Swatch: Watchmaker Review by NanaDC (2024)

Written by – Updated on March 7, 2024

Over the years, there has been an influx of Swiss brands across the markets.

Swatch is one of the major players when it comes to producing such fashion watches.

Established in the 1980s, Swatch wristwatches provide vibrant color patterns, stylish designs, and affordable price ranges that cater to most watch aficionados.

With each model offering breathtaking features, I am sure you will find something that suits your taste to a tee from the Swiss watch brand.

This article will go over the best swatch watches out there.

Swatch Sistem51 Automatic Watch - Best Overall

Swatch is not particularly known for the production of luxury watches. However, the Swatch Automatic timepiece can be considered as such due to the use of high-end materials. Hence, it is the best overall watch for the following reasons.

While most swatch watches use a plastic case, this particular timepiece uses stainless steel casing. One other feature that separates the Automatic model from the rest of the pack is its stainless steel bracelet. [R]

The use of malleable materials enhances the overall durability of the Swatch timepiece. The dial is also easy-to-understand due to its minimalism and complementary color coordination. [R]

The gray dial goes well with white Arabic numerals, a date display at 3 o'clock, and luminous black hands. The minute markers surrounding the outer dial give you exact time derivations.

In terms of timekeeping, you get accurate results thanks to its reliable automatic movement and 90-hour power reserve. The deployment clasp gives you a snugged yet comfortable grip on your wrist.

Additional features like 30-meter water resistance and a size of 1.41 ounces make up the Swatch watch.


  • Steel band and case provides maximum protection
  • Easy-to-read dial, analog display, and luminous hands
  • Accurate automatic movement
  • Water resistance of up to 30-meter
  • Lightweight composition of 1.41 ounces


  • Plastic dial window may be easily breakable

Swatch 1901 Irony Casual Watch- Best Value

The Swatch Irony series contains an abundance of features that will get your money's worth. Indeed, it is not surprising that this chronograph timepiece is considered the best value watch on the list.

We have to start with the decorative watch face. Its cerulean blue dial features three sub-dials that display specific readings of minutes and seconds. Arabic numbers, line markers, and luminescent hands surround the dial.

It is one of the few quartz models in a brand that is predominantly made up of automatic watches. Despite the difference in movement, you still get superior accuracy in tracking time.

A pull-push crown allows for easy adjustment of minute and hour hands should there be any inconsistencies with the time readings. A rubber strap boasts of considerable elasticity to adjust wrist size. [R]

The Irony Casual timepiece can also be used for water activities. Thanks to its 100-meter water-resistance, it can withstand long hours underwater.

If you want to improve your swimming skills, the built-in tachymeter has the ability to record your speed by calculating travel time over the total distance covered.


  • Three sub-dial features optimize the user experience
  • Quartz movement provides accurate timekeeping results
  • Pull-push crown adjusts luminous hands
  • Water-resistance of up to 100 meters
  • Tachymeter can record total speed


  • None

Swatch Analogue Quartz Watch - Best Budget Pick

As mentioned in the introduction, Swatch caters to everyday buyers, with most watches going for reasonable prices. The Swatch Analogue Quartz watch is no stranger when it comes to affordability, thus making it the best budget option.

It is a plastic watch that emphasizes minimalism and the effective use of monochromatic colors. The mint green band complements the simple white dial. These colors evoke tranquility, relaxation, and clarity of focus. [R]

The dial makes use of an easy-to-read analog display, green Arabic numbers, and polished luminescent hands. A buckle clasp can be fastened and unfastened without any hassle.

It is also a quartz watch that guarantees superior accuracy and reliable timekeeping functions. Other features include a pull-push crown, 30-meter water resistance, and a plastic crystal that covers the dial.

Although it is not as high-end compared to other luxurious watches, the Swatch Analogue timepiece is a solid option that is easy on the pocket.


  • Affordable price point
  • Visually friendly colors (mint green and white)
  • Easy-to-read dial, analog display, and Arabic numbers
  • Precise and accurate quartz movement


  • 25 mm case diameter may be too small for some

Swatch Louvre Special Casual Watch

The Swatch brand never fails to elevate the watch game with its sophisticated and innovative designs. The Special Casual timepiece pays homage to one of the classic Louvre paintings. [R]

Eugène Delacroix's portrait surrounds both the dial and strap. [R] The Louvre timepiece resembles the colors of the French flag. The band consisting of red and blue colors surround the white silicone band.

