MVMT Watches Reviewed: The Millennial Watch Brand

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MVMT is not your typical watch company. Forbes regarded it as the "fastest-growing watch brand." It utilizes social media marketing and online advertising.

With the help of these unorthodox methods, it garners over one million followers on Instagram and 1.8 million likes on Facebook.

These numbers prove that it can stack up with more established watch brands like Rolex, Fossil, etc.

The MVMT watches review aims to shed light on the brand's back story and the best timepieces available.

MVMT Analog Minimalist Dual Time Zone Watch - Best Overall

If I were to choose which among the MVMT watches stand out the most, the Analog Minimalist Dual Time Zone watch would be the consensus pick.

Let's begin by talking about the design. The MVMT watch sports a black matte dial finish.

On Sale
MVMT Voyager Men's Analog Desert Watch
512 Customer Reviews
MVMT Voyager Men's Analog Desert Watch
  • YOUR NEXT VOYAGE STARTS HERE. Our original traveler’s watch. The Voyager takes the jetset mindset...
  • DUAL TIME MIYOTA JP11. So you're traveling the world. Or working bi-coastal. Or just wanting some...
  • DURABLE AND WATER RESISTANT- Water Resistant up to 10 ATM/100 Meters. Perfect for carefree everyday...

Two chronograph sub-dials contain dual time zone features that enhance the user experience. These sub-dials are useful when traveling to other countries.

A brown nylon strap complements the sleek dial design for a stylish look. Besides aesthetics, the minimalist MVMT watch prioritizes comfort.

The nylon material possesses top-tier waterproof and hypoallergenic properties. Moreover, an adjustable tang buckle clasp guarantees a snugged and comfortable grip on the wrist.

A 5-hand Japanese Miyota quartz movement ensures accurate and reliable timekeeping. Therefore, you won't have to worry about inconsistent readings or delays with the watch hands.

Durable watch parts like a hardened mineral crystal and 100-meter water-resistance protect the MVMT timepiece from scratches and water pressure.

  • Dual time zone sub-dials improve user experience
  • Comfortable nylon strap
  • Adjustable tang clasp
  • Precise and accurate quartz movement
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal
  • Water-resistant of up to 100 meters
  • None

MVMT D-Fb-01-Sg Watch - Best Value

MVMT sells its watches at affordable price points. However, if you are looking for the watch that offers the best value for money, go for the D-Fb-01-Sg model.

One of the most noticeable features is the gold-tone stainless steel bezel and luminous hands. Amidst the monochromatic silver design, these watch parts use the gold color for easy distinction.

MVMT Analogue Quartz D-Fb01-Sg
6 Customer Reviews
MVMT Analogue Quartz D-Fb01-Sg
  • Featuring a Silver-tone Band, Yellow Gold-tone Case, Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal

Like most MVMT watches, the S-FB-01-Sg model employs a simple analog display and quartz movement for accurate, exact, and correct time readings.

A screw-down crown recalibrates the watch hands and puts them back in place if they start experiencing delays.

A stainless steel mesh bracelet, mineral crystal, and 50-meter water resistance rating contain superior lightweight and durability levels, making the MVMT timepiece virtually unbreakable.

  • Easy-to-read luminous hands
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel bezel
  • Lightweight stainless steel mesh strap
  • Precise and accurate quartz movement
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal
  • 50-meter water-resistant rating
  • Line Markers may be hard to read
  • 6.35-ounce size may be too heavy for some

MVMT Minimalist Slim Vintage Watch- Best Budget Pick

Looking for a budget option that still gives high-end features other MVMT watches provide? Look no further by trying out the MVMT Minimalist Slim Vintage watch.

The classic black and white colors complement each other. These let you wear a stylish timepiece for formal gatherings and special events.

MVMT Revolver Mens Watch, 45 MM | Leather Band, Analog Watch, Chronograph with Date | Black
228 Customer Reviews
MVMT Revolver Mens Watch, 45 MM | Leather Band, Analog Watch, Chronograph with Date | Black
  • EVERYDAY WATCH FOR THE MODERN GENTLEMAN: Go back to the future. This 41mm retro-future inspired...
  • SOPHISTICATED MOVEMENT- Battery powered 2 hand Miyota Quartz movement
  • DURABLE AND WATER RESISTANT- Water Resistant up to 5 ATM/50 Meters. Perfect for carefree everyday...

Besides fashion, the watch also offers reliable functionality. A powder-white dial is easy-to-read thanks to its distinct black hands and hour dot markers.

The black leather strap makes the MVMT timepiece comfortable to wear because of its soft texture and hypoallergenic properties.

A stainless steel case and hardened mineral crystal glass give the watch the protection it needs from corrosion, scratches, and other types of impact.

Case dimensions like a 41 mm case diameter and 11 mm case thickness fit the average wrist size. With the help of an adjustable tang clasp, the MVMT minimalist watch is suitable for many.

