The Best Timex Field Watches: Top 8 Reviewed

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Timex is one of the oldest watch companies.

With 165 years under its belt, Timex proves it can manufacture high-quality timepieces that can stand the test of time. [R]

Indeed, you will be getting your money's worth with each timepiece.

After extensive research, I'd love to share with you the best Timex watches as well as the manufacturer's rich history.

If you're new to the brand or want to add to your watch collection, Timex merits your consideration.

Timex Expedition Ranger Watch (Solar Powered)- Best Overall

The Timex Expedition Ranger watch is in a league of its own, outperforming other Timex watches. Hence, it is the best overall timepiece on the list.

One unique feature that separates it from the rest of the pack is its solar-powered technology. [R] Unlike other quartz watches that require batteries, the Timex Ranger timepiece sources its power from natural or artificial light.

Timex Men's TW4B15000 Expedition Ranger Solar Tan/Blue/Orange Accent Leather Strap Watch
  • Adjustable tan textured 20mm leather strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Charged by any light with a two-month power reserve
  • Blue dial with orange accents; date window at 3 o'clock

A four-month power reserve ensures maximum superior battery life with minimal charging required. Timex watches promote maximum durability. The Ranger collection is no different.

A water-resistance of 50 meters, a brass case, and a scratch-resistant mineral glass window protect the analog-designed watch from splashes and scratches.

Easy readability is another strong suit of the Timex Ranger series, thanks to the blue dial with luminescent hands, hour, and minute markers. The tan leather strap can be adjusted to provide you with guaranteed comfort.

  • Solar-powered watch; can charge under any light source
  • Superior four-month power reserve
  • Easy-to-read dial and analog display
  • Water-resistant of up to 50 meters
  • Mineral glass is scratch-resistant
  • Comfortable leather strap
  • Brass case is not as strong as a stainless steel case

Timex Expedition Digital Shock CAT Watch - Best Value

Timex watches make sure you get all the features you need at reasonable price points. One of the timepieces that give you the best value for money is the Timex Expedition Digital Shock CAT watch.

First, we have to mention its rugged design. A shock-resistant hardened resin case that can withstand massive impact from falls provides a no-nonsense feel.

On Sale
Timex Men's T49896 Expedition Base Shock Blackout Resin Strap Watch
1,087 Customer Reviews
Timex Men's T49896 Expedition Base Shock Blackout Resin Strap Watch
  • Adjustable black 22mm resin strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • 100-hour chronograph; 24-hour countdown timer; alarms; shock resistant to I.S.O. standards
  • 24-hour military time mode; 2 time zones; month, day and date calendar

Indeed, you won't have to worry about your Timex watch breaking in the middle of your hike.

It also comes with a variety of features. Let's start with dual-time zone mode. You can change time according to your local or current location.

A 24-hour format can be beneficial for those who find it easier following military time. At night, you can light up the digital time display with the Indiglo Backlight Technology.

Day, date, and month calendars, along with a 10-year battery life, round up a first-rate user experience. [R]

  • Hardened resin case is shock-resistant
  • Dual-time zone mode makes it easier to adjust the time in your current location
  • 24-hour format suits those who prefer military time
  • Indiglo Backlight Technology provides easy readability at night or in dark areas
  • 10-year battery life
  • Digital display may be hard to read when exposed under direct sunlight
  • Plastic band is not as strong compared to a stainless steel bracelet and nylon strap

Marathon By Timex Digital Full-Size Watch - Best Budget Pick

Besides high-quality features and fashionable timepieces, Timex caters to those gunning to save some dollars with its affordable set of watches.

The Timex Marathon Full-Size watch happens to be one of these low-priced watches. It is my best budget pick of all the featured Timex watches on this list. Here are several reasons why this is so.

Marathon by Timex Men's TW5K94800 Digital Full-Size Black Resin Strap Watch
2,655 Customer Reviews
Marathon by Timex Men's TW5K94800 Digital Full-Size Black Resin Strap Watch
  • Adjustable black 15mm resin strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • 24-hour stopwatch; customizable daily alarm; 2 time zones
  • 24-hour military time mode; optional hourly chime; day & date calendar

For starters, it packs myriad features like a 24-hour stopwatch, 24-hour military time display, and a chime sound effect at the start of every hour.

You also get a built-in calendar display to keep track of your daily schedules. [R] An Indiglo night-light feature allows you to view your Marathon watch in poorly lit places or during the wee hours of the night.

It feels very light on the wrist with a weight of 1.76 ounces. Rounding up the features is a 50-meter water resistance level and a black resin case.

Indeed, this budget watch gives you everything you need and then some to prepare you for life's marathon.