While the watch's design already has a one-up over other watches, the features do not disappoint either. A 44 mm case and 9 mm case thickness can accommodate big wrists.

Quartz movement ensures superior accuracy and reliable timekeeping 24/7. Rounding up the timepiece is a stationary bezel and a water-resistance of around 100 feet.

If you are still not satisfied with one of the Louvre's finest portraits, Swatch comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • 44 mm case diameter and 9 mm thickness can fit big wrists
  • Lightweight composition of 1 ounce
  • Easy-to-read dial, analog display, and red luminescent hands
  • Reliable accuracy thanks to the quartz movement
  • Water-resistant of up to 100 feet


  • Absence of hour and minute markers

Swatch Big Bold Transparent Watch

When you head over to a party or get-together, wouldn't you want to catch the attention of the crowd with a good-looking watch? That's what the Swatch Big Bold Transparent watch can do.

Unlike other traditional watches, its unorthodox yet creative see-through design makes it an enticing choice.

One unique feature of the transparent display is that the visible gears and other parts show how the watch mechanism operates. The Big Bold model runs via a Swiss quartz movement for precise timekeeping results.

A clear and colorless watch band offers versatility, allowing you to mix and match different outfits with it. Hour markers come in different colors like red, yellow, black, neon blue, etc. [R]

Like other non-transparent watches, you still get a 100-meter water-resistant depth and a 2-year international warranty.

If you want to make a Big Bold statement when you go about town, I suggest buying and wearing the Swatch transparent watch.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 0/5

  • The plastic used for the case is surprisingly durable, making it harder to scratch compared to other watches I've owned.
  • The silicone strap has a good thickness to it, creating a comfortable balance when wearing the watch.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 2/5

  • I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight the plastic case is, making it feel almost weightless on my wrist.


  • Precise and accurate Swiss quartz movement
  • Versatile watch dial and strap
  • See-through design lets you view the watch's "heart"
  • Water-resistant of up to 100 meters
  • 2-year warranty


  • Dial may be hard to read under broad daylight due to transparency
  • Plastic casing may be flimsier than steel or alloy cases

Swatch Skin Blue Watch

Are you a fan of the color blue? Does it help you concentrate during work? If your answer to both questions is yes, then the Swatch Skin Blue watch is your best bet. [R]

Unlike the dials of other Swatch watches, this particular model's dial is divided into two parts. The inner dial contains an easy-to-read analog display consisting of a 12-hour format. The outer dial only presents the Swatch logo.

The minimalist watch face is coupled with a transparent plastic cover. While most Swatch watches use acrylic crystals, a scratch-resistant mineral crystal shields the dial.

Water-resistant qualities of up to 99 feet and a silicone band improve the durability of the said model. A 2.12-ounce weight and 5 mm case thickness make the Skin blue watch the thinnest among all the other Swatch watches.

Lastly, a buckle clasp provides reliable and maximum comfort for your wrist.


  • Easy-to-read dial and analog display
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal
  • Water-resistant of up to 100 feet
  • Buckle clasp lets you fasten and unfasten with ease


  • 34 mm case diameter and 5 mm case thickness may be too small for some

Swatch Transformation Casual Watch

The Swatch group never fails to outdo itself in terms of watches with aesthetic appeal. The Swatch Transformation casual watch is no different.

The brand's uniqueness continues to show with its neon-purple dial. [R] The fading color effect on the watch face allows for easy readability of the analog display, White Arabic numbers, and date display by the 3 o'clock position.

The transparent case and the indigo silicone band match the dial's colors. Despite the use of fairly bright colors, you get tough shock-resistant abilities that resemble G-shock watches.

Similar to most watches, a quartz movement and pull-push crown display are present in the Transformation timepiece.

Completing the watch experience is a 100-feet water-resistance, a buckle clasp, and a silicone band material.


