Wenger Field Watch Models in 2024 - These are the Best Deals

Written by – Updated on April 29, 2024

In need of a functional outdoor watch? Wenger has got you covered.

The former Swiss army knife brand caters to many watch fans with its excellent set of watches. Most reviews have shown nothing but praise for the Swiss brand.

Having a hard time choosing the ideal Wenger watch for you? This review will tackle watches that satisfy your needs and deliver aesthetically appealing designs.

Wenger Sea Force 3H Black Watch - Best Overall

The Wenger Sea Force timepiece sports a classy design and delivers groundbreaking features. You may want to consider buying the top-tier watch on the list.

A sleek matte black dial finish elicits a stylish get-up that may appeal to most fans. Hour indices and luminescent hands complete the dial design for easy readability purposes.

Minute line markers surround the outermost part of the dial to give you correct and exact time updates. There won't be a need to estimate or guess the current time because they track every single minute.

An accurate Swiss Quartz movement delivers precise and reliable timekeeping. A 43 mm case diameter and 12 mm case thickness ensures a perfect fit for most wrist sizes.

Durability is another asset of the Sea Force timepiece. A stainless steel case, mineral crystal, and 200-meter water-resistant depth shield the watch from rust, scratches, and other forms of impact.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 4/5

  • As a construction worker, I'm constantly putting my tools and accessories through tough wear and tear, but this Wenger watch has held up beautifully. I've worn it through pouring concrete, installing new plumbing systems, drywalling, and painting, and it still looks great.
  • I appreciate the attention to detail in the design of this watch. The rotating bezel not only works great and is secure, but it also only rotates counter-clockwise, making it perfect for scuba divers who want to avoid accidentally indicating more air time than is actually available.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 3/5

  • The band of this Wenger watch is good-looking and has plenty of adjustment holes, making it perfect for any wrist size. From a distance, it even looks like leather.
  • As someone who wears their watch all the time and never takes it off, the Wenger has exceeded my expectations. It's held up beautifully, and I'm constantly receiving compliments on its design.
  • I highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a stylish and durable timepiece. It's perfect for any occasion and looks great with any outfit.


  • Easy-to-read dial and analog display
  • Minute markers provide exact time readings
  • Precise and accurate Swiss Quartz movement
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel case
  • Water-resistant of up to 200 meters
  • Large case dimensions


  • None

Wenger Sport Swiss-Quartz Watch with Nylon Strap- Optimal Value

The Wenger Sport watch should be considered the optimal value timepiece because of its elite functionality and daily practicality.

It is one of the few watches that use a nylon strap. Unlike other materials like resin or stainless steel, nylon contains sweatproof properties. You can bring it with you while exercising or traveling.

The black dial display consists of luminous hands and light green Arabic numbers. These not only match the green nylon band, but they also offer visibility in dark environments.

A red second-hand helps you distinguish it from the minute and hour hands. Like most Wenger watches, it employs a Swiss Quartz movement for the most accurate and precise results.

By pursuing this Wenger watch, the wrist enjoys a lightweight composition of 2.08 ounces. It reduces the chances of experiencing discomfort and wrist pain.

NanaDC Badass Rating: 3/5

  • The watch's 12-hour and 24-hour scales, coupled with its day and date functions, make it a versatile timepiece that's useful in any situation.
  • The day of the week and date function of this sturdy watch make it a convenient tool for those who need to stay organized.

NanaDC Suave Rating: 2/5

  • The watch's military-inspired design and sturdy build give it a rugged look and feel that I love.
  • This beautifully packaged watch with its glowing hands and numbers is a must-have for those who appreciate style and functionality.
  • The high-quality build of this timepiece is evident in its sturdy but slightly rigid band, making it perfect for daily wear.


