Filippo Loreti--High-Quality Watches at Affordable Prices? We Reviewed some of their Models

Written by – Updated on May 5, 2024

A watch could be a person’s finest jewelry.

This Filippo Loreti review will show you that it is more than just an accessory for keeping track of time.

I trimmed down your options and picked our favorite timepieces to help you select which Filippo watches suit your budget and style.

The perfect timepiece strikingly adds to your aesthetic.

Of course, that entails a little bit of investment.

But not with this watch company.

Best Filippo Loreti Watches for Men

Fashionable timepieces with contemporary style and timeless beauty could be pricey. And you don’t have to remain spoilt and grab those highly expensive watches that fit your fashion and taste.

Filippo Loreti’s watch collections are well-defined for watch enthusiasts. It's one of those watch brands that assembles luxury watches with Swiss movement at a very affordable price point, as this article will reveal.

Here is the selection of Filippo Loreti watch reviews for men.

The Okeanos Collection

Take a look at this dive watch collection was derived from the Greek Titan god Oceanus, the source of all the earth’s water - the reason why Filippo Loreti brought ocean colors to this ensemble.

filippo loreti okeanos front

You can pick these fashion watches from blue, green, rose gold blue, and black face colors. Of these colors, rose gold blue comes in rubber strap.

These watches are at par with luxury watches priced 5 to 10 times more. The versatile watch face design covers all seasons, and its reliable movement and durable stainless steel case are great for the active lifestyle.

okeanos automatic

The unidirectional rotating bezel will assist you in your diving, and it is safe to use up to 100 m deep in the water. It sure has the equipment you need for your weekend spent in the waters.

okeanos review

Our favorite feature would be the luminescent hands and hour marks, making it useful even in the dark.

And of course, this review tells you the engraved crown and caseback are a sign it is one of Filippo Loreti’s watches.

The Ascari Collection

Filippo Loreti pays homage to Ferrari’s sole Italian champion Alberto Ascari. So much you can get from this Grand Prix chronograph collection.

ascari collection

The style and colors you can choose from are a mirror of winning race car colors from blue pearl, white, deep blue, Tuscany, black to moss rose gold.

These deserve to be on the top shelf. If you like it with a rubber strap or stainless steel link bracelet, you can definitely have a choice.

ascari panda

Seiko VD54 supports its hybrid movement for accuracy, and the luminous hands with white dials are the same throughout the collection. It has a Quartz movement and sapphire glass, so if you are looking for an automatic watch, you can scroll for other models.

filipo loreti ascari

Whenever you are traveling, you can set the dual time zones, so you are always on track in your home country’s time.

What are these without the iconic artwork? Here, you will find the great racer’s racing legacy engraved on the caseback.

Best Filippo Loreti Watches for Women

Women are not all jewelry, bags, and shoes. A luxury watch is also a favorite adornment.

The products for women will give female customers that luxurious vibe without draining your pocket. Because quality does not always mean extravagant, neither fashionable always means top-of-the-line.

They may come in automatic or manual wind movement. The manual winding has two years of battery life, while the automatic watch automatically winds by the wearer’s movements.

Here is a quick guide to Filippo Loreti watch review for women.

The Venice Moonphase Collection

A luxury watch, you say?

The watch quality and sophisticated design of the Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase complication are to watch out for.

filippo loreti venice moonphase collection

You get to choose your perfect product from their various colors and designs that would appeal to your style.

The rose gold variations for sale are chic and bubbly, but if you want to go classy in the classic, you can pick the white variations.

venice rose gold blue

The unique thing about this collection is that the face looks good in both leather and stainless steel mesh straps. Wearing one of these will definitely turn heads.

Men often have the Moonphase reserved for themselves. The good thing is, through Filippo Loreti reviews, it was evident that women also want this beautiful feature.

venice moonphase blue gold

Other brands keep it only for the men’s collection. But hey, women would also love the intricacies of the month, date, and day wheels. Not to mention the moonphase indicator at the 6 o’clock position.

The Asea Collection

Women will love this newest addition to the Filippo Loreti brand.

It has a luminous mother of pearl dials that go very feminine with the Swarovski crystal hour indicators.

asea collection

The case diameter is smaller at 34mm and it is powered by the Miyota movement.

It has three color combinations to choose from: rose dark pearl, two-tone cream gold, and silver-white pearl.

The pearl effect on the pearl variations is seen on the face, exuding outright elegance and sophistication.

asea rose dark pearl

This limited edition comes only in 1,000 pieces, a perfect strategy for this brand. Imagine wearing a unique watch in a crowd.

The modern-day mermaid image is exquisitely engraved at the back case as it is also a perfect partner in your water adventure for its water resistance up to 100m.

What's the Typical Price Range?

These models are competitively priced without sacrificing quality.

You can get the most basic watch you like below $100 and the most sophisticated at $500.

The watchmaker is known for high quality at a low price point. I can get a $200 watch from this brand and vouch for its durability and style. That's unique in the watch industry.

Is Filippo Loreti a Good Watch Brand?

Every timepiece of this brand is well-crafted. If you are looking for stylish, luxurious designs, these are for you.

You can get the sophisticated watch you like without paying for the traditional extravagant price.

A good watch brand does not end with the design and quality alone. You can ask for assistance from their customer service team if you need any help buying a watch from them.

From customer feedback, people praise the Italian inspired artwork, but they also like the watch’s quality. You will not even regret getting this watch as a present.

Where to Buy Filippo Loreti Wristwatches?

You can get the luxurious timepieces directly from the website of Filippo Loreti. The company also offers discount vouchers which you can use even if you are only buying one watch from them.

The brand offers to ship abroad, so those who want to get a watch from this brand but are abroad, you can place your order from their website.

Is Filippo Loreti Automatic?

One thing I like about this brand is that they have both automatic and Quartz technology.

They use Japanese Miyota movements in their product that guarantee accurate and reliable time. It is working even if not worn.

Quartz technology requires little attention. You don’t need to wind it just to get it to work. Filippo’s Quartz powered watch is perfect for all occasions. The dress watch is what most men look for.

Automatic watches are more convenient. Like Quartz technology, automatic watches are also available in Filippo Loreti’s collection.

It boasts traditional craftsmanship that is driven by movement. This watch requires to be worn every day to keep it working well.

Where are Filippo Loreti Watches Made?

They derive their inspiration from Italian culture, history, and art, and you are well aware that when we say high quality watches, it means Swiss Made.

Let us scrap the idea that they are Italian or Swiss made because they are not.

The competitive pricing would tell you that not 100% of its parts are made in Switzerland. And to cut down the cost, some of the components are sourced from China and assembled in Hong Kong.

The quality and value of the Italian leather straps and Japanese Miyota technology are not sacrificed.

To give you an idea, Hong Kong is also the manufacturing home of the Apple iPhone and other premium products.

Filippo Loreti Review Conclusion

Watches are part of our everyday style. You can opt to buy inexpensive timepieces with low quality. With its price tag, you can buy another one anyway. Or you can buy something of high quality that you can wear longer.

Filippo’s line of watches does not only give you the sophisticated and elegant look you are aiming for. Owning one of their products means you are also after the features and top-level standards.

Watches are jewelry to be worn with pride. And like other accessories or clothes, the vibe it gives off when worn on the wrist tells something about you.

Are you trying to keep it lowkey, or are you trying to show it off? Or you simply wear it for the need, let alone fashion and style.

Whatever the reason, men and women have great options with these intricately-made watches. If you are on a budget and don't want to pay luxury prices, you can wear something elegant and functional from this collection at work or use it for any activities.

The sure thing is, wearing one of these is an expression of your taste and style.