  • 24-hour format suits those who prefer military time display
  • Indiglo night-light feature makes the dial easy-to-read in dark areas
  • Lightweight composition ensures wrist comfort
  • Affordable price tag
  • Resin is not as strong compared to stainless steel, nylon, and leather

Timex Midget Japan Limited Edition Watch

Paying tribute to the original Ingersoll Midget military watch, the Timex Japan Limited Edition version of the Midget timepiece is for those who want to revisit vintage elements while including advanced modifications.

It consists of a black dial that contains Arabic numbers, minute markers, and luminescent hands. The watch face is surrounded by a stainless steel case and stationary bezel.

The tang buckle and genuine leather strap provide a tight but comfortable grip for your wrist. One asset of the Midget watch is its accurate quartz movement.

Furthermore, water-resistant qualities of up to 30 meters provide additional protection and durability.

Even though it is a "Midget," large dimensions like a 38 mm case diameter, 12 mm case thickness, and 19 mm strap width are suitable for those with big wrists.

  • Stainless steel case and bezel protect the black dial
  • Arabic numbers and minute markers give you precise time readings
  • Quartz movement provides accurate timekeeping
  • Large case dimensions can fit big wrists
  • 11.29 ounces may be too heavy on the wrist

Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

Another Timex watch that does not get lost in the limelight is the chronograph watch from the Expedition series.

To start with, the watch dial comprises not one, not two, but three sub-dials that track minutes, seconds, and 1/20th of a second for approximately 30 minutes. A date display can also be found at the 4 o'clock position.

On Sale
Timex Men’s T49905 Expedition Field Chronograph Black/Brown Leather Strap Watch
8,531 Customer Reviews
Timex Men’s T49905 Expedition Field Chronograph Black/Brown Leather Strap Watch
  • Adjustable brown 20 millimeter genuine leather strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference. On...
  • Black dial with date window at 4 o'clock; Arabic numerals in increments of 5 up to 60
  • 30-minute chronograph measures to 1/20th second

Instead of the typical 12-hour format, the chronograph watch uses Arabic numerals that track the minutes in increments of 5 until 60.

It is one of the rare Timex watches with a built-in tachymeter, which measures total distance traveled while maintaining a constant speed. The Timex watch's quartz movement ensures precise and accurate timekeeping.

The 100-meter water-resistance depth allows you to wear it while swimming or doing other surface-level water activities. Weighing only 2.72 ounces, it will not feel heavy on the wrist.

  • Sub-dials optimize time readings
  • Quartz movement provides reliable accuracy
  • Water-resistant of up to 100 meters
  • Tracking time may be confusing for some due to the lack of a 12-hour format
  • Watch hands tend to overlap the sub-dials

Timex Ironman Essential 30 Watch

The Timex Ironman Essential 30 watch does not disappoint adventure seekers or those who want to go on thrill-seeking escapades.

One feature of the timepiece is the 100-hour chronograph with 30-lap memory. The presence of a lap timer helps you to keep track of minutes and hours that have gone by after a day's worth of adventures.

Timex Men's TW5M24400 Ironman Essential 30 Black Silicone Strap Watch
  • Adjustable black 18mm silicone strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • 100-hour chronograph with 30-lap memory; 24-hour countdown timer; 3 daily, weekday or weekend alarms
  • 24-hour military time mode; 2 time zones; day, date & month calendar

A silicone band surrounds the watch face to supply your wrist with adequate comfort. [R] The gray digital display is easily readable with the Indiglo Backlight Technology feature.

To further optimize user experience, the dual time zone presentation lets you change the current time in your present location to the time at your home or other destination.

The Timex Ironman series also contains other features like a 100-meter water-resistant depth, a 42 mm case diameter, a 24-hour countdown timer, and a time format of 24 hours.

  • Lap timer helps you divide time equally
  • Comfortable silicone band
  • Indiglo Backlight Technology features provide easy readability at night
  • Dual time features let you change time more conveniently
  • Acrylic crystal is more breakable than mineral and sapphire crystal
  • 42-mm case diameter may be too chunky for some

Timex Weekender Watch

Do you want to upgrade your style and overall fashion sense? Fortunately, I was able to come across the Timex Weekender watch, an aesthetically appealing timepiece that boasts some of the most optimized features.

For starters, you have multiple models to choose from. One of the many variations that may captivate the hearts of many is the military-inspired camouflage slip-through band. [R]

Timex Men's TW2T30800 Weekender 40mm Green Camo Nylon Slip-Thru Strap Watch
4,819 Customer Reviews
Timex Men's TW2T30800 Weekender 40mm Green Camo Nylon Slip-Thru Strap Watch
  • Adjustable green camo 20mm nylon slip-thru strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Cream dial with full Arabic numerals; 24-hour military time
  • Silver-tone 40mm brass case with mineral glass crystal

Other watch designs include black, titanium, olive, and red straps. These watch straps use either fabric or leather material. Regardless of what you choose, each band provides long-lasting comfort for your wrist.

