable, and the rainbow-colored numbers and star details on the bezel give the watch a unique, stylish look.

Overall, this watch is a great choice for any woman looking for a classic, reliable watch with a stylish touch. It's perfect for everyday wear, and it's sure to make a statement. The only downside is that the numerals and markings on the bezel are a bit small, so it can be difficult to read in low light. But other than that, this watch is the perfect accessory for any occasion.


  • Water resistant
  • Luminous dial
  • 24-hour, 12 hour indices
  • Very easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • The watch’s band is very porous and can discolor quickly

Timex Indiglo Easy Reader Analog Watch

If you’re looking for a classic and timeless timepiece, then the Timex Women's Easy Reader Watch is the way to go! The gold-tone case and gold-plated bezel give it a refined look that is perfect for any formal dress or nursing uniform. The bright white hands, along with the easily legible Arabic numerals, make it easy to read and track the time. Plus, the Indiglo feature makes it possible to tell time even in a pitch-black room, so it’s great for those late nights.

The watch is also water resistant up to 30 meters, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged when you’re washing your hands or splashing it in the sink. It’s also super durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if you accidentally knock it against something. The genuine leather strap is also comfortable and adjustable, so you can easily size it to fit your wrist – perfect for ladies who have 7.5-inch wrist circumferences.

The Timex Women's Easy Reader Watch is definitely a must-have for women who have busy lifestyles and need to keep track of time without the added clutter of extra details. The clean dial design and attention to detail and quality make this a top seller back in the 1960s and it still looks amazing and timeless today. Plus, with the interchangeable quick-release straps, you can switch up the look for any occasion.

Overall, the Timex Women's Easy Reader Watch is a perfectly sensible timepiece that is sure to make any woman fall in love. With its iconic simplicity, strength, and no details to distract the eyes, this watch is perfect for any medical field or busy lifestyle. Plus, with the light pink accents and timeless styling, you can’t go wrong with this classic. So, if you’re looking for a timepiece that’s perfect for multiple hand washings, waterproof up to 30 meters, and has a timeless beauty – the Timex Women's Easy Reader Watch is the watch for you!


  • Stylish and elegant design with its gold tone case
  • Easy-to-read
  • Water Resistant
  • Perfectly sized for women
  • With Indiglo lighting


  • There are complaints about the lack of durability of the leather band

Casio LQ139A-1B3 Black Classic Resin Watch

The Casio LQ139A-1B3 Black Classic Resin Watch is an amazing find! It has a sleek design with an easy-to-read dial, featuring Arabic and Numeral markers, with the Casio logoed right in the center. The case is made out of resin and the glass is quartz, giving it an analog display. The price is just right and the features are perfect for busy nursing personnel, attendants, and aides. It's waterproof for swimming, baths, and snorkeling, and it can definitely handle splashes and occasional drops.

The mechanism of the timepiece is enclosed and protected, with a classic and simple design that is clutter-free and lightweight. The band is made of resin and has a buckle closure making it easy to fasten and not slip off. You won't have to worry about it getting stuck in the pool or slipping off during clinicals at school. The 22mm band is perfect for smaller wrists, labeled as unisex, and the face is teensy tiny, so if you have bad eyesight, this model is perfect for you.

The Casio LQ139A-1B3 Black Classic Resin Watch also has amazing water resistance. It can handle drops and showers, so it's perfect for those of us who are constantly washing dishes and getting wet. I love that it's fast shipping, too!

The only downside is that it's not guaranteed by the manufacturer, so buyers beware. Also, the plastic trim is a bit chinsy, but other than that, this model is super attractive and perfect for women. Plus, the battery is easy to replace and the new model is even better.

Overall, I'd say that the Casio LQ139A-1B3 Black Classic Resin Watch is the bomb! It's got all the frills without being too busy, and it's perfect for my busy lifestyle. Plus, it's got a great price and fast shipping. I'd highly recommend it to any of my fellow nursing personnel, attendants, and aides.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to read
  • Basic, clutter-free, unisex design
  • Lightweight


  • Not waterproof

Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionals

The Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionals is a super-easy-to-read, reliable 3-hand Japanese quartz movement watch that is sure to make your life easier! The white dial is equipped with 12 and 24-hour markers, and the luminous hour and minute hands make it highly visible in any environment. The red second-hand is great for those times when you need to be extra precise. Plus, it has a 38MM, 5ATM case that's easy to clean and a super soft 100% silicone band that's comfortable to wear for prolonged use. And with a variety of scrub-matching silicone band colors – pink, light pink, black, white, teal, blue, purple, sage, army green, lilac, red, royal blue, light grey, and navy blue – you'll be sure to find one that fits your style.

