Invicta - Watchmaker Reviewed by NanaDC in 2024: Quality & Style Breakdown

Written by – Updated on May 5, 2024

Invicta watches are sophisticatedly well-crafted and you will not believe you can afford it without sacrificing your next paycheck.

Everybody wants a stylish and finely-tuned watch. When you do your research, you will encounter tons of these highly-priced timepieces.

This review of Invicta will show you that watches with the highest quality need not be expensive. You can actually buy quality ones at a bargain.

The Swiss watchmaker Raphael Picard was behind the commencement of what is going to be the next big thing in the watch industry.

Invicta, which means “invincible” in Latin, was born in 1837 in Switzerland. Like many companies, Invicta hurdled the uphill slope to achieve its current success.

It dominated the watch industry for a century and a half until the quartz movement revolution in the early 1970s. It was not fortunate enough to bounce back successfully until some US investors expressed their interest and took over. It was in 1991.

Since then, it held ground to its conviction to produce high-grade watches that everyone can afford. Invicta’s competitively priced timepieces are stylish as those priced 5 to 10 times more.

The watchmakers reinvented the brand and came up with head-turner designs and features that currently stand out.

After re-establishing their new home in Florida, they created varieties of timepieces that fit everyone’s budget.

Let’s go further down in this write-up.

How Good Are Invicta Watches?

This evaluation highlights their respectable reputation in the industry.

how good are they

Invictas are known to produce high-quality mechanical watches at an expensive price. It was patronized for a long time until the crisis hit.

Their come-back prompted them to create stylish timepieces at a far lower price without sacrificing their standard.

The truth about them is, their standard remains top-notch even if the prices are too easy on the pocket. As proof, they have won several awards that only the prominent and meritorious watchmakers receive. One of these is the Red Dot 2013 award.

The watch brand models vary from oversized and perfectly fitting sizes. Even if sold at a low price, they still use expensive Swiss and Japanese quartz movement and hands and dial. That’s what people like, high-grade products at an affordable price.

Invicta Diver Watches Collection for Men

If you are looking for timepieces for men, you can choose from plenty of collections designed for different occasions and individual tastes.

A good watch company will not settle for nominal designs and colors. Invicta watch reviews prove that this company has just every kind of watch.

The Invicta divers watch is an example. The name describes it. It is not only water-resistant but it is suitable to use even at 600 feet below the water. Just to reiterate, it’s for scuba diving.

Immerse yourself into the Invicta dive watches collections.

invicta pro diver quartz mens watch
Invicta Collection Pro Diver Chronograph Two-Tone Men's Watch
Quick Verdict: Dive into style and performance with the Invicta Pro Diver. Choose from a range of options for a watch that suits you perfectly.

Pro Diver

This Invicta watch for men gets the most attention because of its features reminiscent of an expensive dive watch. If you are looking for a dive watch, this Invicta Pro Diver review should be a great starting point.

You can choose from a range of Pro Diver colors and movements. You may also choose from a stainless steel strap or a combination of steel and rubber.

Some of the designs may look complicated but for the watch fanatics, they sure know what to look for in the watch faces of Pro Diver.

The Pro Diver collection has two types:

  • Classic diver’s watch version
  • Chronograph version

The classic diver’s watch version has a dive timer bezel. Like most Invicta timepieces, this one has a clear and easy to read face. You can also see the time even if in low light because of the luminous markers. The date is also set at the 3 o’clock position.

The chronograph version has a 3-dial chronograph and dons the two-tone rubber strap. It has the date and day placed on either side of the 6 o’clock position. If you are buying this watch, you will get the hang of looking at the lower portion to check the date.

Divers can use this watch from 200 m to 660 feet below the water. It also has the typical men’s watch case size of 40mm.


Unlike the Pro Diver that uses Japanese quartz, Subaqua uses a Swiss Caliber 7003.L quartz movement. It is a sports watch that features a Swiss carbon fiber dial.

The strap is made of silicone that works as a sweat guard. The steel case protects the flame-fusion crystal face of the watch. Customer reports stated that flame-fusion crystal may protect the watch from scratches.

Subaqua has red and black luminous hands. Its hour markers are also luminous. The gold-tone bezel makes it look fancy even at its water-resistance feature of 330 feet under the water.

Russian Diver

The Invicta watch for sale within this collection is for men, but it may also be used by women. That is because some women also wear men’s watches for fashion.

This well-crafted watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement. The stainless steel case is partnered with a stainless steel or polyurethane strap.

Its water resistance feature makes it usable up to 100 meters. This Invicta men watch adds style and function to every look. You may choose colors or combinations from white, black, rose gold, gold, and silver.

Invicta Reserve Watches Men's Collection

Let us uncover that the Reserve collection has about 30 hand-assembled models to choose from.

invicta reserve for men

With that, it is expected that you may choose from a variety of colors. For the most part, it is typically designed with a large stainless steel case with a matching chronograph.

The face has a “look-at-me” size of 50 mm but there are also Invicta men watches with the size of 44 and 40. The largest diameter is 56.

Most watches in this collection are powered by Swiss-made quartz movements. The chronograph version can measure up to 1/10 of a second. If you are too meticulous on that you will not skip this part.

Invicta men watch buyers applauded the bracelets matching the different cases. You may choose from stainless steel, polyurethane, and leather.

The different models offer a fashionable kick for everyday style or even during special occasions.

Further testimonials stated that the water resistance feature varies from 100 up to 500 meters.

Invicta Angel Watches Collection for Women

The feedback for Invicta Angel watches is quite great. Compared to Invicta men, women’s collection has tons of designs to choose from. From colors to sizes, movements to patterns. There is just a variety that you may choose from.

Since women have smaller wrists, the diameter of the watches ranges from 30mm to 40mm. There are 3 sub-dial chronographs for women on the go while a simple dial is for the minimalist type.

The main feature is the stainless steel case with a dash of crystals here and there. Women may choose products according to the strap. There are leather, stainless steel, and polyurethane straps in the collection.

The colors matter more compared to Invicta men's. Rose gold is the fad and there are just more styles to choose from. Gold, silver, and black never go out of style as well.

There are countless models that women must spare time to sit and check out the available timepieces.

Where to Buy Invicta Watches?

You can buy them from reputable stores around the globe. However, if you choose to purchase online, make sure to visit the official website of Invicta.

How Much Are They Worth?

These watches are considered one of the cheapest in the market. Most of the wristwatches are priced below $100. If your budget goes beyond that, you can look through their expensive lines ranging from $1,000 up to $13,000.

Where Are They Made?

Due to the price adjustment, they are often manufactured offshore specifically in China, Japan, and Switzerland.

Why Are Invicta Watches So Cheap?

After the quartz revolution, the new owners decided to compete and so they allotted time for a much cheaper operation. The offshore manufacturing keeps the price down but the parts are genuinely Swiss made.

What is the Most Expensive Invicta Watch?

While the timepieces adapted well to the financial climate, there are still models that are worth a thousand dollars more. The Johnny Taylor Swiss automatic two-tone is the most expensive and priced at $13,000.

Wrap Up

Swiss Invicta watches are not just another watch story. The well-thought designs, features, and pricing are products of hard toil and perseverance in trying to survive and make it big in the industry.

The reinvention of its watches was able to provide quality accessories at an affordable price.

You may have to spend thousands just to look as elegant, sporty, hip or chic as those wearing expensive timepieces, but you will definitely stand out from the rest when you own even one Invicta.