  • Easy-to-read analog display and dial design
  • Comfortable and sweatproof nylon band
  • Accurate and reliable Swiss Quartz movement
  • Lightweight 2.08-ounce size


  • 9 mm case thickness may be too small for some

Wenger 'City Active' Casual Watch - Ultimate Budget Pick

Most Wenger watches are reasonably priced. Their impeccable designs and groundbreaking features justify the price tags.

However, if you are looking for a budget option, the 'City Active' model should be your top consideration. A smooth and silky white dial gives it a stylish accent that outclasses other watches.

The minimalist dial combines Arabic numbers, hour line markers, and a date window by the 3 o'clock position. These ensure clear visibility regardless of location or time of the day.

A stainless steel case, polished bezel, and mineral crystal surround the dial for added support and protection. The black silicone rubber strap guarantees the utmost comfort for the wrist.

An adjustable tang buckle clasp and 21 mm strap width make the watch suitable for all wrist sizes. The 'City Active' watch also withstands water pressure because of a 100-meter water-resistant depth.


  • Easy-to-read dial and analog display
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel case and bezel
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal
  • Comfortable silicone rubber strap
  • Adjustable tang clasp fits any wrist size
  • Water-resistant of up to 100 meters


  • 9 mm case thickness may be too small for some

Wenger 'Off-Road' Watch

So far, we have gone over Wenger watches with unique designs and consistent features.

The 'Off-Road' watch includes itself on the list of high-quality timepieces. It packs abilities and attributes that may appeal to most watch fans.

Compared to other Wenger watches, the 'Off-Road' timepiece is capable of a dual time display. It gives access to multiple zones and GMT settings. These parts aid you when traveling to a different country.

A thick stainless steel bezel and a 43 mm case diameter improve the ruggedness of the Wenger watch. It provides top-notch shielding abilities against hard falls, scratches, scrapes, etc.

Two sets of Arabic numbers deliver minute and hourly updates. A date window located at the 3 o'clock marker may help you keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.

Extra components like the silicone strap, screw-down crown, 100-meter water-resistant rating, and sapphire-coated mineral crystal round up the 'Off-Road' watch.


  • Dual time display gives access to GMT settings
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel case and bezel
  • Easy-to-read dial and analog display
  • Comfortable silicone strap
  • Water-resistant of up to 100 meters
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal


  • 43 mm case size may be too chunky for some

Wenger Camo Watch

Are you bored with the traditional black, white, or solid-colored watches? The Wenger camo watch will help you level up your fashion sense and aesthetic flavor.

One distinct feature that outshines other watches is its gray camouflage dial display.

It injects vibrant colors, reflects creative craftsmanship, and exhibits a stylish design. If you need an attention seeker, this Wenger timepiece is the watch to buy.

A quartz-powered movement prevents wrong and inconsistent time readings. You can rely on it in terms of precise and accurate timekeeping.

A comfortable black nylon strap contains hypoallergenic and waterproof abilities. These combat the buildup of sweat and skin allergies.

Like most Wenger watches, the Camo timepiece comes with a stainless steel bezel, mineral glass window, and screw-down crown. These watch parts reinforce and protect the dial.


  • Creative and aesthetic camouflage dial design
  • Precise and accurate quartz movement
  • Hypoallergenic and sweatproof nylon strap
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel bezel
  • Scratch-resistant mineral dial window


  • White Arabic numbers may be hard to read

Wenger Roadster Black Night Watch

The Roadster Black Night timepiece employs a minimalist approach, which results in easy readability and a fashionable look.

The timepiece will attract a lot of eyes because of the dial's smooth matte finish. Luminous hands and silver-tone line markings produce clarity and visibility.

Minute markers by the outer dial and a Swiss quartz movement provide accurate, reliable, and correct time readings. You can count on these features to enhance the user experience.

Unlike other Wenger watches, the Roadster Black Night timepiece serves as a dive watch. A unidirectional bezel measures elapsed time underwater and remaining oxygen in the scuba tank.

A leather strap guarantees top-tier comfort for the wrist. The features are the following: a 100-meter water-resistant rating, a mineral dial window, and a 2.06-ounce size.


