Bulova Watches Reviewed: 8 Best Picks From the Brand

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If you're looking for an inexpensive but good quality watch, the Bulova brand might come to mind.

After all, Bulova has been producing stylish and durable watches since it was founded in 1875, so it's practically a staple in the industry.

However, purchasing any watch is still a big decision and an investment.

If you're trying to figure out if Bulova watches are the right ones for you, then read these reviews of the top eight picks from the brand here!

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch: Best Overall

When a certain Bulova collection is described as "advanced timekeeping at its best", you know that you're getting only the best quality and the most advanced features from its high-end watches.

As its name suggests, the Bulova Precisionist line boasts unparalleled precision: Its watches are accurate up to 1/1000th of a second or within 5 seconds a month!

Bulova Men's Precisionist Two-Tone Stainless Steel 8-Hand Chronograph with Gold and Red Accents...
2,158 Customer Reviews
Bulova Men's Precisionist Two-Tone Stainless Steel 8-Hand Chronograph with Gold and Red Accents...
  • Discover the Precisionist Collection, the world’s most advanced chronograph with a continuously...
  • 1/1000 Second Chronograph, Calendar
  • Two-Tone Stainless Steel

Even quartz movement watches, which are generally known to be excellent timekeepers, have lower accuracy rates on average.

Besides this feature, the Bulova Precisionist Chronograph watch also has an impressive water resistance of 300 meters—enough for most recreational water sports.

Add in its lume-coated [R] hands and index markers, and you've got the perfect outdoor watch that's easy to read even in low-light conditions.

Now, given these features, you might think the watch has a more casual look.

However, while the dial is certainly quite rugged and modern, the polished stainless steel bracelet gives it a more elegant and professional feel too.

This specific model has a beautiful, two-toned, strap plated with gold and silver—suitable for both business and pleasure.

If you like the sound of this watch, be prepared to shell out a bit more than other Bulova watch models. In my opinion, though, it's a worthy investment.

  • Water resistance of 300 meters
  • Very precise timing
  • Very functional
  • Quality quartz movement
  • Quite expensive
  • Some users may find it a bit big and heavy

Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Watch: Best Value

My runner-up pick is a watch that stands out for its style and functionality.

As a diver-inspired dress watch, it has a useful six-hand chronograph calendar, unidirectional bezel features for safety, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

Bulova Men's Marine Star Series B Stainless Steel 6-Hand Chronograph Quartz Watch, Blue Dial Style:...
1,056 Customer Reviews
Bulova Men's Marine Star Series B Stainless Steel 6-Hand Chronograph Quartz Watch, Blue Dial Style:...
  • From Bulova's Men's Marine Star Collection, live and play in maritime watches that feature bold...
  • 6 Hand, 1/20 Second Chronograph Measures up to 60 Minutes, Calendar, Small Second Hand
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

This means that while it's suitable for light, water-related activities, you shouldn't take it deep diving.

If you're longing for the sea, though, you can just look right at the dial—with its deep, blue, ocean tones, you'll never feel far away from the water.

While the particular model comes with a silver, stainless steel bracelet, you can easily choose from a variety of other options.

This Bulova collection features watches with stainless steel, leather, and silicone straps. For those who prefer gold watches, Bulova offers timepieces plated with rose gold or gold as well.

Definitely consider this one if you're in the market for a stylish yet affordable dive watch.

  • Water resistance of 100 meters
  • Very functional
  • Quality quartz movement
  • Many design options
  • Some users prefer a sweeping second hand
  • Some users may find it wears a bit big

Bulova Classic Dress Watch: Best Budget Pick

This Bulova watch is perfect if you're looking for something simple and affordable but still reminiscent of the brand's classic style.

Unlike other Bulova watches on this list with tons of complications [R], the Bulova Classic Dress watch only features a date window at three o'clock.

Bulova Men's Classic Stainless Steel 3-Hand Calendar Date Quartz Watch, Silver Tone Dial Style:...
723 Customer Reviews
Bulova Men's Classic Stainless Steel 3-Hand Calendar Date Quartz Watch, Silver Tone Dial Style:...
  • From the Bulova Men's Classic Collection, inspired by vintage design, our classic watches achieve a...
  • 3 Hand, Calendar
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

In fact, there's nothing else on the display that could distract you from its most important function: Telling time.

Nevertheless, we appreciate the little details that still make it stand out.

The model we picked has a stainless steel strap and a subtle sunray pattern on its silver dial. We think this pristine, streamlined design immediately adds sophistication and class to your overall appearance.

While you won't get all the bells and whistles with this watch, it's a great option if you want an inexpensive and practical way to dress up your everyday look.

  • Affordable
  • Simple and classic design
  • Quality quartz movement
  • Basic functions
  • Water resistance of only 30 meters

Bulova Special Edition Lunar Pilot Watch

This special-edition watch might belong to Bulova's Archive Series, but there's nothing dated about this high-performance timepiece.

The Bulova Special Edition Lunar Pilot watch is a nod to the original Pilot Chronograph—a timepiece that made its way to the moon in 1971 through Apollo 15 [R].