  • Easy to read dial and analog display
  • Comfortable leather strap
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel case
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal
  • Case dimensions satisfy most wrist sizes
  • Adjustable tang clasp
  • None

MVMT Minimalist Signature Square Watch

We continue sticking to the theme of minimalism with the MVMT Signature Square watch. While most watches use round-shaped dials, this particular model does not.

Instead, a square dial design makes up the timepiece.

MVMT Signature Square Women's Hayden Analog Watch
293 Customer Reviews
MVMT Signature Square Women's Hayden Analog Watch
  • NOT YOUR GRANDMA’S WATCH. If this watch silhouette looks familiar, that’s probably because...
  • NOSTALGIC SQUARE SHAPE- Featuring a battery powered 2 hand Quartz movement with date, a geometric...
  • DURABLE AND WATER RESISTANT- Water Resistant up to 5 ATM/50 Meters. Perfect for carefree everyday...

The unconventional dial shape may help expand your fashion sense. It can also give you a change in scenery if you want to transition from traditional round watches.

Besides uniqueness in style, the rose-gold colorway elicits royalty and prestige. Metal links surround the stainless steel bracelet for a more stylish composition.

The taupe-colored dial matches the rose-gold bracelet and makes the luminescent hands easy-to-read. A 2-hand Miyota quartz movement supplies the MVMT Square watch with maximum accuracy and precision.

Additional features include a push-button deployment clasp, a 50-meter water-resistance rating, and a calendar display by the 6 o'clock position.

  • Rust-resistant stainless steel bracelet
  • Easy-to-read dial and analog display
  • Precise and accurate quartz watch movement
  • User-friendly deployment clasp
  • Water-resistant of up to 50-meters
  • No hour and minute markers
  • 24 mm case size may be too small for some

MVMT Analog Chronograph Watch

Last but not least is the MVMT Analog Chronograph watch. It can hold its own among the rest of the pack.

For starters, three chronograph sub-dials surround the immaculate white dial. These track day of the week, 24-hour, and dual time zone displays. These built-in features improve the overall user experience.

MVMT NOVA Watches | 38MM Women's Analog Watch Chronograph | Luna
17 Customer Reviews
MVMT NOVA Watches | 38MM Women's Analog Watch Chronograph | Luna
  • BOLD 38 MM CASE WITH DUAL TIMEZONE FUNCTION- named after the cosmos, and designed for those who...
  • FINELY CRAFTED MOVEMENT- Battery powered 6 hand chronograph with date
  • DURABLE AND WATER RESISTANT- Water Resistant up to 5 ATM/50 Meters. Perfect for carefree everyday...

The MVMT chronograph timepiece uses a 6-hand quartz-powered movement or accurate and correct time derivations.

Readability is another asset of the timepiece. The gold line markers and watch hands are easy-to-read on the white dial display.

A 1.76-ounce weight offers lightweight abilities, avoiding any discomfort and heaviness on the wrist.

A mineral crystal glass, stainless steel casing, polished bezel, and genuine leather strap complete the MVMT timepiece.

  • Chronograph sub-dials improve user-experience
  • Precise and accurate 6-hand movement
  • Easy-to-read dial and analog display
  • Lightweight composition
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel case and bezel
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal
  • Comfortable leather strap
  • None

What Is the History of MVMT Watches?

Who would have thought that the brand's fate would lie on the broad shoulders of two teenagers?

what is the history of mvmt watches

You heard that right. Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante, both college dropouts, founded the brand. [R] Let's go over their background one by one.

Jake and Kramer's Humble Beginnings

Jake's father taught him how to negotiate and generate self-earned money in his early years. At 12 years old, Jake sold lollipops at 25 cents each and 1 dollar for five pieces.

These prices helped him earn around 300 to 400 after a few weeks of selling. Five years later, he would transition into the t-shirt niche.

His novelty shirts became the staple clothing in bars and nightclubs. During the summertime, he would drive to Santa Monica and sell his products there.

Despite the influx in sales, Jake did not limit himself to traditional and on-site marketing. His website,, expanded the reach and accessibility of his items.

He also branched out into making YouTube videos, which received approximately 500 thousand views. Jake's digital marketing strategy helped him earn roughly 10,000 dollars per week.

Kramer LaPlante, Jake's partner-in-crime, pioneered a startup wallet brand called Articulate Watches. It was able to reach $100,000 from about 3,000 investors.

How Did They Create MVMT Watches?

Kramer's crowdfunding stint and Jake's experience with e-commerce were the building blocks of the MVMT brand.

Jake and Kramer's partnership goes way back to when they were roommates at the University of California Santa Barbara. The two friends pitched the idea of joining the watch industry and creating the MVMT brand in 2013.

However, they had to overcome the hurdle of finding a "stylish, well-made watch that was affordable" for everyone.