  • Easy-to-read dial and analog display
  • Precise and accurate Swiss Quartz movement
  • Unidirectional bezel tracks remaining oxygen
  • Lightweight composition
  • Comfortable leather strap
  • Water-resistant of up to 100 meters


  • 45 mm case diameter may be too chunky for some

Wenger Multicolored Classic Field Watch

Last on our list of Wenger watches is the Multicolored Classic timepiece, which can hold its own among the rest.

Similar to the Camo watch, its dial applies a camouflage dial display. Red, purple, and magenta colorways fill up the watch face.

Despite the camouflage style, the dial maintains clarity thanks to white Arabic numerals. The contrasting colors complement one another for easy readability.

A maroon-colored nylon strap matches the saucy dial design. It also provides hypoallergenic and lightweight abilities that benefit the wrist.

The silver-tone stainless steel bezel and mineral glass crystal surround the watch face to improve its durability. Scratches and hits are no match for this reinforced timepiece.

Design-wise, a screw-down crown adjusts the minute and hour hands in case wrong readings start appearing on the Multicolored Classic timepiece.

  • Contrasting colors result in easy readability
  • Comfortable and color-coordinated nylon strap
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel bezel
  • Scratch-resistant mineral dial window
  • Screw-down crown adjusts minute and hour hands
  • None

What Is the History of Wenger Watches?

Theo Wenger founded the brand back in 1893. Before producing watches, the Swiss-made brand started as a provider of Swiss army knives.

It has continued to manufacture luxury and miscellaneous products for over 120 years. It was not until 1988 that Wenger started manufacturing Swiss-made watches.

Various Wenger Field Watches

Unfortunately, it had a hard time establishing an identity in the succeeding years. Many would still wonder why Wenger started producing watches when it was more known for its Swiss army knives.

Luckily, help started to come their way. Victorinox, a Swiss army knife and watch provider, collaborated with Wenger.

Their partnership allowed the latter to improvise its watchmaking abilities, upgrade designs, and develop a reputable identity. Wenger watches have garnered positive reviews ever since the collaboration.

In short, Wenger was not just a "Maker of Swiss army knives" anymore, as the previous slogan suggests. The new motto, "A Swiss Company Since 1983," reflects the Swiss brand's versatility and excellence.

Why Should You Buy Wenger Watches?

Now that we have gone over Wenger's brief but intriguing history let's discuss why its Swiss-made watches stack up with the leading brands.

Durable Materials and Meticulous Craftsmanship

We must remember that Wenger was a former Swiss army knife provider. Therefore, expect the same consistency in terms of high-quality materials and top-tier watchmaking.

Wenger watches offer maximum scratch-resistant levels because of their hardened mineral or sapphire-coated crystals.

Therefore, you can wear these watches multiple times without worrying about external damage.

Comfortable Straps

Each Wenger watch caters to outdoor enthusiasts and everyday commuters with its comfortable strap. Most watches use leather, silicone, and nylon fabric material.

Wenger field watch with black leather wristband.

These types of straps possess hypoallergenic properties. Therefore, you won't have to worry about developing skin allergies and irritations.

The straps are also lightweight, giving Wenger watches an average size of 2-3 ounces.

Reliable Timekeeping

Wenger watches are known for their superior accuracy. Their Swiss Quartz movements deliver exact time readings.

Inconsistent derivations and omitted minutes are rare occurrences with Wenger watches, meaning you get to enjoy high-quality timekeeping 24/7.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wenger watches are some of the most stylish timepieces in the watch industry. Each watch has a unique design. They never stay identical to one another.

If you are an avid watch collector, you may want to level up your collection with creative and beautifully handcrafted watches from the pioneer Swiss brand.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed going over the different Wenger watches and the brand's interesting timeline. May you buy the one that blends functionality with fashion.

For more questions or concerns, please feel free to inquire with us or read additional Wenger reviews.