On Sale
Bulova Men's Archive Series Lunar Pilot 6-Hand Chronograph High Performance Quartz Stainless Steel,...
367 Customer Reviews
Bulova Men's Archive Series Lunar Pilot 6-Hand Chronograph High Performance Quartz Stainless Steel,...
  • From the Bulova Archive Series, The Lunar Pilot made space history on August 2, 1971--during the...
  • 6 Hand, Chronograph, High Performance Quartz
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel and Black Nylon Stra

Made with advanced quartz movements and high-quality materials, this watch possesses excellent accuracy and durability. It's a good fit for those who want a historical piece that runs on reliable, modern technology.

The watch is also very functional, as it has chronograph and tachymetric functions too.

In terms of design, the Bulova Lunar Pilot is simple but striking: Its black and silver details complement each other beautifully, while its polyester strap adds both practicality and ruggedness to the whole look.

Something you might find interesting about this watch is that the back displays markings referring to the 1971 Apollo 15 mission too! You'd literally be wearing a piece of history on your wrist with this one.

  • A unique and historical piece
  • Durable sapphire crystal dial
  • Very precise timing
  • Very functional
  • Quality quartz movement
  • Water resistance of only 50 meters

Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver Watch

A tribute to another one of Bulova's iconic collections, this watch only had a production run of 666 pieces, hence, the name "Devil Diver".

Though it takes after the original design of the 1970 Bulova Oceanographer, this new-edition watch has "666 feet" printed on the dial, signifying its impressive 200-meter water resistance.

On Sale
Bulova Oceanographer Automatic Mens Stainless Steel Devil Diver , Silver-Tone (Model: 98B320)
104 Customer Reviews
Bulova Oceanographer Automatic Mens Stainless Steel Devil Diver , Silver-Tone (Model: 98B320)
  • A design tribute to Bulova’s acclaimed ‘70’s Oceanographer "Devil Diver"
  • Self-winding Mechanical Movement
  • Luminescent Markers and Date Feature

It also has a bold, black and red unidirectional bezel, luminescent hands and markers, as well as an anti-reflective coating to complete its ISO-certified dive features.

The Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver is also the first watch on this list powered by self-winding, automatic movements. This high-quality movement ensures accurate and reliable timekeeping.

While this Bulova watch comes with a stainless steel strap by default, you can customize the colors of the dial and case to suit your personal preferences.

  • Water resistance of 200 meters
  • Durable sapphire crystal dial
  • High functionality
  • Quality automatic movement
  • Some users report a low power reserve

Bulova Curv Chronograph Watch

Another innovative piece by Bulova, the Curv Chronograph watch is the world's first curved chronograph movement. It's ergonomically designed to follow the contour of your wrist, providing both style and comfort.

Like some other Bulova watches, the Curv Chronograph has a durable sapphire glass dial and high-performance quartz movements.

On Sale
Bulova Curv - 98A185 Black One Size
54 Customer Reviews
Bulova Curv - 98A185 Black One Size
  • Featuring a Black Band, Rose Gold-tone Case, Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal

The specific model has black and rose gold accents as well as a sleek, black rubber strap.

We think this combination has a casual elegance to it, but Bulova also offers ones in stainless steel if you'd prefer something a bit more formal.

I appreciate its useful chronograph functions, but some of you might not like the missing date window and its minimal water resistance.

For a dress watch, though, I think it's a pretty solid choice!

  • Ideal for comfort
  • Very precise timing
  • Durable sapphire crystal dial
  • Chronograph functions
  • Quality quartz movement
  • Water resistance of only 30 meters
  • No date window

Bulova Futuro Watch

You can easily tell if a Bulova watch is from the Futuro collection because of its geometric silhouette, sleek design, and high-contrast materials.

This Bulova Futuro watch model is both modern and bold: Its deep black stainless steel case and strap provide the perfect background for its bright, gold accents.

On Sale
Bulova Men's Modern Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel 3-Hand Automatic Watch, Skeleton Dial with Gold...
280 Customer Reviews
Bulova Men's Modern Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel 3-Hand Automatic Watch, Skeleton Dial with Gold...
  • Bulova's Men's Modern Collection features the best in geometric silhouettes and cutting-edge design.
  • 3 Hand, Automatic, Full Skeleton
  • Black Ion Plated Stainless Steel

Meanwhile, the open aperture dial showcases the complex automatic movement inside.

Like many automatic watches, the skeleton dial is also visible at the back.

What's nice about this watch, in particular, is its 40-hour power reserve. This means that it will continue running accurately for almost two days without any movement from the user.

Given these, I consider the Bulova Futuro watch an excellent choice for anyone looking to combine modern style with the classic mechanisms of heritage watches.

  • Unique skeleton dial
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • Quality automatic movement
  • Basic functions
  • Water resistance of only 30 meters

Bulova Classic Automatic Watch

Rounding up the list is the Bulova Classic Automatic watch, which is a fancier version of the Bulova Classic Dress watch.

While these two Bulova watches share a simple and elegant design, the Classic Automatic version has a more powerful mechanism running it.

