Nordgreen: Watch Brand Review by NanaDC (2024) - Which of their Sleek Models to Buy?

Written by – Updated on May 4, 2024

Are you looking for a watch that exudes simplicity, elegance, and quality, then this review will show you why their minimalist design watches are capturing attention.

Nordgreen's line of Danish watches is designed by the international icon Jakob Wagner who has also teamed up with other famous international brands.

This Danish watch company started to gain popularity on Kickstarter because of its watches' Scandinavian design features, exemplified sustainability, and its "giving back program".

Its simplicity and unique selling points seem to be what the designer stated about it as the watches that tell a story.

Read on to find out more about Nordgreen watches.

Who is Nordgreen & What Are Nordgreen Watches All About?

Nordgreen watches represent functionality and minimalism [R]. Its name is derived from the words "Nord" because of its Nordic identity and "green" for its sustainability.

They provide more than just a watch. The Scandinavian values of generosity and social responsibility are integrated into every piece of watch it creates.

pioneer on wood

When you buy a watch, you have the option to choose which advocacy to support. It can be funding education for children in India, delivering clean water in Central Africa, or saving a rainforest in Latin America.

This is different from other watch reviews since it also describes the people of this Nordic country.

Denmark values its people so much that even in the making of the watch, pride and purpose are the priority.

Its quality design speaks of luxury in simplicity and sustainability in generosity. The watches are designed to match any lifestyle without putting off the mission to deliver quality and elegance.

These top collections capture the kind of piece that is worth the wear.

  • Pioneer Collection
  • Philosopher Collection
  • Native Collection

Wagner's unique design provides more than just aesthetics. It inspires a connection between the owner and the watch.

And that makes this watch brand stand out from their competition.

Continue reading this critique to learn more about each of Nordgreen's collections...

The Nordgreen Pioneer Collection

The Pioneer collection's design has sleek aesthetics which symbolize the celebration of science for humanity.

nordgreen wristwatch box

The Pioneer has sensational simplicity with its clean second hand dial and minimal look.

pioneer on box

It has three case color variations to choose from - gun metal, silver, and rose gold mesh strap. It has interchangeable straps and a set of watch strap colors to choose from. Its 42mm size is ideal for both men and women.

To make the Pioneer watch more appealing to the eyes, the color of the dial and buckle can be selected before purchase. The available colors are blue, white, and black.

pioneer back of watch

The totality of the Pioneer collection encompasses the sustainability that Nordgreen wants to magnify. That is even evident in the design of the red tips of the dials that represent the wind turbines used in the Nordic region for sustainable power.

The Pioneer is a collection that embodies humankind for a greener future.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 0/5

  • I was impressed by the Pioneer's construction and durability, despite its lightweight feel. The watch is both sturdy and reliable, built to withstand daily wear and tear.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 4/5

  • The Pioneer's lugs are the only protrusions from an otherwise flat bottom case, adding to its streamlined look. I love the minimalist design.

The Nordgreen Philosopher Collection

The Philosopher collection is created to celebrate the unique values of the Danish. This affordable watch symbolizes their ability to learn from the past and work in the present for a better future.

The idea in this collection is to remind people that there are actions that needed to be done at certain times. The designer intends that the people should focus on the now.

We can see this symbolism from the cone-shaped watch case that has a narrower face than its base which is made of mineral glass. As it draws our eyes to the center, it tells us where exactly to focus our attention.

The Nordgreen Philosopher watch contains the features of the Nordgreen brand. The simplicity that it evokes is attached to its functionality.

It comes with an interchangeable genuine leather strap. There are other colors and designs that would fit every occasion.

As noted in most reviews, the Nordgreen Philosopher watch collection is beautifully crafted with a Scandinavian touch of simplicity, meaning, and elegance.

It has a stainless steel with four colors to choose from - silver, rose gold, gun metal, and gold.

The stunning aesthetics are created to fit into the wrist of both men and women with available sizes of 36mm for small wrists and 40mm for a larger wrist.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 0/5

  • I found the Nordgreen watch to be extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time, thanks to its well-designed fit.
  • The brushed finish on the crown provides excellent mechanical grip, which, combined with its sufficient knurling, makes it easy to adjust the watch as needed.
  • The quick release tabs at the top of the strap allowed me to easily and quickly change the strap to fit my mood or outfit, making it a highly functional feature.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 4/5

  • I found the raised and texturized chapter ring of the Philosopher model to be a unique and refreshing departure from standard watch designs.

The Nordgreen Native Collection

The Native collection is a craft that is also interesting to explore.

This is one of three collections that talks about the balance that leads to a happy life.

The same as the other two designs, this one is made to feast on elegance brought by minimalism. A nice feature that never goes out of style and has always been appealing.

Native is practical to use by both men and women. It can be worn with any outfit and is always an eye-catcher because of its simply luxurious aura at a fraction of a price.

Like the other collections, Native has its meaning to share.

The curved dial is for the infinity of time and space. The style is prominent in the face of the watch and could not be left unnoticed as another trademark of the collection.

Its classy and subtle style has four color options and three sizes to choose from. There are 40mm, 36mm, and 32mm. You can also choose from the three available colors of the dial which are black, navy, and white.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Nordgreen watches embody the Danish values of simplicity and balance. Lifestyle is reflected in every created piece of watch. It wants to tell people to slow down a bit and enjoy every second of life.

Are Nordgreen Watches Good?

If you are looking for a fuss-free wristwatch, then the Nordgreen collections are an excellent choice. It comes with elegant looks at an affordable price point.

It matches all occasions and you can always count on wearing a fashionable piece. Thanks to its designer, Jakob Wagner.

The collections are meticulously designed to adapt to every fashion trend. They do not intend to steal the moment from you but the watches remind you to focus and treasure every moment.

Is Nordgreen a Good Brand?

Nordgreen watches are made not only with values in mind but also with an award-winning style. Take for example the Pioneer collection that has been given the Red Dot award.

Wagner is Scandinavia's most sought-after designer and every project he works on is surely an art piece of value.

Where Are Nordgreen Watches Made?

They are handmade and individually inspected in Hong Kong.

The materials also come from trusted companies or countries known for it such as the Japanese movement from Miyota and the genuine leather strap from Italy.

Wrap Up

Nordgreen watches are strong and beautiful. Their elegance can grace a formal event and they're also hip to wear daily to work.

The stainless steel case that matches the elegant leather straps can also look more feminine with a rose gold tone.

Wearing a rose gold Nordgreen watch is like advocacy itself because of its purpose. At the back of the case is a serial number that you can use to track your donation when you bought the product.

It is like donating one huge amount for a cause, but you just bought a watch.

The altruistic background that comes with the Nordgreen watches gives you an amazing feeling like it is counting seconds for a good deed. And you are a part of that deed.