  • Balance of colors make the dial easy-to-read
  • Shock resistant
  • Water-resistant of up to 100 feet
  • Precise and accurate quartz movement
  • Buckle clasp provides a tight grip and maximum comfort


  • Plastic casing may be flimsier than steel and metal cases
  • 22.84 grams may be too heavy on the wrist

Swatch Power Tracking Casual Watch

Another timepiece where functionality meets fashion is the Swatch Power Tracking Casual watch.

One feature that may astound a lot of watch fans is its sleek black matte dial. Paired with blue sub-dial chronograph features, the black and blue combination stands out the most in the Swatch model.

Besides the sub-dials, the main dial contains Arabic numbers, a date display at 6 o'clock, luminescent hands, and the Swatch logo.

Like most Swatch watches, reliable timekeeping is the name of the game with its quartz movement. A pull-push crown lets you move around the hands should there be any inaccuracies with the time derivations.

The stationary bezel consists of minute markers for precise time tracking abilities. Elasticity is another strong suit of the Casual watch thanks to its silicone rubber band.


  • Sub-dial chronographs provide specific readings of seconds, minutes, and hours
  • Quartz movement enables superior accuracy
  • Minute markers give you exact time readings
  • Elastic silicone rubber strap
  • Pull-push crown lets you adjust time deficiencies


  • Acrylic crystal window is not as scratch-resistant compared to mineral and sapphire

What Is the History of Swatch Watches?

Nicolas Hayek was the Swiss businessman responsible for the brand's inception in 1983. Eventually, he became the Swatch group's CEO and Chairman from its early years to his passing in 2010. [R]

The birth of Swatch became possible thanks to the quartz crisis that took place in the 1970s. During these years, Japanese watch manufacturers innovated their materials and technology while mass-producing their quartz watches.

Because of the influx of technological advancements brought by the quartz crisis, Swiss mechanical watches became less popular among buyers and watch lovers. Something needed to be done for the revival of Swiss watchmaking.

Enter Nicolas Hayek. Thanks to his creative modifications and collaborations with other Swiss companies, the Swatch group redefined production processes with the use of fewer parts.

Formerly known as "Second Watch," Swatch gave a fresher perspective with the manufacturing of every model. The watchmaking culture improved, which led to it becoming one of the most highly respected brands globally.

Why Should You Buy Swatch Watches?

Swatch is one of the younger brands compared to their counterparts. One would argue why going for the less experienced manufacturer is more viable compared to powerhouse watches like Seiko, Casio, Timex, etc.

Despite its short track record, I still believe the Swatch group is a reliable provider of highly functional fashion watches. These are some reasons and factors as to why you should give these watches a try.

Fashionable Designs

One asset of Swatch watches is its aesthetically appealing designs. The main knock of the brand most critics give is its use of plastic and silicone materials.

While I agree that most Swatch watches cannot be compared to luxury brands, they can be considered fashion watches.

The attention-to-detail, unique designs, and overall craftsmanship of each model can not be underscored.

Reliable And Precise Timekeeping

Nicolas Hayek gave to the watch market reliable and accurate timekeeping, whether it is a plastic quartz watch or automatic silicone timepiece. One advantage of a mechanical watch is it operates with the help of wrist and wind movement.

Unlike the quartz watch, automatic watches do not require batteries. For its part, a quartz model is more advanced when it comes to the technologies it uses.

As a result, a quartz Swatch watch provides equal, if not, more accurate timekeeping results than its automatic counterparts.

Easy-To-Read Dials

One true mark of a great timepiece is how readable the dials are. You can have all the features at your disposal, but they won't mean much if you have difficulty reading the minute and hour hands.

Fortunately, Swatch watches with their minimalist designs display less crowded dials, giving more focus to the luminous hands, Arabic numbers, and an easy-to-read analog display.

It also helps that Swatch uses solid and vibrant colors to enhance the readability of each model.

Wrap Up

After reading this write-up on Swatch, I hope you were able to have a better understanding of what the brand is all about and the watches it brings to the table. May you purchase the one that fits your style and satisfies your needs.

If you need watches that fit the budget and showcase your fashion taste, Swatch should be one of the most solid watch providers to consider. Feel free to comment or contact us for any questions, concerns, and inquiries.