Christopher Ward USA Is Now Part of NanaDC

Christopher Ward USA is a watch company with a mission to create the cheapest, most expensive watches globally. They are famous for the affordable luxury Swiss watches in the market.

Its founders, Chris Ward, Peter Ellis, and Mike France, stated that the company was founded through their desire to find a way for everyone to enjoy the pleasure of wearing and owning a Swiss watch made of premium quality.

Other watch companies spend millions on marketing, promoting their products through multi-national advertising campaigns focusing on celebrity advertisements and high-profile endorsements. This marketing strategy entails a higher cost, doubling the price of owning a luxury watch. It is a trend in the watch industry for companies to reach more people quickly.

The Christopher Ward company doesn’t focus on this type of marketing strategy. Their advertising cost is only a fraction of their competitors and concentrates on maintaining the same manufacturing expense to provide affordable luxury watches.

The Christopher Ward company was mainly built on word of mouth. Their good reputation grew by their customers’ recommendations to friends, family, and colleagues. The famous actor Brad Pitt has also seen Christopher Ward’s unmatched value by purchasing and wearing it himself.

The secret to this gained popularity that even A-lister celebrities acknowledge Christopher Ward as a luxury watch brand is that all their watches are engineered with the finest Swiss quartz and mechanical movements. Each watch is meticulously and sophisticatedly created using the English style and design.

A Christopher Ward watch is assembled by dedicated ateliers from the world’s famous Watch Valley, the watchmaking region in Swiss Jura. These expert watchmakers have meticulously assembled and attended every detail of a Christopher Ward watch, ensuring consistency in its quality and earning praises from watch connoisseurs worldwide.

With these altogether, it is claimed that a Christopher Ward watch is a premium Swiss watch brand that is unlikely to have a mechanical fault.

It is rare nowadays to find the perfect luxury watch with a reputation that speaks of premium quality, delicate design, and timelessness while maintaining an affordable price. The Christopher Ward USA has made one capable of owning a timepiece of worthiness and value for money. These brand characteristics and premium products are the reasons for NanaDC’s acquisition of the domain name Christopher Ward USA.

NanaDC is known as a respected and an expert watch critic through its online blog site. This watch blog owned by Nicholas Watson has plenty of helpful how-to's and watch reviews with the legacy of providing comprehensive critic and guides on different watch types and brands. As per NanaDC’s owner, it is his way of helping others purchase only the high-end and quality watches.

Watson also stated that the domain of Christopher Ward USA being part of NanaDC marks a new journey for NanaDC. It focuses on venturing from blogging into the retail business by mainly promoting its newly acquired brand.

NanaDC became known for giving insightful reviews on different watch designs and styles and providing its readers with watch advice and tips. NanaDC’s readers trust each review as Watson claimed that each brand review is well researched, and some are even from his own experiences in owning and wearing specific watch brands.

As NanaDC is a well-versed watch critic, Watson shared that he is thrilled to finally recommend a brand of its own that speaks of luxury, timelessness, legacy, and quality.

Watson shared that Christopher Ward USA stood out from all other watch brands due to its way of crafting watches that symbolize high quality and precision that adds to the watch's personality.

Customers can directly purchase Christopher Ward watches from their site and over the phone through their customer service team. Christopher Ward USA sells directly to its customers to avoid third-party retailers whose costs are already doubled or more due to massive marketing and trading costs, making the watch’s final price ballooned further.

Christopher Ward continues its legacy of providing the cheapest, most expensive watches in the world with the following product categories:

  • Women (Dress/ Classic, Diamond, Casual, Sport)
  • Men (Dress/ Classic, Sports, Aviation, Motorsport, Dive, and timeless collections)
  • Limited editions
  • New releases
  • Accessories and straps

Christopher Ward also offers upgrades, clearance sales, gift vouchers, and gift wraps. Their customer service includes engraving, strap sizing, and watch repairs.

Christopher Ward USA ensures quality to its customers with its claim of providing Swiss-made premium-grade watches by their offer of the 60/60 Guarantee. Customers may return, refund, or replace their purchased watches free of charge within 60 days from the date of order, which is rare to happen as each Christopher Ward watch is assembled of high precision and quality materials.