The Timex Weekender collection includes two sets of Arabic numerals, one for 12-hours and the other for 24-hours. The presence of a military format may be more convenient for some.

Like most Timex watches, the dial can light up at night or poorly lit places thanks to the Indiglo Backlight Technology.

Battery life won't be a problem because of its 10-year lifespan. A buckle clasp allows for easy fastening and unfastening of the Timex Weekender watch.

  • Fabric and leather straps are sweat-proof
  • Readable Arabic numerals
  • 24-hour format suits those who prefer military time
  • Indiglo Backlight Technology
  • Battery lifespan of up to 10 years
  • Can be easily inserted with a buckle clasp
  • None

Timex NFL Acclaim Watch

Even though we are halfway through the NFL season, it is not too late to show your team spirit with the Timex NFL Acclaim Watch.

Regardless of which team you want to represent, all 32 models use a monochromatic black dial for uniformity. The date window by the 3 o'clock position can be easy to set up, allowing you to track your team's next game.

Timex Men's TWZFRAIMM NFL Acclaim Oakland Raiders Watch
221 Customer Reviews
Timex Men's TWZFRAIMM NFL Acclaim Oakland Raiders Watch
  • Adjustable black 20mm stainless steel Expansion band fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Black dial with partial Arabic numerals and team logo; luminant hands
  • Black 42mm Brass case with scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal

A combination of hour markers, Arabic numerals, and luminous hands make up the watch dial. A scratch-resistant mineral glass, stainless steel bracelet, and water resistance depth of 50 meters give your watch additional desirable features.

The Timex Acclaim timepiece can also serve as a dress watch because of its sleek matte design. Besides wearing it at the stadium, you can wear your watch at home or during informal events.

We have to agree that Timex did a spectacular job partnering up with the NFL to come up with timepieces of teams from the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). [R]

  • Readable dial and analog display
  • Easily adjustable date display
  • Mineral dial glass window is scratch-resistant
  • Water resistance of up to 50 meters
  • Brass case may cause sensitive skin

What Is The History Of The Timex Brand?

In 1854, Timex rose to popularity thanks to the production of reasonably-priced pocket timepieces. The watch company claimed that they released six million pocket timepieces from the brand's inception around 1901.

1914 saw Timex transition into manufacturing wristwatches. The succeeding years brought unparalleled success due in large part to the production of Ironman and Timex Indiglo watch models.

Other collections such as the Timex Standard, Expedition, and Marlin series have emerged during the brand's renaissance.

Timex also astutely engaged in collaborations with Peanuts, Todd Synder, The Good Company, and the NFL, thereby widening its user base.

Currently, the Timex headquarters is based in the Netherlands. Global operation bases have been set up in various countries like the United States, the Philippines, and India.

Timex has shown no signs of slowing down with the technological advancements the brand has applied to their latest models. After all, Timex "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

How to Choose the Best Timex Watch for You?

With so many options at your fingertips, it may be hard to pick the Timex watch that best fits your needs.

Although all watches have the same function of tracking time, the differences in styles and features play a role in the selection process.

Fortunately, Timex has come up with sub-groups called tri watches that divide the timepieces according to color, variation, and purpose. Let's go over each watch group.

Timex Dress Watches

Want to impress your friends, colleagues, and relatives? I highly encourage you to buy any timepiece under the category of Timex Dress Watches. These are perfect accessories for formal events like business trips, live conferences, etc.

timex dress watches

When you buy a dress watch, expect to be treated to a sleek watch face, shiny hour markers, and a stainless steel case that comes in rose-gold or plated-silver.

Timex Adventure And Sports Watches

Are you the adventurous type or just need a watch for your next trip?

timex adventure watches

Then I suggest going for timepieces that are listed in the Timex Adventure and Sports category. Most field watches are built for outdoor adventures and other strenuous activities.

These usually make up rugged designs that can protect themselves from external damage like scratches, corrosion and falls, and collisions. Also, Timex Adventure and Sport watches contain superior water-resistant qualities.

Most watches under this collection offer either fabric or nylon strap that have impressive sweat-proof abilities.

Timex Everyday Watches

If you want a watch for daily use, you should consider the Timex Everyday collection. This series incorporates minimalist designs with the use of monochromatic colors.

timex everyday watches

Powered by either quartz or automatic movement, Timex Everyday Watches are all about emphasizing dials and hour markers that are easy-to-read.

Compared to the first two series, the Timex Everyday collection is more lightweight, making it a comfortable and convenient daily accessory.


Regarded as one of the most popular watch brands globally, Timex never fails to impress its loyal fans and even some skeptics. It executes a perfect blend of effective functionality and stylish appeal with every watch that it produces.

I hope you enjoyed going over the different Timex watches, collections, and information on its credible track record. I hope you find the one that will give you high-end aesthetics and top-tier performance.

If you have any clarifications or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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