They saw this issue as an opportunity to handcraft reasonably-priced MVMT watches for the people of their own demographic.

Back in their Santa Barbara apartment, the two went over the different watch suppliers in China.

With the help of Alibaba, they contacted possible merchants for tips and advice for selling high-quality watches.

Selling MVMT Watches

After extensive review, consultations, and research, Jake and Kramer decided to sell their fashion watches for half the price of other high-end watch brands.

Their watches would go for $95 to $160, a far cry from the 300-dollar price tag other manufacturers would charge.

In June 2013, the MVMT brand had its first Indiegogo campaign. It was the second most funded campaign in Indiegogo's history because of its young fan base and social media strategies.

Not only did Kassan and LaPlante meet the $15,000 goal, but they were also able to exceed it. Their total fundraising initiative went for a whopping $219,898.

What Is the Current State of the MVMT Watch Brand?

The results continue to speak for themselves. With the help of digital marketing, the MVMT team rolled out around 600,000 watches.

Unlike most watch brands, it maintained its independence for an extended period. However, that all changed when Movado bought the manufacturer for 100 million dollars.

As of today, MVMT joins the Movado Group's prestigious members like Lacoste, Hugo Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Why Should You Buy MVMT Watches?

Now that we have finished discussing the history and background of the MVMT watch company, this part of the review will go over some advantages it has over other watch brands.

These features should be enough to convince you to buy MVMT watches.

Affordable Price Tag

As mentioned earlier, the two MVMT founders prioritized handcrafting cheap and affordable watches.

Unlike Rolex and other premier watch companies, MVMT don't charge their watches for thousands of dollars.

Indeed, the watch brand still provides groundbreaking features and stylish designs without breaking the bank.

Premium Materials

Despite the young age of both founders, it feels like experienced experts handcraft the MVMT watches. The brand takes pride in manufacturing watches made out of high-quality materials and parts.

A stainless steel case, mineral or sapphire crystal, and polished bezel are some of the most durable components that contribute to each MVMT timepiece.

Meticulous Craftsmanship and Excellent Designs

It will be hard to tell the difference between MVMT watches and Fossil timepieces. Both Kassan and LaPlante use social media for their marketing tactics.

Therefore, MVMT ensures aesthetically appealing designs to the young customers of Santa Monica, New York, and worldwide.

Instead of the sophisticated faces and complicated dials, MVMT capitalizes on minimalist dials and functional parts.

Accurate Timekeeping

One of the strong suits of a luxury watch is its reliable timekeeping abilities. Without it, all the other features will not have much significance.

Luckily, MVMT watches maintain accurate time readings 24/7. Most, if not all quartz movement watches will not experience any lags or delays.

What to Consider Before Buying MVMT Watches?

what to consider before buying watches

You need to review all the factors before purchasing the MVMT watch of your choice. The last thing you want is to go home dissatisfied after spending all that hard-earned money.

Before pressing the "buy now" button, you need to reflect and assess the following considerations.

Easy Readability

One feature an MVMT watch must possess is easy readability. The timepiece needs to be clear and visible at all times and all places.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, it helps to equip a watch with either sufficient backlight or luminescent hands. These will guide you in dark environments and poorly-lit spots.

Water-Resistant Depth

Another factor to consider is the water-resistance levels of MVMT watches. It would be ideal to buy timepieces with at least 50-100 meter water-resistant abilities.

Watches with these water-resistance ratings can withstand light to moderate rainfall and brief splashes.

The higher the water-resistant rating, the more expensive the price. Therefore, it boils down to personal needs and preferences.


The Mvmt watch you plan on buying needs to be comfortable. You can have timepieces with all the cool features, but you may not enjoy them because of discomfort.

Mvmt watches come with either stainless steel bracelets or genuine leather straps. These contain superior hypoallergenic and lightweight features.

However, if one of these strap materials result in skin allergies or chemical reactions, then I suggest going for the more skin-friendly option.

MVMT Customer Service Review

MVMT also does a good job providing user-friendly customer service. It caters to many watch users who may be experiencing problems or defects with their timepieces.

For example, all MVMT watches come with a 2-year warranty so as long as an authorized dealer handled them. The watch brand fixes or replaces the broken product.

Unfortunately, MVMT does not accept cases like defective batteries, theft, scrapes, water damage, etc. Also, the watch manufacturer comes with a return policy.

It allows buyers to fully refund their products as long as they bought it for at least $50 and within the past two months.

Both the two-year warranty and return policy demonstrate the excellent customer service MVMT provides. [R]


I hope this Mvmt watches review sheds light on the different high-quality MVMT watches and the brand's rich history. May you buy the one that meets your standards and upgrades your fashion sense.

For more questions or inquiries on this review or any of the MVMT watches discussed, feel free to contact us. #jointhemvmt

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