This watch is great for nurses, doctors, EMTs, surgeons, and other medical professionals. It's water resistant up to 50M (160ft), so it's great for hand washing, showering, and swimming. And with 100% U.S.-based customer support and a 2-year warranty, you'll love this watch for years to come. Plus, if you don't, you can always get a 100% refund!

I've been wearing my Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionals for a few weeks now, and let me just say – I'm obsessed! Not only is it super practical for tracking respiratory rates and IV medications, but it's also fashionable and comfortable. The silicone band is so soft and easy to clean, and the hands are so easy to read. Plus, it has 24 and 24-hour markings, so you can easily switch between the two. And, it even glows in the dark so you can see it in any environment.

A variety of nurses watches with silicon wristlet in different colors, that suits any scrub matching colors.

Now, I do have a few minor negative attributes to mention. The white background can make it a bit hard to see in certain lighting, and it doesn't have any of the smartwatch or digital features – like heart rate and steps tracking, text messages, and a day-date function – that other watches have. But, for the price, the Speidel Scrub Watch is totally worth it if you need a practical and stylish watch for everyday use.

Overall, the Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionals is an absolute must-have for any nurse, doctor, EMT, or surgeon. It's super-easy to read, reliable, and comfortable to wear. Plus, it's got a variety of colors to choose from, so you can match it to your scrubs. And with a 100% refund and 2-year warranty, you can't go wrong! I highly recommend it to any medical professional looking for an affordable, stylish, and practical watch.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 4/5

  • For medical professionals, finding a watch that can keep up with their active lifestyle and still look badass is a must. And let me tell you, the Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionals is everything you could ever want and more! The 38MM, 5ATM case is super strong and durable, making it perfect for any harsh environment.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 2/5

  • I highly recommend the Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionals to anyone who wants a watch that is both practical and stylish. It's the perfect accessory for any outfit and is sure to turn heads with its unique design and badass vibe. So why settle for a boring and basic watch when you can have a Speidel Scrub Watch? Trust me, you won't regret it!


  • Can provide water resistance up to 30 meters
  • Easy to read hands and 12 and 24-hour markings
  • The red second hand is highly visible, ideal for taking vitals such as wrist heart rate or pulse rate
  • Straps are available in 7 colors
  • Unisex design
  • Reasonably priced


  • Just an analog watch without the functions of some smartwatches
  • No Day/Date feature

Timex Weekender 38mm Watch For Women

Nurses are one of the most vital and impressive roles around, yet they’re hardly known for having the flashiest accessory--until now. Presenting the Timex Women's Weekender 38mm Watch that'll have ladies looking stylish and professional in no time!

This 38mm watch keeps it simple. No frills here; just a classic, elegant design with an easy-to-read seconds hand ideal for tracking vitals like respiration or heart rate. It's also got an Indiglo Backlight feature letting nurses quickly and easily tell the time in dimly lit hospital rooms during their late shifts.

Wondering what else sets this watch apart? (Oh yeah, there's more…) The Timex Weekender has water resistance up to 30 meters making it perfect for nurses dealing with splashes, suds, and sanitizers daily. And speaking of daily: no need to worry about matching your watch to your outfit either--the straps are detachable so changing colors is a breeze. Just be sure you've got at least one spare!

So if you're a busy nurse who needs a reliable timepiece that looks good while getting the job done, why not give the Timex Women's Weekender 38mm Watch a try? It just might be the finest accessory you've ever had!


  • Water resistant
  • With Indiglo Backlight feature
  • Easily detachable watchband


  • No extra watchband
  • No Day/Date function
  • Water resistant
  • With Indiglo Backlight feature
  • Easily detachable watchband
  • No extra watchband
  • No Day/Date function

Dakota Leather Casual Women's Watch

This Dakota Leather Casual Women's Watch is a must-have accessory for any fashionable lady! It comes with a genuine leather strap and a 15-second quadrant that can easily be adjusted with its quadrant ring. The pulse and respiration rates are easy to read with the 24-hour markings and military time. Plus, with strap colors ranging from black to pink, and scrub colors from green to white, you can choose the perfect one to match your look.

The 1.25-inch diameter and 35-millimeter case size make this watch a great fit for any wrist size. The quartz movement allows for time telling that's always accurate. Plus, the easy-to-read numbers and comfortable construction make this one of the comfiest watches I've ever worn.

I love how versatile it is. I can wear it to work, out on the town, or even when I'm lounging around the house. It's the perfect watch for any occasion. Plus, I'm always getting compliments on it!

That being said, there are a few minor downsides. The quadrant ring is a bit tricky to adjust, and the strap colors don't always match the scrub colors. Also, the numbers are kinda small, so it can be hard to read at times.

Overall, this Dakota Leather Casual Women's Watch is an absolute must-have. It's stylish, comfortable, and affordable. If you're looking for a watch that's perfect for any occasion, this one is it! I'm totally obsessed with mine and I'm sure you will be too!