Bulova Men's Classic Wilton Stainless Steel 60-Hour Power Reserve Automatic Blue Leather Strap...
410 Customer Reviews
Bulova Men's Classic Wilton Stainless Steel 60-Hour Power Reserve Automatic Blue Leather Strap...
  • Bulova's Men's Classic Automatic Collection features meticulously crafted beautiful timepieces with...
  • 3 Hand, Automatic, Heartbeat Skeleton
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

The watch's self-winding, automatic movement has a whopping 60-hour power reserve and utilizes 21 jewels for accurate timekeeping.

Since it's more high-end, the Bulova Classic Automatic is also made of anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and it has a water resistance of 100 meters.

The design we picked has a blue leather strap, blue and silver detailing, and, of course, a round dial aperture revealing the beautiful mechanism inside. Like the Bulova Futuro, this is visible from the case back as well.

Now, unlike some of the other expensive Bulova watches, this one doesn't have a ton of extra features, but if you like the luxurious look and feel of an automatic movement, you may find this upgrade worth it.

  • Water resistance of 100 meters
  • Durable sapphire crystal dial
  • 60-hour power reserve
  • Quality automatic movement
  • Basic functions

Are Bulova Watches Good Quality?

Bulova watches have been around for over a century now, and it looks like they're here to stay. Considering their focus on innovation and quality, it's not hard to see why.

Brand History

In 1875, Joseph Bulova founded the Bulova brand in New York City. As early as then, the company prioritized creativity and excellence in all of its products.

As a pioneer in the industry, Bulova built a record of many firsts, including the first full lines of men’s and ladies’ wristwatches, the first clock/radio, and the first electric clock.

In 1960, Bulova revolutionized timekeeping with the Accutron, the world’s first electronic watch. Accutron timing would then be used on 46 NASA missions, including Apollo XI, the first lunar landing in 1969.

Bulova was bought by Citizen, another reputable watch brand, in 1979. However, it independently produces four sub-brands: Caravelle New York, Wittnauer Swiss, Marine Star, and the signature Bulova.

Watch Construction and Technology

Bulova watches are crafted of only the finest materials, including 315L surgical grade stainless steel, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, carbon fiber, top-quality leather, Durmaic nylon, and ceramic composite.

High-end Bulova watches are powered by the Bulova Precisionist movement, which is custom-engineered to provide accuracy to within seconds a year.

Its mechanism runs on a three-prong quartz crystal that creates the highest vibration frequency that's far greater than that of a standard quartz crystal.

In laboratory testing, the Precisionist-class movement has been shown to be three times more accurate than standard quartz.

This innovative technology, including the signature floating second hand, also offers resistance to gravitational errors.

Meanwhile, its more recent Curv collection—featuring curved chronograph movements—was the first in the world to utilize this modern, ergonomic design in Bulova watches.

Evidently, though Bulova watch prices are relatively low, the brand doesn't skimp on quality.

Where Can You Buy Bulova Watches?

To ensure authenticity and quality, you should only purchase Bulova watches from its website or from authorized retailers.

where can you buy bulova watches

You can find resellers and distributors online on Amazon, eBay, or other e-commerce sites. Preferably, it's best to buy Bulova watches on Amazon.

If some Bulova watches' prices are extremely low, it may be a sign that the product is a counterfeit.

As an added precaution, you can read user reviews and recent posts on these sites. It's always best to be 100% informed before making any purchase.

After all, Bulova wristwatches are an investment, so make sure you're getting your money's worth!

Bulova Watches' Service and Warranty Policy

All Bulova watches are covered by a 3-year Limited Global Warranty from the purchase date. Don't forget to keep your proof of purchase, as you'll need to present this to claim the service.

It's important to note that the warranty only covers parts of the watch that have failed due to malfunctions, defects in materials, or poor workmanship. The warranty does not extend to damages due to normal wear and tear.

For both warranty service or non-warranty service, Bulova watches should be sent to an authorized Bulova Service Center.

To keep your mechanical watches in good shape, Bulova encourages you to use a watch winder if you don't wear them every day.

To Sum It Up

Based on the reviews, three particular Bulova watches stand out:

Those looking for basic and affordable watches should check out the Bulova Classic Dress Watch.

Bulova Classic Dress Watch

Though it doesn't have a ton of features, it's a great entry-level option, and it performs all the expected functions well. Its simple, understated elegance makes it seem like a more expensive watch too.

On the other hand, those with a liking for dive-inspired watches should consider the Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Watch.

This is a stylish and functional dress watch that's suitable for any occasion. You'll also appreciate that it comes in a variety of designs and colors to fit your own personal style.

Those who want the best of the Bulova watches, though, should invest in our top pick, the Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch.

For us, this is the best representation of the brand, as it highlights Bulova's cutting-edge technology with its unparalleled precision and functionality.

Its universally flattering style also makes it a great, all-around timepiece for any man.

Final Thoughts

Bulova is known for producing both reasonably priced and high-quality watches that come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors.

However, what I love most is that this brand has also been innovating and creating since day one.

Watch Bulova as it continues to grow, expand, and improve—we trust that its watches will be here to stay.

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