  • 15-second quadrant ring helps get the patient’s vitals
  • Straps available in different colors
  • Easy to read time and hour markings
  • Comes with a military time feature


  • Second hand is difficult to see in a blue quadrant.
  • No Day/Date function

What to Consider When Choosing the Stellar Watches for Nurses

Ah, the moment of truth - deciding which watch to buy! Choosing the perfect watch for your nursing career is a big decision and there are a few factors to consider. But don't worry, I'm here to help!

I've gone ahead and done the hard work for you and researched the most stylish, practical, and reliable timepieces for nurses. Now all you have to do is pick your favorite!

It's time to invest in a watch that will help you stay on top of your duties and look chic while doing so. Take your time and think about what you need and what you like. Then you'll be able to find the perfect watch for you.

So go ahead, treat yourself. You deserve it!

A female nurse wearing surgical robe, eyeglasses, and a stethoscope.

Wristwatch or Lapel

Wristwatches are a convenient and stylish choice for medical professionals. But, after frequent hand-washing, they can become a breeding ground for microorganisms. An excellent alternative is lapel watches or clip-on types - no contact with wet surfaces and still look fabulous. Plus, they make it easier to keep track of patient vitals. It's truly a win-win situation!

Digital or Analog

Nurses are experts in selecting the ideal watch! Whether you’re after a digital or analog design, think about what will work perfectly for you. For those looking for accuracy when taking a patient’s pulse, an analog FOB watch is the way to go. It’s easier to keep track of time with the second hand’s movement.

Plus, they’re stylish too! So why not get a watch that looks as great as its functions.

Water Resistance

Frequent handwashing calls for a wristwatch that can handle the moisture! It's essential for it to be water resistant to prevent any unfortunate malfunctions. After all, a girl needs her timepiece to remain in tiptop shape.

Having a reliable, high-quality watch is key for keeping track of the day in style. It's a must-have accessory for any fashionable gal on the go.

Backlight or Glow in the Dark Hands and Markers

It's essential for a timepiece to have a backlight or glow in the dark feature! After all, when you want to know what time it is, you don't want to have to fumble around in the dark. And let's be honest, who doesn't love that subtle hint of glamour when you check the time in the dark? It's the ultimate timekeeping accessory!

Smart Watch

Welcome to the world of the smartwatch! These modern pieces of tech have come a long way, packing features beyond the traditional time-telling capabilities. With an Apple Watch, you can send and receive messages by voice, track your fitness goals, and access apps tailored to the watch.

But let's face it - they can be a bit distracting! Not to mention, they don't always look their prime on every outfit. However, with the right fit and style, you can rock the smartwatch trend with ease. Make it yours, and show off your tech-savvy side!

Resistance to Mechanical Shock/Vibration

If you're the type who tends to drop things or accidentally bump your watch on walls or table edges, you need something that can withstand those drops and shocks with grace and style. Look no further than the Casio GShock series! These watches not only look good, but they have the added benefit of being incredibly tough. Not to mention, they're also super affordable, so you won't break the bank. Get ready to look fabulous while your trusty timepiece takes the knocks and bumps life throws your way.


Finding the perfect timepiece doesn't have to break the bank! With a little searching, you can find a watch that's both stylish and reasonably priced. Take the Fossil brand, for example. Their watches are fashionable, high-quality and affordable - what's not to love?

Price is definitely a major factor when it comes to making a purchase, but you don't have to sacrifice fashion or quality. With Fossil, you get the most of both worlds! So don't be afraid to seek out the perfect timepiece, you can find a great balance of both price and quality.

Easy to Clean

This watch is a must-have for carers! The Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub watch is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a watch that is effortless to clean. This sleek, waterproof resin case is perfect for busy days, and makes cleaning a breeze. It's a real lifesaver!

Plus, it's a practical choice too - no more worrying about germs and microbes breeding on your watch. With this one, you can rest assured that your watch is always in pristine condition.

For any carer looking for a stylish, easy-to-clean watch, the Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub watch is the perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your commonly asked questions answered.

What is a Medical Watch?

A medical watch is the perfect accessory for healthcare professionals - it helps to measure vital signs like respiration, pulse and even heart rate. It's also incredibly helpful for timing any medical procedures, whether it's a surgery or something else. This smartwatch is a must-have for any medical professional looking to up their game!

Do Nurses Need Watches?

Nurses know that a good watch is an essential tool. Accurate timing and mobility are key when it comes to taking vital signs, documenting charts, and administering medications. A single mistake can have life-threatening consequences, so having the right watch for the job is essential.

We believe that these are the optimal timepieces for nurses. Whether you prefer something functional, stylish, or both, there's something here for you. With these watches, you'll be able to stay one step ahead in any emergency.

Make sure to get the perfect watch for your needs. After all, you're the ones on the front line of healthcare- and you deserve the utmost excellence.